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2076115 - Launching Forms - Manage Scheduled Reviews - Performance Management and 360 Multi-Rater


The Manage Scheduled Reviews tool will mass create forms automatically, based on the set of criteria you choose. These forms can be generated by either Focal date (all users selected will have forms created yearly with the same review date) or Anniversary date (users selected will have forms created yearly based on their hire date). In addition, one time forms (such as New Hire Forms, for example) can also be created using this feature.

Primary Uses:

There are four primary uses of the Schedule Mass Form Creation function.

  1. Anniversary Date
    For organizations that base their performance review process on the employee anniversary (or hire date). This is typically the day of the year that any given employee began their employment with the company and will vary from one employee to the next.
  2. New Hire Review
    Often used by companies to plan, track and evaluate the performance of new hires during their probationary period. If, at the end of the 90 day period, an employee is not performing to expectations the company has a document to support a defensible dismissal of that employee.
  3. 90 Day Review 
    A 90 Day review can be used for planning, monitoring and evaluating current employees in a new job that came about as a result of a promotion, demotion, or lateral move. At the end of the 90 day period, the employee and manager can better evaluate the employee’s fit for the position and make informed decisions as to next steps.
  4. Focal (or Annual) Review
    The annual review is typically at the end of the performance cycle or fiscal year-end. Some companies have formal mid-year and/or quarterly reviews that can also benefit from this option. In fact, the more frequent and complicated the scheduling process is, the more benefit this option provides as it ensures that the right forms are going out to the right employee populations at the right time.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors 360 Multi-Rater


Go to Admin Center > Performance Management > Manage Scheduled Reviews -> Schedule a New Launch

Type: Select PM (Performance Review) or 360 (Performance Feedback)

Form Template: Select the appropriate form template -> Click NEXT


Launch Date

Recurring Schedule

_ days after employee's hire date (Typically used for New Hire Reviews.  If using this option, hire date must be populated in the standard hire date in employee data.)

_ days before/after each employee’s anniversary (Typically used for Anniversary Date Reviews. Anniversary is based on the hire date, if using this option, hire date must be populated in the standard hire date in employee data.)

Every _ regardless of hire date or anniversary  (Typically used for Focal Reviews, or to launch forms to employees not in system at time of a mass form creation.  With this option, forms will be launched for a group of employees simultaneously, regardless of hire or anniversary date.)

 Start recurring schedule on _ (Enter start date for recurring schedule.) -> Click NEXT

Review Period

Full year prior to anniversary (Select this value to reflect the full one year performance period for that employee.)

Custom (Select to create a specific performance period date range.)

Due date for completed forms _ days after launch date (This is the number of days your users will have to complete the form.) -> Click NEXT

Select Employees

All (Select if form schedule applies to all employees.)

One Employee (Search for and select one employee - less commonly used)

Group of Employees (Typically used when there are different form templates for different segments of the organization.  Select a group of employees by Division, Department, Location, or Custom Filter.) -> Click NEXT



Review for accuracy, then click “Launch” to schedule.  The new form schedule will now run daily, search for employees that meet the criteria at that given time, and launching a form to them accordingly.

Custom Filters

  • The scheduler supports custom filters. This means that if you populate data in your user import file in one of your custom columns (CUSTOM01-13) you can also add that field as a filter field to display in your scheduler. (This filter will also show in other report screens).
  • With a filter in place, populated with any values you may want to apply, gives you a way to launch forms to unique groups in almost any combination you can think of. All it requires is for you to set up a job using this fitler field set to a specific value. Anyone meeting this value on the given day will get a form. You control who meets those values by setting the values in each nightly import giving you full control on who gets a form, from individuals to large groups. This is often used as an option when controlling who gets a form cannot be controlled based on HIREDATE.



When your scheduled jobs fail to work from time to time, please refer to the following troubleshooting solution: KBA 2088160 Mass Create Form Scheduler: Forms did not create

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