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  • How do we manage documents for an employee when their direct manager is on leave?


  • Performance Management


Reproducing the Issue

  • How do we handle managing forms when an employee's direct manager is on long-term leave?
  • How do you ensure that associate's forms are forwarded/transferred to the next manager up when their direct supervisor is "inactive"? (ie: on maternity leave or leave of absense)
  • What do we do if our system of record feeding SuccessFactors updates this person as "Inactive"?


The following identifies several considerations when the direct manager is on leave or temporarily inactive and was part of a process flow.


The SuccessFactors Application allows you to set an employee as Active or Inactive. It does not currently have the ability to set a special status for an employee that may be on some sort of long-term leave, or is temporarily set as inactive in your system-of-record, but will return to work later. Again, the manager can only be set as Active or Inactive.

  • If a person is set as Inactive, then forms cannot be sent to this person.
  • If a form is currently with the inactive person, then it is now stuck
  • If an employee is reporting to a manager that is inactive, they are in essence locked out of the SuccessFactors Application since you MUST report to an active person to be able to use the application.
  • In the real world, it is not valid to have an employee reporting to an inactive manager, (although systematically we appreciate this is at times the only option due to limitations) so the question must be asked, "Who is responsible for the day-to-day activities of this employee while the direct manager is out? Who would this employee go to in the real world while his manager is unavailable?"
  • The answer to this question typically indicates who therefore is now the employee's current or 'temporary' manager.


Your options based on this are:

  • Complete a Manager Transfer (Documents Transfer in admin tools) to the 2nd level manager or to this temporary manager so that the route map is updated to reflect this new relationship. This person will now complete the forms, and the old manager will no longer be part of the process. This is the preferred option, so you would need to have your system of record indicate the new manager in your employee import files.
  • Leave the old manager as 'Active'. Grant the temporary manager proxy access, thereby allowing him or her to proxy in to the account of the manager on leave to complete the functions that the 1st level manager would have done. You may want to update the email address on record for the manager on leave to reflect the email address of this temporary manager, so that they receive routing notifications.
  • Leaving the direct manager as inactive is rarely an option as although our system will automatically skip anyone in the route map that is marked as 'inactive', moving the form to the next active person in the route map, can cause a problem if that is the employee, since the employee is unable to login to the application to open the form while their manager is inactive.

  • Delete the old forms and relaunch new forms to the employee once the manager has returned from leave


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