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  • What is Team overview and how do we use it?
  • How to turn off the Team Overview functionality?
  • How to remove a form from Team Overview?


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


Team Overview is a page designed to help managers organize and complete their team's performance reviews, provide guidance on what they need to do and when, and display team analytics important to the process. The Team Overview filter lets users filter the individuals in their Team Overview based on their relationship to the rater.

Team Overview Not Showing For Our Form

  • Make sure in your route map that you enable "Start of Review", which indicates that the review process starts from this part of the review, Self Assessment, and ensures that a Team Overview page is created for the manager.
  • This must be defined BEFORE forms are created and cannot be changed once forms are live. You would need to delete, update route map to include "Start of Review" step, and relaunch your forms. 

Turning Off Team Overview

  • It is possible to hide Team Overview for specific group of users. Please refer to this KBA 2284046 - How to Hide the Team Overview Tab.
  • Team Overview is generated when your route map contains a step called "Start of Review". This step is defined in your route map settings and cannot be changed once your forms are live.
  • You will not see data in the Team overview until the form reaches the "Start of Review" step.

Remove Form from Team Overview

  • Team Overview is created when your route map contains a step called "Start of Review" before launching the form
  • To remove unnecessary form, please follow the steps below   
    1. Find the form's document ID
    2. Go to Modify Form Route Map 
    3. Untick "Start of Review" from route map

NOTE: Once you have completed the above steps you will no longer see the entry in the Team Overview page

Team Overview shows

  • My Team: the list of people a manager needs to review
    • This includes the manager's direct reports who have had forms launched for them
    • This may include people who are not just your direct reports, but those where you are a part of the process (meaning you are involved in workflow of the form)
    • This may include people that you were a manager for while the process is still in-progress, even though you were recently removed as being their manager.
  • Feedback from Others: a manger can ask for feedback on his or her employees
    • The manager can solicit the feedback from the same person multiple times if so desired via Team Overview.
  • Employee Review: lets the manager know if the employee has completed his self assessment
  • Manager Review: links to the employee's performance evaluation
  • 1:1 meeting
  • Button for Recalling form from Signature Step.
  • Button for Team Rater (Stack Ranker) - If you have Write permission to the item-ratings for everyone in the process, then you will be able to stack rank them.
    • Can we disable or hide Team Rater button from Team Overview page?
    • Yes. Disable Team Rater by going to Admin Center > Manage Templates > [Select the PM Template] > General Settings > Disable the option Allow managers to stack rank employees on competency sections. Changes will apply dynamically in the Team Overview page.
  • Link in Team Overview Signature Column to allow form opening (PMv12 and PMv12A)

Team Overview displays various data points

  • Rating of Record
  • User-­‐specific Rating (including Subject Rating if applicable)
  • Overall Objective/Competency Rating
  • Performance/Potential Rating (Performance Rating is shown in team Overview, not Potential).
    • Note: The ratings displayed in the cell are those from the Performance Summary Section, the Overall Score from the item-­‐rating field as well as the OverallScore from the user-­‐specific rating field.
  • If there is no Performance Summary Section configured for the form, the cell will be empty and the only scores will be accessible via the alert icon and callout.

Note: Team Overview is not configurable, therefore it is not possible to add custom fields or change the display of the above data points. 

Modify Form Route Map Impacts to Team Overview

You can change the route map after the forms have been sent out, however, in relation to Team Overview, understand that forms with changed route maps will be shown separately on the Team Overview. (PMR-1807)

Team Overview and Calibration

Your managers can start a Calibration Session directly from the Team Overview page making it more convenient go back and forth between processes. To use this option, contact Support to have your form updated. (CAL-1574)

Troubleshooting Team Overview Issues

Listed below we have linked a number of related articles in the References section, including many that will assist you in troubleshooting common issues related to the Team Overview, not described above.

See Also

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