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2078782 - Ratings - Set Main Rating Scale and Scale Per Sections - Performance Management


  • This explains how to set the main rating scale for your performance form as well as how to set different scales for different sections if you need to use more than 1 scale for the template.
  • How do we set or change the rating scale on our template?
  • Can we have different rating scales in different sections of a form?


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


How to Set Main Rating Scale

Go to Admin Center > Manage Template > [Select the PM template] > General Settings > Rating Scale. From here we can set the rating scale.

It is impossible to change rating scales on live forms. Any change to a rating scale must happen during testing and before you launch your forms to your end users. For many reasons to extensive to explain in an article, changing ratings in live forms is simply not supported via any channels.

For best practices on rating scales, please refer to other related articles located on the References tab.


Can We Have Different Scales in the Sections?

  1. In general we can associate only one rating scale via Admin Center > Performance Management > Manage Template > General Settings > Rating Scale. This supports the best practice that a form only us one scale for all elements being rated.
  2. If you would like to add 2 or more rating scale for different sections in the PM template, it is possible for PM v12A templates via Manage Templates > Edit Section and Fields > Select the section > Show advanced options. For older PM versions it is not possible via the Admin Tools and will require a configuration change in the form template's xml.
  3. Please note that as a best practice, we do not recommend different scales within a form. Some clients set one scale, say 1-3 for Goal sections, and another, say 1-5 for competencies. While it is possible for our product to support any combination it is nevertheless not a best practice and will often result in "normalized" overall ratings that many manager's find confusing or difficult to understand.
  4. For more information on Normalization and how multiple scales is going to impact this form and all your reports, please see: KBA 2089661 - Rating Scales - Normalized Ratings


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