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2078768 - Understanding How Scores use Rounding; Scale Adjustments; Normalizations; Decimal Places - Performance Management


  • A performance form can contain multiple elements related to ratings and how a rating should be calculated. No two clients are the same, and your templates have been setup specific to your exact needs for each part of the form, so it is not something that support will be able to comment on with any confidence without spending considerable time analyzing your configuration since your program is unique to you.
  • If your program is working as expected for most users, or you are new to supporting the program and are not familiar with how it was setup and why the system is coming to certain results, please be assured that the results you are seeing are reliable and accurate based on:
    1. built in system logic that cannot be changed, as well as your
    2. template config options and
    3. user data.
  • Of these 3 elements ONLY the user data input can be changed on live forms. Your config cannot be changed on live forms when it comes to ratings and calculations, so we can state in advance that support will not be able to change any existing live forms or results you are currently seeing.
  • Below we provide detailed explanations of the many variables that probably exist within your program's design to give you some insight into the complexity of the matter, and why support will not be able to quickly explain how a specific result is arrived at (until they have had time to review all your program elements).
  • To illustrate this we will use some examples that discuss the many elements which are commonly used by clients.

Problem 1: A person is given a Goal Rating of 3.35 (Satisfactory) on a performance form. But in the Performance History Portlet on the Scorecard we see a rating of “Effective” (4.0).

Problem 2: Competency List View Showing Unexpected Average Required Score.


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


Example on Ratings; Rounding; Scale Adjustments; Normalizations; Decimal Places; and Other Considerations

This example will also provide useful reminders if you are having trouble figuring out why a rating is not what it appears it should be. It steps you through the many factors that can possible apply to a reported rating vs. the rating seen on a performance form.


Areas of Consideration

When reviewing reported ratings it is typically best to assume the system is working correctly and the value in question is correct, and then try to understand why it is true, as opposed to assuming the reported value is incorrect.

It is not a good practice to try to compare your ratings in the form with calculations you are doing in an excel worksheet as it is unlikely excel will be performing calculations against the same rules as hard coded into your online program. If you need to change how your overall scores are being calculated, then that will require a change request, and possibly a paid professional services engagement if complex.

The Form

  • Are scale-adjusted-ratings used <scale-adjusted-calculation enable="true">?
    • When using an adjusted scale then values will be changed based on the values hardcoded into your template.
  • What are the section ratings and weightings <sect-weight> no-weight="true"?
    • There are many ways to configure how we treat ratings, unrated, and weightings that impact the calculation
  • What is set for the rounding of decimal places <num-decimal-places>?
    • When numbers are rounded this ultimately impacts the overall score
  • Are Obj/Comp Summary Sections involved <objcomp-summary-sect>?
    • Scores will be converted to a 1-3 scale to feed dashboards and reports
  • Normalization between disparate scales <scale-id>?
  • Dashboard/Reports
    • Processes & Forms
      • What form templates, goal plans, etc are within the process? Consider rating scales within all these.
      • The scale set for the process being used
      • TIP: If your issue is related to a specific form, then create a new process for testing purposes that only contains the one form you are trying to get a better understanding of, and set the process scale to the same scale set on form to reduce the risk of "normalization" and that you are confident no other form is unexpectedly skewing the results.

Rating Scales

Is Rating Scales > Distributions and List Views > set to Vales or Labels?

The Dashboard & Portlets

  • Understand the relationship between the rating seen on the portlet, and the source. From which part of the form or system feedback tables it is drawing its data from?
  • Does the Portlet have its own rating scale controls, and if so how will these impact ratings?
    • Rating (Unrounded)
    • Normalized Rating (Unrounded)
    • Normalized Rating (Rounded)
    • Normalized Rating (Rounded) - Labels only
    • Normalization between disparate scales

Scorecard (admin tools > Configure Scorecard > edit portlet)

  • Does the Scorecard Portlet have its own rating scale controls?
    • Rating (Unrounded)
    • Normalized Rating (Unrounded)
    • Normalized Rating (Rounded)
    • Normalized Rating (Rounded) - Labels only
  • Normalization between disparate scales

Report Filters

  • The date range set (might be pulling in the wrong set of forms).
  • The Process Set (considering all elements that make up this process as highlighted above).



  • If you would like to have your configuration changed to affect the outcomes displayed, then this is considered a change in design and will require a configuration change and relaunch of all forms which typically takes up to 4 weeks.
  • Opening a case with support and asking them to explain any particular rating or calculation typically can take up to 3 weeks, as this is a P4 request where support will basically need to reverse engineer your configuration (using clear examples provided by you) to determine how your specific calculations have been configured, remembering each client can have their own logic determined at the time of implementation by your company and your implementation partner.


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