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2080114 - HRIS Sync: How To Force a sync of a Single Employee’s EC data or HRIS Sync Real-time - Employee Central


If a single employee’s "Job Information" data (or any data element that is supported by HRIS Sync) is not synced (matching) to data in the Basic User Data file (UDF), how can I force an immediate sync via the User Interface.

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On occasion there may be a need to sync an individual employee’s data. This may be because the system did not sync previously an expected historical change. This appears to be a one off issue and you would not want to request that a full sync is run on the whole system or 3044382 - User Based HRIS Sync or 2080728 - Employee Central: What is HRIS Sync?


  • In Employment Information > Job Information you can see we have Location and Division values.


But in the Basic User Data file (UDF) taken from Admin Center > Employee Export, we have different values for these 2 Job Information fields. These should be in sync from EC to the UDF, but as we can see on this rare occasion it is not.

 4.png 1.png


To rectify such a situation we can make a dummy change for this "current" Job Information data to force a real time sync. The Notes field is a good field to dummy change within Job Information. You could choose another field if appropriate, but the "Notes" field is good as you can record why you are updating this record for Audit purposes.

Triggering the HRIS Sync Real-time

We can make the change to using Job Information using the "History" link (or in People Profile, the Clock icon) > Take Action / Make Correction (or in People Profile > select the record and click "Edit") on the Effective Dated record that is considered as the "current" record. Add text to the "notes" field such as "Manually Triggering Sync" (or whatever you like, even a dot will suffice). Then click "Save". This will trigger the Real-time sync as the Effective Date of the record is still treated as the "current" record.

 5.png 1.png

Having performed this save, a Real-time sync is triggered on the user’s Job Information data and now when we run the Employee Export we see the expected values for Location and Division values.


Note - On this occasion we refreshed Job Information and our Job Information fields were synched and only this (all other elements were not sync'ed). Not all the user’s EC data was synchronized. If the user has other EC information such as Personal Information that is out of sync, then a similar dummy update to the "current" record will be needed in the corresponding Personal Information portlet where the specific field(s) reside.

This type of "Real-time" sync can be triggered from Effective Dated and also Non-Effective Dated portlets

FAQ - Additional Information

Q) Where can I get information on this from the Guide?

A) Guide:Implementing Employee Central Core

Chapter: Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Synchronization

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