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2078040 - Ask for Feedback Functionality In Performance Forms


How do I use Ask for Feedback in performance forms?

Note: If you're looking for information on Get Feedback (only for internal users), you can review 2077250 - Get Feedback Functionality - Performance Management.

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Ask for Feedback is an integrated approach to solicit feedback from people outside of your organization that cannot be added to a route map. They receive a feedback request via email, and their responses are received in the system. This provides managers with a more balanced review that considers other people’s point-of-views. A few considerations are:

  • External users can provide comments but cannot rate.
  • This can be used to send emails to internal employees, but comments are only as secure as the email systems used by the recipient. A more secure option for internal users is the Get Feedback option.
  • A multi-perspective set of feedback allows managers to provide a more balanced review that considers other people’s point-of-views. 
  • There is an 80,000-byte limitation on feedback file size.

I. How to Enable Ask for Feedback

  1. Action Search: Form Template Settings
  2. Select the form template
  3. Leave Disable Ask For Feedback functionality unchecked like below:

4. Set the start and end dates for how long managers can request and receive feedback:

Note: If the end date is updated in Form Template Settings for live forms, this will not affect requests that have already been sent.


II. How to Ask for Feedback

  1. Navigate to the performance form
  2. Select the Team Overview tab > Select Ask for Feedback

3. Select the employees you'd like to send a request to:

III. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How many feedback requests can be sent?
    • Each manager can send a total of 30 internal and external requests (a total of 30 recipients). After the maximum number is reached, you cannot send out anymore requests.
    • You can send multiple requests to the same recipient but there must be at least a 24-hour period between each request.
    • NOTE: Support is unable to cancel any requests so managers should understand these limitations.
  • Will enabling or disabling this feature apply to live forms?
    • Yes, this will apply to live forms.
    • If employee forms are launched on different days, the button will disappear for each user depending on the form template settings.
    • Using the fixed date will ensure the button remains available for everyone until a specific future date.
    • NOTE: If the end date is updated in Form Template Settings for live forms, this will not affect requests that have already been sent.
  • Why is the button missing for some users?
    • The user is not a manager.
    • Due to the relative or fixed dates configured in Form Template Settings. If you set the End Date to Relative to Form Creation Date and set it to 0 days after or before, the Ask for Feedback period starts and ends on the date of creation. Try changing the dropdown to Relative to Default End Date, Relative to Default Due Date, or set something other than 0 days after or before.
  • Can we monitor the "Send Multiple Ask for Feedback Requests to Same User" feature to see which users haven't responded?
    • To some degree, yes. You can see if the second request to a user is unanswered and resend the request. Resending the request will count as a new request. Alerting the manager would need to be done outside of the application. Even if a user answered the first request, you can track the second separately.
  • Where are the "Ask for Feedback" responses incorporated into the review form?
    • There is a "Pod" at the top right-hand corner of the form called Supporting Information. It's available from the callout when you click the pod.
  • How do I configure the Supporting Information button/pod?
  • Does the "Ask for Feedback" functionality have an impact on the form route map or is it independent?
    • It is independent of the form route map. It has its own date range in form template settings that can be configured for when it's available to reviewers. Requests can be sent by the reviewer any time during the configured date range.
  • Can we use "Ask for Feedback" on a single Goal Category? 
    • You can change the text of the email to ask for feedback on a specific goal or category. When users send a response, it will be integrated into the form, but not attached to a particular section.
  • Why is feedback not showing in the supporting information pod of the performance form?
    • Large graphics or unsupported images in email headers/footers can cause an email to be rejected by our system. Have your IT department strip out any unnecessary rich formatting from your email bodies and see if a plain text response will be accepted into the performance form. We are unable to trigger a failure message to anyone for this type of rejection due to system design so the only indication is whether the information makes it into the form.
    • If feedback is coming from a 3rd party where you cannot control the full content of the respondents' email, ask the respondent to try replying from a different email address that doesn't include additional images, ads, or content, other than the plain text you want them to submit.
    • SAP is limited in what we can do if your email systems are blocking these emails. Please work with your IT department to confirm successful delivery from your side to SAP. If your IT department can show a successful email connection from the sender to SAP, create an case and provide the details from your IT department.

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