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2080149 - System Exception <ACCESS_VIOLATION> occurred after upgrade - Data Services


  • Job quits working after upgrade.
  • Job consistently fails on one dataflow.
  • There is LONG datatype in the job, forcing the target to Commit after each row.
  • System Exception <ACCESS_VIOLATION> occurred.
  • Warning: "(14.2) 10-14-14 09:47:01 (W) (10940:7236) RUN-051011: |Dataflow DataFlowName
                                                          Warning: Rows per commit for table loader has been reset to 1 because table <TABLENAME> contains a LONG or
                                                          BLOB column."
  • Error:  "(14.2) 10-14-14 09:47:20 (R) (8012:6296) SYS-170101: |Session JobName|Work flow WorkflowName|Data flow DataFlowName
                                                         System Exception <ACCESS_VIOLATION> occurred. Process dump is written to <F:\dump\BODI_MINI20141014094701_10940.DMP> and
                                                         Process dump is written to <F:\dump\BODI_MINI20141014094701_10940.DMP> and <F:\dump\BODI_FULL20141014094701_10940.DMP>
                                                         Call stack:
                                                         0x00000000730EE3D4, memcpy()+0516 byte(s)
                                                         0x00000000803A449B, OdbcDB::getnext()+1611 byte(s),
                                                         d:\im_ds_4.2_sp02_patch_rel\src\dataservices\dataintegrator\codeline\code\src\dbspec\odbcdb.cpp, line 5601+0105 byte(s)
                                                         0x0000000080D37C66, RdrDB::getnext()+1830 byte(s),
                                                         d:\im_ds_4.2_sp02_patch_rel\src\dataservices\dataintegrator\codeline\code\src\reader\rdrdb.cpp, line 2106+0102 byte(s)
                                                         0x0000000080D2E1AF, RdrDB::execute()+0223 byte(s),
                                                         d:\im_ds_4.2_sp02_patch_rel\src\dataservices\dataintegrator\codeline\code\src\reader\rdrdb.cpp, line 2340
                                                         0x00000000801B52E0, XTran_desc::execute()+0448 byte(s),
                                                         d:\im_ds_4.2_sp02_patch_rel\src\dataservices\dataintegrator\codeline\code\src\core\xtran.cpp, line 0799
                                                         0x0000000081024939, Rww_thread::main()+0249 byte(s),
                                                         d:\im_ds_4.2_sp02_patch_rel\src\dataservices\dataintegrator\codeline\code\src\rww\rww.cpp, line 0451
                                                         0x0000000000A1438E, RWThreadFunctionImp::run()+0126 byte(s)
                                                         0x00000000009FC184, RWRunnableImp::exec()+0372 byte(s)
                                                         0x0000000000A14643, RWThreadImp::exec()+0051 byte(s)
                                                         0x0000000000A15F59, RWThreadImp::_setTimeSliceQuantum()+0169 byte(s)
                                                         0x00000000730D37D7, endthreadex()+0071 byte(s)
                                                         0x00000000730D3894, endthreadex()+0260 byte(s)
                                                         0x00000000775659ED, BaseThreadInitThunk()+0013 byte(s)
                                                         0x000000007779BA01, RtlUserThreadStart()+0033 byte(s)
                                                         RAX=0000000000000000  RBX=000000000A5ADD70  RCX=000000000B2EDC70  RDX=00000000F4D12390  RSI=000000000A38B2E0
                                                         RDI=0000000000000000  RBP=0000000000000001  RSP=000000000B2ED9D8  RIP=00000000730EE3D4  FLG=0000000000010202
                                                         R8=0000000000000008   R9=0000000000000001  R10=0000000000000000  R11=000000000B2EDC70  R12=0000000000000000
                                                         R13=00000000068E54B8  R14=0000000000000000  R15=000000000A52F380
                                                         Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
                                                         Fault address:  00000000730EE3D4 01:000000000001D3D4
                                                         Collect the following and send to Customer Support:
                                                         1. Log files(error_*, monitor_*, trace_*) associated with this failed job.
                                                         2. Exported ATL file of this failed job.
                                                         3. DDL statements of tables referenced in this failed job.
                                                         4. Data to populate the tables referenced in the failed job. If not possible, get the last few rows (or sample of them) when
                                                         the job failed.
                                                         5. Core dump, if any, generated from this failed job.
    (14.2) 10-14-14 09:47:20 (E) (8012:6296) SYS-170101:|Session JobName|Work flow WorkflowName|Data flow DataFlowName
                                                         æ¡”â�¥ç¥³ç‘³æµ¥æ” æ�®ç•¯ç‘®ç‰¥æ‘¥æ„ â�®ç¡¥æ•£ç‘°æ½©â�®æ¹¡â�¤æ…£æ¹®ç‘¯ç€ æ½²æ•£ç�³ç� æ¥¨â�³æ�¡æ¥´æ¹¯â€®æ¡”ç�©æ´ ç�¥æ…³æ•§æŒ æ¹¯
                                                         慴湩â�³æ½³æ•­æ¤ ç‘®ç‰¥æ…®â�¬ç¥³ç‘³æµ¥æ� ç‘¥æ¥¡ç�¬çœ æ¥¨æ¡£æ  ç™¡â�¥æ•¢æ¹¥æ  æ‘©æ•¤â�®æ½¦â�²æ•³ç•£æ¥²ç¥´â€®æ™‰ç¤ ç•¯æ¸ æ•¥â�¤
                                                         潴猠敥ç� æ•¨æ˜ æ±µâ�¬æ½£ç‘®æ¹¥ç�´æ¼ â�¦æ¡´â�¥ç‰¯æ�©æ¹©æ±¡æ´ ç�¥æ…³æ•§â€¬ç�¡â�«æ½¹ç‰µæ„ æµ¤æ¹©ç�©ç‰´ç‘¡ç‰¯ç� â�¯ç�¡æ¥³æ¹§æ„
                                                         摤瑩潩慮â�¬ç‰°ç™©æ±©æ�¥ç�¥ç� â�¯æ½¹ç‰µæ„ æ�£ç•¯ç‘®.
    (14.2) 10-14-14 09:47:20 (E) (8012:6296) RUN-050316: |Session JobName|Work flow WorkflowName|Data flow DataFlowName
                                                         Error in Job
    (14.2) 10-14-14 09:47:20 (R) (8012:6296) RUN-050304: |Session JobName|Work flow WorkflowName|Data flow DataFlowName
                                                         Function call <raise_exception ( Error in Job ) > failed, due to error <50316>: <Error in Job>.
    (14.2) 10-14-14 09:47:20 (E) (8012:6296) RUN-050304: |Session JobName|Work flow WorkflowName|Data flow DataFlowName
                                                         Function call <*****> failed, due to error <*****>: <*****>. This message contains some internal system details which have been
                                                         hidden for security. If you need to see the full contents of the original message, ask your administrator to assign additional
                                                         privileges to your account.
    (14.2) 10-14-14 09:47:20 (E) (8012:6296) RUN-053008: |Session JobName|Work flow WorkflowName
                                                         INFO: The above error occurs in the context <|Session DT_Custom_ConsumerSites_A2B_Refresh|Work flow WF_Send_Email|1 If Step
                                                         body|raise_exception(...) Function Body|>.
    (14.2) 10-14-14 09:47:20 (E) (8012:6296) RUN-050316: |Session JobName|Work flow WorkflowName
                                                         Error in Job"



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