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What is Out of Turn Access and how do I use it in PMv12A?


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


  • Out of Turn Access allows roles to access a copy of the form via Team Overview for their own rating before the form officially reaches them.
  • This feature was developed so that the Managers or Reviewers can have an early access to the Performance Form, while the form is still with the Employee.
  • You can enable the Out of Turn Access option only for those steps in the Route map that come after the step at which the form review starts. For example, the form review starts with the Self Assessment step, and therefore, the Out of Turn Accesscan be enabled for the steps following the Self Assessment step.
  • Out of turn access is NOT supported for Iterative or Collaborative steps (I or C)
  • Out of Turn access should not enabled for the 1:1 Meeting step.

Section and Field Permissions

  • If you are enabling the Out of Turn access feature in PM v12a, please make sure that you have properly set permissions on your template to view ratings and comments at the right steps for each role.
  • If other users are not supposed to see the manager's ratings and comments that are entered while using Out of Turn access, you should use field permissions to hide them.


  1. The Performance Review form starts with Employee (E), and Out of Turn Access is enabled.
  2. The Manager (EM) opens the form from Team Overview and enters comments.
  3. If you do not want the E to see the EM's comments then you need to add permissions in your template to hide the EM's comments to E at the E step. (This must be done before you launch forms)

More Information:

  • The user with out-of-turn access can enter ratings / comments on a form that is not yet in their inbox.
  • The rating the manager adds out-of-turn will not apply to the rating until the form officially gets to them.
  • Any changes to ratings / comments made in a step before it reaches a user will NOT be reflected when it is accessed by others via out-of-turn access.
  • Users accessing the form out-of-turn can consider their updates to be in a "draft" stage until the form is actually moved to them in the route map step for their role.

Best Practice for Calibration and Out-of-Turn Access:

  • DO NOT make the first Employee step a calibration step.
  • DO NOT make your first step a calibration step (unless there are no other later steps where changes will be made).
  • Make either the last Manager or HR Manager step the calibration step.
  • The calibration step needs to be either the last step before signature or at least a step after all individual assessments are done and after other users that have out-of-turn access will have completed their actions.

Out of Turn Access Behaviors:

The Out of Turn Access feature works for a user, only if the same user is not involved in any other step of the route map.


Route map: E(current step) -> EM -> E -> EM(OOTA) -> EX(OOTA)

  • Only the EX has OOTA access now.
  • EM(OOTA) has no effect now as there is another EM step prior to the EM(OOTA) step.  
  • The manager can have OOTA access when this form is in the second E step (E -> EM -> E(current) -> EM(OOTA) -> EX(OOTA)).

Form draft logic:

  • E  -> E -> EM(OOTA) The EM OOTA draft will be created in form creation.
  • E -> I (E, EM) -> E -> EM(OOTA) The EM OOTA draft will NOT be created in form creation.


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