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2077252 - Field and Section Permissions in Manage Templates Show Advanced Options - Performance Management


  • Why employee see the Summary Section or comments or ratings that were hidden in the past?
  • How do we use Advanced Config Options?
  • Can we update live forms using this tool?

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Important Reminder: Unless field permissions are configured correctly, ratings, comments, even entire section may be visible or hidden to the wrong people at the wrong steps. It is impossible for anyone but the customer to know what is right or wrong for them. For example; some customers want to hide things from E at completed, whereas some customers want to show everything to E at completed.

Therefore, every customer must perfrom thorough and exhaustive testing for forms for every user in the process, and from every step (including completed), and from every angle. For example, what happens if you route forms backwards? Or add a new manager? Or add a new step? Or make a manager change at any given step? Or reject from signature etc?

You must test any and all possible scenarios your users will be able to do before you can truly be sure the form won't hide or expose the wrong information under that scenario.

The following steps are to update your template only and NOT live forms. Changes made to your templates never apply to your live forms. If forms do not meet your business needs, you should delete those forms, redesign your template to the specifications your business process needs and then relaunch your forms to users.

This is why thorough end-to-end testing is important before launching forms. (Tip: if you do make a mistake and need to launch new forms, leave old forms there until users have copied any info over into their new form, and then delete incorrect forms).

Changing the Master Template

How to Set Desired Field and Section Permissions in Manage Templates Advanced Options

  1. Permission an Admin user to be able to access the Advanced Configuration Options by enabling the setting "Comprehensive template configuration for PMv12";

  2. Follow the steps in Implementing and Managing Performance Management - Configuring Form Permissions

    • Please note Owner Roles only apply for Section Comments. If you want the E role to see neither the EM’s rating nor that of the EX role, you have to reach out to a Partner in order for them to grant Other's Rating Tab Item permission to specific roles through backend configuration. For more details, please review KB article 2078697

    • Conversely, if you want the E role to see Section Comments from some roles and not from others, include only the roles you want to hide in the “none” permission. There’s no need to create an explicit permission to grant access—that is assumed by the system.

    • You will want to indicate the route map steps in which you want to hide these fields, as anything that you desire the E role to see in the completed stage should not be hidden with a permission for all steps (“*”).

    • Finally, always be aware of the order of your permissions. These are read by the system from the top to the bottom, with each new line overriding any previous permission that it may conflict with

Out of Turn Access Considerations

If enabling the Out of Turn access feature in PM v12, please make sure you have properly set permissions to view ratings and comments. If other users are not supposed to see the manager's ratings and comments entered while using Out of Turn access, use field permissions to hide them. You may be required to revise a form template that was previously configured.

  • Example: Performance Review form starts with E, and Out of Turn Access is enabled. EM opens the form from Team Overview and enters comments. There are no field permissions set for this step
  • Solution: add field permission to each section as needed.

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