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You notice that historically you have not been removing the documents of inactive users and now want to remove all those in one action as opposed to individually. How can you remove “In Progress” and / or “Completed” forms for all inactive users that are still showing in the system?


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Customer Success does not have any ability to remove these via custom scripts or actions. This solution outlines the only supported options that are approved for use and can address this issue.

To remove forms in Bulk

Via imports you can ensure this is done systematically each time a person is inactivated via your daily imports.

Ensure you apply the settings "Remove Inactive Employee Documents" both in your automated imports as well as any manual imports administrators perform.

When this did not happen and you now have many forms in the system for inactive people that you need to remove you can do this in the following steps.

Option 1

Use the standard mass route tools in admin tools to move forms to completed. This only works for forms that belong to a group.

Option 2

Create a user import file with these people on it.

  1. To do that Go to > Admin Center
  2. Import & set users as active
  3. Reimport file and this time set them again to inactive, making sure that this time you select the option to Remove Inactive Employee Documents

The benefit of this option is you can complete it within a few minutes work same day without needing any support ticket. Please carefully choose import options when reactivating users so as not to accidentally trigger emails or form transfers. We recommend you create a file that only contains the users to update.

Option 3

  • Open a support ticket and request that we run the option from Provisioning > Remove Inactive Employee Documents
  • Indicate which options we will include in the process
    • Remove Inactive Employees' In-Progress Documents
    • Remove Inactive Employees' Completed Documents
  • Notify us in your request how many employees are active in your system to give us an indication of the size of your instance.
  • The options are also a part of the daily HRIS sync and can be set to automate the process.  (Suport or partner can access from Provisioning > Manage Scheduled Jobs > Select Job Type:  HRIS Sync > Open the one that is "Submitted" and Recurring is checked.  Enable the settings, cancel the job, and resubmit.)

This does not require a Change Order and will be completed within the week.

Customer Support or partner will go to Provisioning > Company > Remove Inactive Employee Documents > Select the options the client has requested > click Delete button > wait for system to return onscreen message that process has completed. It will indicate a number as to how many documents were removed.

Note: If the client indicates they have > 10,000 users, this process may take a few minutes.

To remove forms individually

To remove forms individually for people:

  1. In the New Admin Tools open the Manage Users utility => locate the user by entering the user’s name in the “Search for a user . . . “ field;
  2. Next to the “Active” selection click the “No” radio selection => click the <Save> button;
  3. You will be presented with a “Remove Inactive User Documents” screen where you will have two options, “Remove in-progress documents” and “Remove completed documents”;
  4. Make your selection(s) => click the <OK> button;


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