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2076518 - How To Delete Performance Forms


  • How do I delete Performance forms?
  • How can I remove In Progress and Completed forms when inactivating a user through the Admin Center?
  • How can I remove forms of inactive users automatically?


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


Required Permissions

The user performing the deletion of documents will require the permission to do so:

  1. Log in to system
  2. Navigate to Admin Center > Tools > Manage Permission Roles
  3. Select a role
  4. Select the Permission... button
  5. Under Administrator Permissions, select Manage Documents > check the box for Delete Documents
  6. Done
  7. Save Changes

Delete Individual Documents

A. Using Delete Form

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Tools > Delete Form
  2. Select Employee Document Folder or Advanced Search and enter relevant information > Search
  3. Select the check box on the left for the form you want to delete
  4. Click Delete button on top
  5. Select Yes

B. Using Manage Users (Note: This only works for Non-EC instances)

Note: Manage Users tool access/visibility is permission based.

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Tools > Manage Users
  2. Locate the user by entering the user’s name in the Search field.
  3. Next to the Active selection, click the No radio selection > Click Save
  4. You will be presented with a Remove Inactive User Documents screen where you will have two options: Remove in-progress documents and Remove completed documents.
  5. Make your selection(s) then click the OK.

Delete Multiple Documents

A. Based on Form Template

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Tools > Delete Form
  2. Select Advanced Search > Locate the Form Template field and click on Select
  3. Select the template > Done > Search
  4. You can choose Select all X documents in search results or individually select the form IDs to be deleted > Click the Delete button

B. Based on CSV Upload

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Tools > Delete Form
  2. Select Advanced Search > Download Template
  3. Fill out the form IDs to be deleted in the csv
  4. Click Browse and select the csv file
  5. Click Upload

C. Based on Basic Import CSV

Before Proceeding:

  • This option only works when changing an active employee to an inactive employee. If employees are already inactive in the system, you can make them active again, then follow the steps to have the forms removed.
  • Ensure the Provisioning job also has the applicable document settings enabled (below in Step 1)
  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Tools > Import Employee Data
  2. In the Select the action you want to perform dropdown, select Import Data
  3. In the Select an entity field, select the option you'd like to use
  4. Next to the Select an entity field, click on More Options...
  5. Select the Basic Options tab
  6. Under Automatic Document Removal, select Remove Inactive Employees' In-Progress/Completed Documents > OK
  7. Complete the rest of the details > Import

Auto Delete Documents on Inactive

To remove forms via Employee Import or SFTP and when your instance has Employee Central (vis HRIS sync), enable the following settings:

  • Remove Inactive Employee's In-Progress Documents
  • Remove Inactive Employee's Completed Documents

To ensure documents are removed for an individual template, ensure the below options are unchecked in Form Template Settings:

  • Do Not Remove Inactive Employee's In-Progress Documents
  • Do Not Remove Inactive Employee's Completed Documents


  • Deleting inactive user forms will impact your ability to report on overall scores for inactive users. For more information, refer to KBA 2230818.
  • Think about your admin resources and how many forms you can manage via admin tools. If you are unable to manage forms, consider setting the options to auto delete forms when people become inactive.
  • The above options are the only supported options available. SAP Support does not provide any backend solutions to delete your forms because this is deleting customer data. There are no exceptions. Customers should manage all forms using Admin Tools. If you have large numbers of forms to delete, you can engage Certified Partners to provide additional admin resources. If you do not have a Certified Partner, you can look for one using SAP Professional Services / SAP Certified Partner / SAP Account Management Team [SuccessFactors Cloud].


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