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2078153 - Form Transferred When it Shouldn't - Performance Management


  • This KB article focuses on forms which have transferred when they shouldn't.
  • Most often the issue is the opposite, which is that forms did not transfer as expected. For information on that please refer to our main transfer solution
  • This solution focuses on troubleshooting document transfer issues.
  • For general information on the options and what they mean, please refer to KB article 2077194 - Document Transfer Options - Performance Management


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  • It is a very common misconception that the transfer options are managing the full workflow of the form. This is NOT the case. The transfer options on your import and template are only to control the form in the current step if it meets certain rules.
  • For example. Inbox Manager Transfer ONLY applies to manager roles EM & EX, and only takes effect if its in the INBOX of that manager at the time of the import. Otherwise it has no effect at all. It does not control future steps, so even if deselected, the manager role EM will change in all future steps.
  • Likewise the Do Not Transfer is not a feature to control all future manager steps, but to just prevent the form moving at the time of import (it allows current holder to complete it and then move it on)
  • The only true way to freeze a form to a manager is using the Change Engine. Therefore, before assuming there is a defect or issue, carefully evaluate the feature, and understand if the form was with the required person, at the required step when the feature was on.
  • There is a nice document attached to the bottom of this solution that graphically shows how each transfer option impacts the route map workflow.

Trigger Events for Document Transfers:

There are a number of areas in the product that can trigger a document transfer:
  1. A manual change is executed via Admin Center > Transfer Forms to New Manager.
  2. Automated FTP employee file import. With this option your transfer options are configured at the time the FTP process was setup and will not change until requested.
  3. Manual employee file import. With this option, since it is possible for the user to use different settings on every import, differing results may occur.
  4. Company Change Engine: In addition to the standard manager changes that can trigger document transfers, the employee change engine can also be configured to execute a documents transfer on other triggers such as: Jobcode Change and Location Change.

Form Template Level Settings

Please go to Admin Center > Form Template Settings > [Template]: and review the Automatic Transfer Options that you have set for that specific template. These template settings apply at the time of the import/transfer.

Import Screen

  • Did the person performing the import accidentally select the transfer options on the import screen? Get a copy of the import notification. It will list the options selected at time of import
  • If your import was an automated FTP import the system will be sending the email to the account that triggers than. They can review the email to see what settings are on in your FTP process. 

Change Engine

  • Change engine only applies if you have the engine settings on as needed, AND have all transfer options off in the import screen and form template. Forms will continue to transfer until this required rule is met.
  • The change engine settings ONLY apply at time of the import, so they have to be on and correct at the time the import is done. Changing these settings after the fact will not apply. More information on Employee Change Engine.. 

Do Not Transfer Documents

  • This template setting is ONLY applicable to current step, if that step is the manager. It just keeps the form with the old manager to allow them to complete and send on. It does not prevent the manager role from updating in future route map steps. 

Documents Transfer

  • Did an admin use the document transfer tool to manually cause the transfer? A great tool to use to check if this happened is the Audit Info screen. Please review this to see what actions may have triggered moves. 

Change Route Map

  • Did an admin use the Modify Form Route Map tool and trigger the unplanned movement of the forms? 

Invalid Role/Person in Route Map

Our system evaluates every person in the route map each time the form moves. If a user role is invalid at the time of transfer then the system will determine who is next valid person and route it to them to prevent the form from getting stuck with an invalid person (such as someone set as inactive or not is system)


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