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2080175 - How often does the Basic Organization Chart get updated? - Employee Central


  • This article explains how and when the Organization Chart gets updated when making changes to users in Employee Central. And also covers troubleshooting steps if the Org Chart is not updating correctly.
  • We changed manager for an employee in Employee Central via Insert New Record/Manage Self-Service/Editing the current Job Info record/or via import, and we can see the new manager reflected the mini Org Chart in the Public Profile, in Employee Central the Manager is reflected correctly, and in Ad Hoc reports and also in Employee Central. Why has the Org Chart page not updated yet?


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  • When you update an employee/manager relationship in Employee Central (including Matrix Manager Updates) the system needs to follow a process to publish these changes in the Org Chart page. So first the system will invoke the HRIS Sync feature to synchronize the change from Employee Central to Employee Profile. Once this job has completed, the Employee Hierarchy will then be refreshed by a second job (called LnR) which will refresh the employee relationship hierarchy for the Organization Chart page. This job is hard-coded to run every 60 minutes for all customers (and is not configurable on a per-customer basis). So, whenever you make changes to an employee’s data, please be sure to wait at least 60 minutes before checking the Org Chart. Please also note that the Mini-Org Chart on the Public Profile does not use the same hierarchy table as the Organization Chart page that is under Company Info.
  • If you still find (after an hour) that the Org Chart still does not reflect the correct employee hierarchy, there are a few things you can do to test prior to logging a case with Customer Success.


  1. Please verify that the Employee Central data change for the employee is not future dated (as this will become effective on the future dated effective date at which point it will sync to Employee Profile and the Org Chart).
  2. Export the Basic User Data file (Admin Tools > Employee Export) and ensure that new manager is set against the employees user account. If not, then there may likely be a HRIS Sync issue. Please see the following HRIS Sync articles to investigate this further -:​

    • 2080728 - Employee Central: What is HRIS Sync?
    • 2080730 - Employee Central: HRIS Sync - Troubleshooting Guide
    • 2315295 - Employee Central - HRIS Sync

  3. If you have confirmed that the EC and EP data is in sync, you can force the system to run the Organization Chart sync job by performing a Basic Employee Import via Admin Tools > Import Employee Data. First you will need to use Admin Tools > Employee Export to extract the Basic User Data file. Then make a minor change to an existing user (best to make an update to an Admin user, like changing the manager of the admin user, this can be reverted later). And then import the file back into the system via Admin Tools > Import Employee Data. Non-Employee Central customers will see this in Admin Tools as “Employee Import”. Execute the import and then wait at least 1 hour and then test the Org Chart again.
  4. If the Org Chart is still not accurate and in line with Employee Central, please open a case with Customer Success to investigate the issue further.


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