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2077926 - Manage Templates - Subject Name in Form Title At Beginning and End - Performance Management


  • A Form title is inverted intermittently within the same instance so that the subject name comes both at the beginning and end for the same Performance Management form. 
  • This pattern can show up in the Ad hoc reporting tool, dashboards, detailed document search results or the form itself.


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


  • This article explains how some locales like China, which are represented as zh_CN in our system, will have the name show up first in the Ad hoc reporting, dashboards or detailed document search results. This would show up in a situation where the form template name would exhibit the following title: Wu Goa 2012 Performance Review. The inbox would show the following 2012 Performance Review Goa Wu.
  • This is not an error or bug in the instance; in fact, this is SuccessFactors acting as designed. It’s an aspect of our localization strategy. In some countries where surname is the predominant form of identification, SuccessFactors will place the last name before the first. This is a response to cultural sensitivity and localization strategy.
  • Many of our European and North American primary administrators want to be able to have the same form title structure through the entire instance. The advantages are as follows: reporting and standardization. You can achieve this uniformity through the following two methods:

    1. Use Launch Forms to create the forms. You would need to ensure that the template locale is not China or any of the impacted countries and/or regions.
    2. Login user proxies in as an admin user that does not have China or any of the impacted locales with this design feature. For example, Chinese based admin logs in a North American based admin and creates form via the create form button.


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