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2077350 - Do Not Transfer Documents enabled but forms still moved to new manager - Performance Management


This article explains how to use the Do Not Transfer Documents feature on Performance Management forms.


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  • It is a very common misconception that the transfer options are managing the full workflow of the form. This is not the case. The transfer options on your import and template are only to control the form in the current step if it meets certain rules.
  • For example: The Do Not Transfer is not a feature to control all future manager steps, but to prevent the form moving at the time of import if it is currently with the old manager (it allows current holder to complete it and then move it on). The only true way to freeze a form to a manager is using the Change engine feature.
  • Therefore, before assuming there is a defect or issue, carefully evaluate the feature, and understand if the form was with the required person, at the required step when the feature was on.

Supported Roles

  • Manager Transfer only applies to EM or EX role.
  • No other manager roles are supported relative to the employee the form is for. (EH, EC, EM* EMM etc.)

Document Transfer options

You will find the transfer options in the following places in the BizX system

  1. Admin Tools > Company Processes & Cycles > Performance > Manage Templates > Select a template > Advanced settings
  2. Also these options are in the Document Transfers screen
  3. Employee Imports
  4. Also these options should be set in your Automated FTP job

Tip: For any of these settings to work, they need to match on the Template + Import Setting. If they do not that option will be ignored for that template when imports are done.

For full Troubleshooting details please refer to: Document Transfers, Manager Transfers and why some documents do not transfer to the new manager

Do Not Transfer Document

  • (applies to live forms) Setting this option disables all the other inbox and enroute transfer options and means forms will not transfer on any manager changes regardless of any other settings you have elsewhere! more info on document transfer options and common problems. Note, this is for current step only. Future steps will still update and show the new manager.
  • Caution: Problems can occur if you use this option and fail to set template level permissions on the form appropriately. If you change the person's real manager in your user imports, but use this setting to keep the document with the old manager, then remember the old manager is no longer the official EM role. Therefore none of the EM permissions you set the form up with will apply to the old manager. They will not be able to perform any actions that was restricted to EM. You should only enable this option when there are no longer any EM actions left to complete in the workflow.
  • Or prior to launching your form, code into your template permissions for * role. If you permission the step to allow * role to perform actions then the old manager can possibly now complete what is needed. You should test all possible scenarios before go live.
  • A better option is to use the Change Engine to lock forms to old managers.

Troubleshooting Document Transfer Options

Please refer to the following troubleshooting document for more info on document transfer options and common problems.


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