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  • Is it possible to create folders for old documents?
  • What are the steps required to delete a completed document folder?
  • Can we rename a folder?
  • Can the admin mass move everyone's forms into a specific folder?
  • Can we create new folders under the Inbox folder?
  • How do I mass move forms into one of the folders?
  • What is the maximum number of forms we can put in a folder?

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Create New Folders

Can we create new folders under the Inbox folder?

No. It is only possible to create sub-folders under the Completed Folder.

Steps to Create a New Sub-Folder in the Completed Folder:

Note: Each user needs to perform these actions from their own inbox

  1. Go to the Performance module
  2. Click on the Completed Folder
  3. From here you can click Create New Folder:

create new folder.png


What is the Maximum Number of Forms We can Put into a Completed Folder?

Currently there is a maximum number of 65535 forms that will display in a single completed folder for 1 person. For this reason, if you have a user that gets copied on all forms, and this number is likely to exceed 6500, then we recommend you create sub folders as described above and move forms to the subfolders each year.

Is it possible to remove or hide the Completed folder?

  • No, the Completed folder will appear in the Performance Inbox page by default.  This folder contains all completed documents where the end-user had involvement in the route map (or was sent a copy).
  • If you wish to remove visibility of completed forms, please refer to this KBA: 2086708 - How to hide documents in En route and Completed folders

How Do I Mass Move Forms into my New Folder?

Note: Each user needs to perform these actions from their own inbox.

  1. Go to the Performance Module from the main menu
  2. Click on the Folder that your forms are currently in (typically your forms will be in your completed Un-filed folder.
  3. Now select all the forms you wish to move into your new folder
  4. At the top of the page under Move to Folder, select the folder from the dropdown list to move forms to
  5. Click the Move button

Tips to manage large numbers of documents:

  1. Change the "Items per page" setting to display all your unfiled forms on one screen
  2. Make sure your setting is on "All" forms and not just "My Direct Reports" so that you can see all documents.

How do I Rename a Folder?

Note: Each user needs to perform these actions from their own inbox.

  1. Go to the Performance Module from the main menu
  2. Click on the Completed Folder
  3. Click on the folder you wish to rename
  4. You will now see a button called RENAME in the top section
  5. Click this button and enter the new folder name and save

Steps to Remove a "Completed" Document Folder

You may perform the following steps if:

  • You are logged in as the user OR you are a Proxy for the User (you must have been granted proxy rights).
  1. Choose the Performance or My Forms tab.
  2. Select the 'Completed' documents folder link.
  3. Choose the link for the completed document folder you would like to delete.
  4. Click the 'Delete' button
    1. NOTE: The folder you wish to delete MUST be empty before the 'Delete' button will appear. If the folder contains documents move them to another folder other than 'Un-Filed'. You will not be able to move documents back to the 'Un-Filed' folder once they have been moved out of it.

The following message will appear in the upper left hand corner of the page indicating that the folder was deleted successfully:

' ! Folder was removed'

Mass Managing Documents for All Employees

  • Can the admin perform any of the steps above to mass create a folder for all employees and move their documents for them into the new completed folder?
  • Or can the admin delete and rename folders for all employees in bulk so they don't have to individually go into their inbox to do this?
  • Is it possible to permission the "Create New Folder" option for employees?

No. There is no option for an admin to perform any of the above options for an employee or groups of employees except to individually proxy into each person's inbox and make the changes 1x1.

The "Create New Folder" option will appear by default - it will allow any end-user to organise their own Completed Folder as they wish.


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