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2078766 - All About Performance Management Rating Options


Explanations of each rating option available for performance forms.

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SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


Four Rating Options Are Supported:

Rating Option 0 (XML: rating-opt=0): Everyone shares one rating box for each item

  • Everyone shares the Official Rating, each overwriting the previous ratings.
  • The last user with write permission will set the final Official Rating
  • The rating is accessible by everyone unless permissions restrict access.
  • Only item-rating (Rating of Record) can be configured for this option.

Rating Option 1 (XML: rating-opt=1): Everyone shares one rating box for each item + Except the employee who has a private self-assessment rating box 

  • Only the form subject (employee) has an Unofficial User Rating
  • All roles share the Official Rating, each overwriting the previous rating.
    • To prevent employees from providing the Official Rating, it's recommended to grant them read or none permission for the rating field
  • When viewing Ratings from Others, only the Unofficial User Rating will display
  • To show the unofficial user rating field in the section, enable Include a comment for each item in Manage Templates. In the XML template, the cmt-opt attribute should be set to 1 or 3.
  • Only the following fields can be configured for this option:
    • item-rating (Rating of Record)
    • item-cmt-rating (Unofficial User Rating)

Rating Option 2 (xml: rating-opt=2): Everyone has their own rating box for each item + The final score can be granted to any role by permission 

  • All roles share the Official Rating and Unofficial User Rating
  • The last user with write permission will set the final Official Rating
  • All users have access to an Unofficial User Rating which will be unique to each role
  • To show the unofficial user rating field in the section, enable Include a comment for each item in Manage Templates. In the XML template, the cmt-opt attribute should be set to 1 or 3.
  • Only the following fields can be configured for this option:
    • item-rating (Rating of Record)
    • item-cmt-rating (Unofficial User Rating)

Rating Option 3 (XML: rating-opt=3): Everyone has their own rating box for each item + The Final score is the EM's rating 

  • Only the manager can edit the Official Rating (this does not need to be permissioned)
  • Only the employee can edit the Subject Rating
  • Other roles cannot edit ratings regardless of permissions
  • Only the following fields can be configured for this option:
    • item-rating (Rating of Record)
    • subject-item-rating (Subject Rating)

Rating Configurations

Display Circle Icon as Rating Instead of Stars

  • Important notes before enabling:
    • This is dynamic and will apply to live forms.
    • Stars or circles are not supported for Objective/Competency and Performance/Potential summary sections.  
  • Steps:
    1. Action Search: Form Template Settings
    2. Select template
    3. Check box for Display circle icon as rating > Update Form Template

Only Show Text Labels

  • Important notes before enabling:
    • Once enabled, this will display the ratings as their text label only (i.e. Excellent or Good)
    • The numerical rating will not display in this section.
    • You cannot display ratings using stars or circles with this configuration.
    • Applies only to the following section types:
      • Summary
      • Customized Weighted Rating
      • Competency
      • Goal
  • Steps:
    1. Action Search: Manage Templates
    2. Performance Review tab > Select your template
      • For the Summary section: General Settings > Select 
      • For the other sections: Edit Fields and Sections > Select the applicable section > Show advanced options... > Select 

Customize the Mouse Over/Hover Over Text for Rating Stars

  • This can be updated through Manage Languages. The key is PERFORMANCE_PM2_RATING_STAR_WIDGET_TITLE.

Help Text for Rating Scores

  • Clicking on the question mark within the rating section can generate details from the Rating Scale:
    • For Goal, Competency, and Overall Summary sections:
      • Select a rating scale from Action Search: Rating Scales. Add a label and description for each score to show in the Help Text.
    • For the Performance-Potential Summary section:
      • Select a rating scale from Matrix Grid Rating Scales which can only have a label (description is not available).
  • It's possible to include a link (i.e. a PDF document) in a Performance form section description to explain rating scale details

Star Ratings Showing as Dropdown List

  • Anything over 5 ratings will convert stars to a dropdown list.
  • This includes the Too new to rate rating, if enabled.
  • Use a 5-point scale to see the stars if you are including the Too new to rate option
  • If you have a Labels Only setup, the rating scale will only show as a dropdown list

System Logic to Determine Which Rating is the Overall Rating (Rating of Record)

  1. If the form has an obj-comp summary section with an OCOC score defined, this will be the Overall Rating
  2. If the form also has a summary section, the Overall Rating will come from that section in the following order:
    1. Calculated
    2. Adjusted calculated (if configured)
    3. Manual (trumps both ratings above)
  3. If the form has a Performance Potential Summary section, this will be the Overall Rating

Additional Notes


  1. override-unrated determines if the manual rating populates with the calculated rating when a manual rating is not provided. 
    1. This is only applicable if manual-rating is true.
    2. If manual-rating is false, override-unrated is ignored.
    3. If manual-rating is true and override-unrated is true, the overall rating will be the manual rating unless manual-rating is unrated.
      1. If manual-rating is unrated: When the form is routed to the next step, the manual-rating (Overall Rating) will change to the calculated rating. When the system populates the manual rating, it will round the calculated rating to the nearest manual rating value.
    4. If the form is on the current step, the manual rating will not be overridden.
    5. If you do not want the manual rating to be the rating of record used in reports, don't have a manual rating on your forms. If override-unrated = true, any manual rating left unrated would use the calculated rating.
  2. overall-rating-display-order="calc-manual" is not supported for any summary section
  3. If you receive Final score is not available in the overall score pod, this is because in-summ-display="false" in-overall-rating="false" is configured in the XML of the form.
  4. in-summ-display: If set to false, the ratings and weights for that section will not display in the summary section or the overall score callout.

Rating Scales:

  1. If you amend the Matrix Grid Rating Scale, this change is dynamic and will apply to any part of the system where Matrix Grid Rating Scales are pulled in, including live performance forms.
  2. Matrix Grid Rating Scales can only be displayed as a dropdown list.
  3. Once created, the title of a Matrix Grid Rating Scale cannot be changed.
  4. The Matrix Grid Rating Scale cannot be translated once created.

Common Questions:

  1. Is it possible to see or report on what the employee originally set as the Overall Rating?  No, there can only be one rating of record and the manager will "own" that rating regardless of what anyone else set earlier in the process. When the manager updates the rating, it overwrites and replaces the previous value.
  2. Can you configure Employee and Manager ratings side-by-side in the Summary Section?  Yes, you can add a custom section to the template that allows roles to set a rating and capture the employee's value separately. This value will never be the official overall rating and will not factor into that calculation or show in reports as the overall rating. But that rating would be reportable via ad hoc reports by including the custom section fields in the report definition.

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