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2080163 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.7 SP111 -SAP ASE


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

49 CRs

CR NumberDescription
684459 On the AIX platform, improve the mapping of addresses to function names in SAP ASE stack traces. This will provide a superior mapping when the address is in a shared library.
738403 The show_cached_plan_in_xml() function reports incorrect timings on the AIX platform.
741910 Enable a login with mon_role to execute sp_monitorconfig on SAP ASE 15.7
745914 DBCC CHECKALLOC may report an incorrect number of unreserved log pages after ALTER DATABASE LOG OFF fails to remove a log fragment because some of the pages to remove are allocated.
746028 If a UDR roleid is greater than 1024 then a timeslice error may be reported in the SAP ASE errorlog.
747168 A 702 error, "Memory request for NN bytes exceeds the size of single page of 16384 bytes. ASE is terminating this process", may be reported when using queries with tables that have more than 4192 partitions.
747209 The builtin function MAX() may return an incorrect value when used with a compressed table.
747463 Alter table add/drop partition command gets 4956 error while level 0 scans are active. This new feature is enabled when the new configuration option 'enable utility lvl 0 scan wait' is set.
748031 Avoid a rare race condition in the SAP ASE buffer handling that may result in an 839 - "Grabbed buffer dirty but not writing: < buffer info > " error.
748258 A dynamic sql statement with a LIKE and ESCAPE or builtin with more than one declaration in a where clause could have a performance issue if the plan is removed from procedure cache.
749097 If update statistics is used on a table with a large number of partitions (e.g. 1000), then the performance declines significantly, and an inordinate number of log records are created.
749138 A 422 error, "Too many nested expressions or logical operators to compile. Try splitting query or limiting ANDs and ORs." may be reported during the execution of a SELECT query that uses an abstract plan and references a table with more than 2000 range partitions.
749274 When the monDeviceSpaceUsage table is queried concurrently from different processes, SAP ASE running with threaded mode might report a SIGSEGV (infected with 11) error that mentions the function mda__init_FSList() on the IBM AIX platform.
749479 A Parallel query that uses a shared worktable may result in a 940 error "Dbtable in wrong state for Operation" and the process being terminated.
750163 In ASE 15.7 SP110 and above, under certain circumstances on AIX only, SAP ASE may erroneously produce the message "Message empty." while attempting to clean up after a previous failure.
750807 Correct an 814 error situation (Keep count of buffer '0x%lx' in cache '%.*s' holding logical page '%u' in database '%.*s' has become negative).
752225 If there are more than 32 columns in the GROUP BY list, and more than 6 tables in the query then the query plan performance could be signficantly different than equivalent queries which have less than or equal to 32 columns in the GROUP BY list. The optcriteria cr752225 eliminates the discontinuity in query plan selection/performance when the threshold of 32 columns in the group by list is passed.
752391 In rare case, if DOL table has unique index, concurrent dmls may hit index corrupt(error 12313 "Insert into page id < page # > of index id < index # > of table ' < table name > ' (id = < id # > ) in database ' < db name > ' tried to replace undeleted RID ( < > , < > ) at slot < slot # > and ridposn < # > . Try dropping and recreating the index.")x.
752639 When the SAP ASE server is out of locks, a permission check can cause the error message "ulpspinlock: spinlock order violation" to be reported followed by a crash the SAP ASE server.
752871 A 644 error "Index row entry for data row id ( < page# > , < row# > ) is missing from index page < page# > of index id < value > of table ' < name > ' in database 'name'. Xactid is ( < page# > , < row# > ) ). Drop and re-create the index." may be reported when a clustered index on a Data Locked Only table permits duplicate keys and the index refers to pages with logical page numbers higher than the value of 2147483647.
754255 A 331 error, "Query is too complex and has exhausted the name space for Ordering IDs, please breakup query into simpler components.", may be reported during a complex query with multi-tables especially using aggregates and allrows_dss optgoal.
754792 SAP ASE may enter a CPU intensive loop after a SIGSEGV (infected with 11) at ktMuxThreadTick+0x24d with the following seen in the errorlog: "Returning from kmultimap_iterator_cleanup with lock held" and "Attempting to return from utpApplyAll while holding a multimap read lock (0x < address > ). The lock will be released"
756631 A 644 error, "Index row entry for data row id ( < pageid > , < rnum > ) is missing from index page < index_pagenum > of index id < indid > of table ' < tablename > ' in database ' < dbname > '. Xactid is ( < xactid > ). Drop and re-create the index." may sometimes be reported in heavily concurrent systems using DATAROWS LOCKED or DATAPAGES LOCKED tables.
757061 When shared memory size exceeds 1TB, sp_shmdumpconfig might report error 265, "Insufficient result space for explicit conversion of INT value '1382954' to a CHAR field.".
757164 A timeslice error followed by a stacktrace that includes the modules stphd_release_last_mvcc_histogram(), stphd_release_unreferenced_mvcc_histograms() and stu_nosort_range() may be reported in the error log in a heavily loaded system during the CREATE INDEX operation when using hashing.
757177 LIKE optimization does not happen for a ? + ? pattern that is used in a prepared statement.
757251 Add 'Proc Cache Header' diagnostic enhancements for the block pool to capture the time spent in bitmap scanning and collect memory allocation/free patterns. These diagnostics are disabled by default.
757398 In some rare scenarios, a utility command modifying a table and waiting for a level 0 scanner on the table to exit, might not respond to a client killing the session where a utility command is executed.
757459 A timeslice error, followed by a stacktrace that includes the module memshrink(), may be reported in the SAP ASE errorlog during a sort operation on a very large data set.
757649 A 4720 error, "Cannot truncate table < tablename > because there are one or more isolation level 0 scans, or REORG command, active on the table", may be reported during a TRUNCATE TABLE command while level 0 scans are active. This new feature is enabled when the new configuration option 'enable utility lvl 0 scan wait' is set.
757824 When running in SAP ASE process mode under heavy load in a multiengine environment, an engine may become CPU bound when handling network cancel requests arising from attentions received either from the client or from kill commands. In the event that the network listener was on the run queue of the engine which has become CPU bound as above, it may be impossible to establish new logins to the server.
757850 When running on a table with thousands of partitions, create local nonclustered index or placement index command may fail due to stack overflow with no error message printed.
758214 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11", followed by a stack trace that includes the module s_recompile() may be reported in the error log when a table schema change happens after processing the first row, and before finishing the second row of an dynamic batch INSERT.
758328 A poor index may be chosen for a join, if the selectivity of previous joins is estimated to be 0 rows (likely caused by a predicate selecting an 0.0 weight range cell in the histogram). The optcriteria avoid_zero_weight_histograms or trace flag 16991 will adjust selectivity estimates so that at least one row will be selected when joining histograms. Note that ase_current will not enable this functionality, and that "set avoid_zero_weight_histograms on", a user defined optgoal which includes avoid_zero_weight_histograms or trace flag 16991 is needed.
758938 When a process that is executing a DUMP DATABASE command is killed either using the KILL command or using CTRL-C or the SQL session goes away, the Backup Server will not release its associated resources until it finishes copying the whole database. One of the consequences is that the archive devices can remain locked for a long time because the sybmultbuf processes stay alive.
759142 When update statistics is performed on a character column with a non-binary character set, and in addition update statistics uses the consumers phrase, then there is the possibility of many small weight frequency cells following a zero weight range cell. This may cause poor query plan selection if a predicate selects a zero weight histogram cell. optcriteria cr759142 will avoid generation of small frequency cells following a zero weight range cell, when the consumers phrase is used in update statistics to generate stats on a mostly unique non-binary character set column.
759143 A poor query plan might be selected when parallel UPDATE STATISTICS (for instance using the consumers phrase) is used to gather statistics. After installing SAP ASE with the fix for this issue, update statistics will need to be run on affected tables.
759188 When a merge join is being used and if the inner table has in-row LOB columns with NULL values, an infected with 11 (SIGSEGV) stacktrace referencing the function sendtext() may be reported in the SAP ASE errorlog.
759245 If there are equality predicates or joins which are used for index keys, then occasionally an index which has few positioning keys specified than another index will be chosen. If 2 indexes have only equality predicates or equality joins used for keys, then a heuristic is added to choose the index with more limiting keys if those keys cover all the limiting and filtering keys of another index. The optcriteria EQUALS_SCAN_SUPERSET and trace flag 16989 will apply the heuristic to index scan which are not the inner of a nested loop join. The optcriteria EQUALS_NLJOIN_SCAN_SUPERSET and trace flag 16990 will apply the heuristics to all index scans. Note that the optcriteria are not turned on by any optgoal, and a SET command, user defined optgoal, or trace flag is needed to enable the heuristic
759377 In a very rare situation, SAP ASE may panic and shutdown if sp_sysmon is being run and a connection disconnects at the same time.
759728 In situations where a lot of create tables are run in parallel and the SAP ASE configuration has 'enable inline default sharing' set, CREATE TABLE commands may not perform well.
760187 The index id is incorrectly reported as 0 in the SAP ASE error message number 12301 - "Internal error: the index (id = < ID > ) and the data for row ( < page > , < row > ) in table ' < table > ', database < db > are inconsistent; data is marked deleted but index is not. Aborting the transaction."
760248 There may be situations where parallel create index with "utility statistics hashing" is turned on, but then a worker thread may hang due to incorrect error handling.
760274 In rare circumstances when running UPDATE INDEX STATISTICS, SAP ASE may report time slice error in the SAP ASE errorlog. The stack trace will be inside the function close_table().
760661 Optimize the procedure cache allocation. This vastly speeds up start-up for SAP ASE configured with a very large procedure cache.
760684 A 707 error "System error detected during attempt to free memory at address < addr > . Please consult the ASE error log for more details." may be raised by SAP ASE when multiple SAP ASE connections are executing parallel CREATE INDEX commands.
761036 Under rare conditions, when doing an isolation level 0 scan, error 12301 - "Internal error: the index (id = < num > ) and the data for row ( < page# > , < row# > ) in table ' < table name > ', database < dbnum > are inconsistent; data is marked deleted but index is not. Aborting the transaction." may be reported.
762174 An SAP ASE stack trace in function SearchEngine::_SeFindOptimal could occur after a lengthy optimization, most likely after an aggregate with a GROUP BY in which the GROUP BY columns originate from multiple tables.
762281 The version of OpenSSL used has been upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1g



  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 ; SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 Cluster Edition


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