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2076599 - Automatic Synchronization of Performance Forms & Goals


You can auto-populate goals from a Goal Plan into a Performance Form Goal section, and auto-synchronize goals between the Goal Plan and the Performance form. This article explains the functionality of auto-populate and auto-sync.

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  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors Goal Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Planning

Reproducing the Issue



I. Auto-Populate determines if existing goals are pulled into performance forms
  • At the time of Performance Form creation:
    • If auto-populate is enabled, existing Goals are pulled into the Performance form
    • If auto-populate is disabled, existing Goals are NOT pulled into the Performance form
  • Note: Auto-populate has no effect once a Performance Form has been created. Performance forms will need to be relaunched to see the auto-population take place.

How to enable Auto-Populate In Performance Forms

As a customer, you do not have access to Provisioning. Please engage a Certified Partner to assist with this configuration.

The obj-sect-type element indicates how to auto-populate the goal section:

  • Set to custom if you don't want to auto-populate goals to a form when the form is created.
  • Set to plan if you want to auto-populate goals to a form when the form is created.

II. Auto-Sync

This feature only applies to the below scenarios:

  1. Deleting a goal from a Performance Form:
    • If auto-sync is enabled, Goal is deleted from BOTH Performance Form and Goal Plan
    • If auto-sync is disabled, Goal is deleted from Performance Form BUT remains on the Goal Plan
  2. Adding a new goal to a Goal Plan:
    • If auto-sync is enabled, Goal is added to BOTH Performance Form and Goal Plan
    • If auto-sync is disabled, the Goal is ONLY in the Goal Plan
  3. Deleting a goal from a Goal Plan:
    • If auto-sync is disabled, Goal is deleted from Goal Plan. Goal remains on Performance Form BUT cannot be edited and will display error message: This goal no longer exists in the goal plan.
    • If auto-sync is enabled, Goal is deleted from BOTH Goal Plan and Performance Form
The following behaviors occur regardless of whether auto-sync is true or false:
  • Editing an existing goal on the Performance Form or the Goal Plan
    • Changes will be reflected on BOTH the Performance Form and the Goal Plan
    • Edits will be included in the Goal Plan audit trail
  • This feature also works with Career Development Planning
  • Keep in mind that if you have more than one goal section with "Synchronize objectives from an objective plan and a review form" just one section will be populated.

Additional Notes for Auto-Sync:

  • If you use Latest Goal Management and auto-sync is enabled in Performance Management:
    • Users can delete a goal on a Performance Management form only when they have the Objective Plan Permissions role-based permission for the goal plan of that goal. The goal deleted from the form will also be deleted from the goal plan.
    • Users without the permission can't see the button to delete the goal on the form.
  • When a form is in the modify stage, changes in a goal plan are synced to the form. When the form is in the signature or completion stage, the changes aren't synced to the form.
  • Auto-sync on a form works when the form is saved.
  • If goals are auto-populated to multiple goal sections based on goal categories, we do not recommend you also use auto-sync. This is because changing the category of a goal in the goal plan will move the goal to a different section in the form. While the goal is moved to the new section correctly, any ratings and comments associated to the goal are not moved and get lost.
  • Enabling auto-sync is not dynamic and will not update live forms. You'll need to update the setting and relaunch.

    How to enable Auto-Sync:

    1. Navigate to Admin Center > Performance Management > Manage Templates
    2. Select Performance Review tab > Select form template

      Autosync 2.1 Performance Review and form.png

    3. Click on Edit Fields and Sections > Select the Goal section you want to edit

      Autosync 3. Edit Fields - Goal Section.png

    4. Click on Show advanced options...

      Autosync 4. Show advanced.png

    5. Check Synchronize goals from an goal plan and a review form > Save

      Autosync 5. Synchronize goals.png

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