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2076641 - Mass Update Live Performance Forms using Open&Save Documents - Performance Management


  • This KB article reviews how to do mass updates to forms
  • How do I update my PM forms to show updated goal data?
  • How to make sure StackRanker has most recent updates
  • How do I get the most current overall rating on the performance form to show in the compensation form?


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


  • It is possible to update the form templates when new goals have been added after forms were launched
  • Updating the form pulls in any newly created goals so they will show up on individual forms and on goal reports
  • Previously, it was necessary to manually open each individual form to get the form updated; however, now administrators can manage the process at the template level 

How this feature may help:

  • If PM V11 Forms do not have the most current Goal Data
  • When reports do not show the most current overall rating seen on the performance form
  • Stack Ranker is not reporting the most current ratings
  • If compensation forms do not reflect the most updated goal data from a PM form

Note: this is not to be confused with updating reloadable fields on a compensation form, for which you need to use the compensation feature in admin tools Update Compensation Forms

  1. Administrators can go to Admin Tools > Performance Management
  2. Form Template Settings > [Specific Template] > “Open&Save Documents” link
  3. In the window that opens, enter the start and end dates for the forms based upon that template that should be updated
  4. The system will open and save the form template, which automatically updates the template with any new content, such as goals
  5. Now all forms within the specified date range will be automatically updated

Note: this action cannot be undone so any new content pulled into the forms will remain on those forms until individually modified

  • This feature has limitations and may not pull in other data sources you have configured in your forms that have been updated
  • If there are specific values on your form you need updating please open a case with Customer Success to see if this is possible
  • Please allow sufficient time for all forms to automatically update
  • The time to update forms cannot be estimated as each client form is unique and could contain little or large amounts of data to update. One rule of measure is about 3000-5000 forms per hour
  • There are no risks to using this tool, except for the obvious, which is you are going to trigger data to update and change where new data exists
  • Let your users know a data refresh is going to occur and they might see some changes

Additional Information:

  • Open & Save Documents allows you to trigger the system into automatically refreshing all in progress performance forms launched for that template
  • SuccessFactors typically feeds data from Forms > to Feedback tables > which in turn feed the data to > Reports and other linked forms
  • When one or the other does not have the most current value, it is most often because a trigger event has not forced the value to the feedback table so the report or form can pick up the updated value
  • This happens automatically when a person has manually open and saved their form
  • If you see data that is out-of-sync for many people then Open & Save is a feature which can be employed to trigger the mass update of forms and feedback tables to get them back in sync
  • If after using this feature you still do not see the expected values being updated, please open a case with Customer Success


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