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2077256 - Manage Templates - Goals not showing on PM form but comments are - Explanation on F Role Permission - Performance Management


  • You have a problem where in your goal or development section the goals are not showing for some people, although for some you may be able to see comments.
  • You cannot view private objectives on the PM form, even though you believe you have set the private goal role permission on the objective plan


  • Performance Management



  • If the Form Reviewer role (F role) is missing then only the EM+ or EH would be able to see the comments. F role is often forgotten and this is an issue as the form could not be reviewed by other roles than the manager (and above) and matrix manager.


Note: Currently the "F" Role is not supported for Latest Goal Management.

Introduce the F role (Form Reviewer)

You will need to update your template which typically will require a CCOR or that you use the advanced configuration tool via self-service.

You add this permission to the goal plan itself, so once updated on the plan it should automatically correct any live PM forms.

It's best to think of 'F' as any another user role (such as 'EM', 'E', etc..). It shouldn't be treated special for permissions, only for determining if a user is in role for a permission.

The purpose of the 'F' role is to allow form reviewers additional access that they might not normally get through TGM. All TGM permission roles should apply everywhere. E.g. if EM has write permission, they have write permission on the form and in TGM. The only thing special in this regard about "F", is that a user can only be in the "F" role while they are reviewing a form.

For linguistic clarity: A user matches the "EM" role if that user is the manager of the employee who owns the goal. A user matches the "F" role, if an only if, they are the current reviewer of a form evaluating the employee that owns the goal. That is to say, if the user can enter a rating or a comment on a form, then they are in the role "F".

Its also important to point out that the logic for determining access to a field should always be consistent. The field-permissions are evaluated in specification order. All the role-names in each field-permission are checked to see if the user matches the role. If the user matches any of the role, then the permissions available to that user are updated based on the field refids.

Additionally TGM is "default-deny" permission model, regardless of where the TGM fields appears. A person has to be explicitly given permission through a role in order to get any access (read or write) to a field. This is different than non-TGM fields permission on a form which are "default-allow".

  • Include the form reviewer role under the private-access field permission on your objective plan

  <permission for="private-access">

    <description><![CDATA[Employees and their managers may view unshared/private goals.]]></description>







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