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2077477 - Manage Data - Data Files Used in Variable Pay


  • Successfactors Variable Pay organizes data from several sources (i.e. employee historical information, company financial data, HR bonus plans) to payout employee bonuses.
  • At a high level, there are five separate csv flat files that can be imported to configure plans:
  • What are the files used in a VarPay program?


  • SuccessFactors Variable Pay


Variable Pay – Data Integration Overview
  • Business Goal Import (required) – this flat file contains the business goal definitions, goal forecasts, and goal results.  The variable pay module requires this information to determine the goal-level payouts which impact the bonus calculation.

  • Employee History Data Import (required) – this flat file contains the employee’s date effective history records.  The variable pay module requires this information to determine bonus plan eligibility, bonus basis, and proration for each employee.  The data is stored in live profile and can be made available to employees and managers.  Each customer can define which fields are important to the bonus calculation and which fields should be imported for display purposes.


Order Required to Import Files

Unless otherwise instructed, when importing all your var pay import files, please use this exact order:

  • business goals
  • associate history
  • bonus plan
  • eligibility rule
  • goal weights

General Tips When Working with Your Data Files

  • When diagnosing data problems and you need to engage Customer Support, understand that support will not be able to assist unless you can provide ALL your imported data files. You can’t always spot errors from the reports.
  • Data files cannot be exported from the system.  Make sure you keep copies of you data files.
  • Excel will strip leading zeros from numbers, which can occur with EmpID’s or other ID’s.  Import them as text.
  • Watch out for trailing spaces in strings.  Any lookups performed for key relationships must be exact and will fail if there are trailing spaces.
  • Excel will also format numbers with commas, and will change case.  Watch out for this.  Excel may also cause issues if non-US versions are being used.
  • Stay away from using spaces and special characters. The following characters are recommended:    - /_
  • Best Practice: Use “_” rather than space. Easier to view when troubleshooting
  • When encountering issues, verify spelling of Header rows
  • Business Goals are required for all Variable Pay programs.  To calculate a bonus one business goal is required.   You can hide the section in the form.  You can add a dummy goal in the business goal section that has no value.   Make sure in the Bonus Plan file the business goal section with section weight set to zero.


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