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2080232 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.7 SP100 - SAP ASE


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
73037 There is no convenient way to reclaim unneeded space from a database except to drop and recreate that database.
480652 The paths for the cluster devices are not checked to insure they are not reused in the same input session when creating new cluster.
484059 Cluster failed to start after creation if interfaces path contains "#".
484953 Sybcluster show instance status does not show correct status if shutdown instance outside sybcluster immediately.
493317 When quorum device cannot be accessed, running 'show cluster status' will report an inexplicit error "The cluster entry did not contain any servers"
500347 Temporary files are not cleaned up after cluster creation.
542339 The command, 'diagnose instance', does not report any message if the interfaces file is missing the domain suffix of the machine name.
565321 In parallel query mode, monProcessWorkerThread.ThreadsActive, monProcess.NumChildren, monSysWorkerThreads.PlansAltered and monProcessStatement.PlansAltered are always 0.
569808 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'adb__reserve_pg' together with a stack trace which includes the module 'adb_dirty' may be reported in the error log after the load of an archive database.
578515 sp_sysmon appl_and_login does not show the detail of activity by application name and login name.
584647 The values in "Default", "Config value", "Run Value" columns aren't right aligned when the sp_configure command is executed.
618451 The message "dbid < dbid > objid < objid > open failed" may be reported when running DBCC EXTENTZAP or EXTENTCHECK on a table that is missing entries in sysobjects.
636677 Improve efficiency of spinlocks on the AIX platforms.
639813 Execution of stored procedure 'sp_renamedb' from read-only database results in a 3906 error, "Attempt to BEGIN TRANSACTION in database failed because database is READ ONLY." Message should reflect that "You must be in master in order to run stored procedure for read-only database."
642038 On Platforms other than x86 Linux and Solaris Sparc, the rdesmgr_spin spinlock was hot in some scenarios.
646013 When creating local index on semantic partitioning table, mapping between index partitions and datapartitions is not guaranteed in the same order of semantic partitioning boundary.
649701 Previously diagnostic information was available for error 290024 - invalid column. Due to possible performance issues, we now print it only if traceflag 2779 is set.
652328 TEXT/IMAGE page chains are not deleted properly from sysattributes when REORG REBUILD is called on a table with TEXT and IMAGE data. This can result in reduction of unreserved/available space in the database.
665284 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11" followed by a stack trace that includes the module Partitions::initHintsForDegree() may be reported when a remote procedure is executed with the recompile option.
666239 The limit for cache partitioning has been extended from 128 to 256.
666556 Performance of sp_spaceused procedure is very slow when executed to get the space metrics for the entire database, especially so for databases with a very large number of objects and indexes. Improve the performance of this procedure by applying server-side changes along with a re-work of the procedure's logic. A new installmaster along with new ASE binary is needed to deliver this performance improvement. (The stored procedure changes alone are not sufficient).
667751 Support for UNIX Domain Sockets for ASE has been added for the Linux and Unix platforms. Adaptive Server Enterprise version 15.7 ESD#4 and later now support the UNIX domain socket communication, which avoids some of the overhead the TCP protocol incurs. Similar to other protocols, include the AF_UNIX protocol in the interfaces file for clients to connect to Adaptive Server. The syntax for an AF_UNIX in the interfaces file is: master afunix unused // < hostname > / < pipe >
668638 The sp_opt_querystats stored procedure reports error number 17077 indicating that the optimizer diagnostic results were incomplete and does not generate any output.
668790 An audit process exception error message may occur that reports the incorrect numbers. The full error number is reported as the major number, the severity is reported as the minor number, the state is reported as the severity.
670273 In some circumstances, the Operations value in the monOpenObjectActivity MDA table does not reflect the actual number of table accesses.
670275 ASE may allow four reader tasks to skip over a queued update task in lock sleep if the readers are trying to obtain a shared intent lock.
672255 In some circumstance, the CPU usage of ASE might increase to near 100% after turning on the “plan text pipe active” option.
672606 In some cases the output from the sp_opt_querystats stored procedure would be formatted incorrectly due to lines being broken in the middle of words or due to missing letters or characters.
674632 Enhance index scan perforamce on little- endian platforms if the index includes large mount of duplicated keys.
675791 Enhance sp_rename stored procedure to rename data and index partitions.
676122 ASE does not respond and appears to hang when invalid packets are sent to it.
676991 High CPU usage may be seen along with with high rprocmgr_spin contention.
677826 When 'enable literal autoparam' is on, executing a dynamic SQL query with numerical literal with precision over NUME_USERPREC(38) could cause errors 2756 and 706.
682354 Allows stored procedures which reference temp tables created outside the procedure to not require recompilation for every execution. This was previously supported by trace flag 299.
682738 CIS creates the first text page in an INSERT-SELECT query even though the source data is null. To activate the fix, trace flag 11241 needs to be turned on.
683762 On Windows platforms, preupgrade eligibility test fails when using sysconfig.exe to upgrade ASE.
683882 Excessive I/O to quorum devices is observed when SCC is up and cluster is down.
685171 When the set option "timestamp_insert" is enabled, an invalid value may result when inserting a "NULL" value into a timestamp column.
685874 A 3250 error, "The devices < value > and < value > specified in the command should be differnt" may be reported if the devices name length is more than 127 bytes when running a DUMP DATABASE command.
688352 Using Replication Agent with the 'meta data reduction' option enabled can result in a large number of 'remove table' commands being send towards Replication Server.
688481 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module sdes_num_in_chain() together with a stack trace which includes the modules kill_proc() and LeExecSqlFunc() may be reported in the error log if a long running user-defined SQL function session gets killed. ASE may need to be rebooted following this error.
688495 If a new instance is dynamically added to the cluster in SDC mode, it may not be able to join the cluster when no other activity is taking place in the cluster.
689230 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module "uwdisconnect" may be reported in the error log when a DBCC CHECKSTORAGE was aborted by CTRL+C or client application was killed.
689990 Using "SET STATISTICS" type tracing without appropriate user permissions can result in a stacktrace in OptGlobal::_GblSearchEngine(int*) being reported in the ASE errorlog.
690437 Expression subquery was always evaluated as part of the aggregate input expression even when the subquery is under CASE expression and the actual execution of the CASE doesn't need the result of the subquery. This could lead to unexpected exception during the unnecessary execution of the subquery.
690533 A wrong result could happen for an equi- join between two columns with different datatypes (such as INT2 = INT4) and there are two or more OR predicates (including IN list predicates) on one of the joining columns.
692509 sp_sysmon 'cache wizard' got Msg 3606 "Arithmetic overflow occurred"
692870 Enable pinning of dynamic SQL query plans via the configuration option 'dynamic SQL plan pinning'. This is a productization of trace flag 480.
692873 ASE client connection (sometimes a replication agent connection) hangs in a call to ct_cancel with the message, "kernel usrcancel: request structure in use", reported in the errorlog.
693355 When the ASE ESD number is not an integer (e.g. 1.1, 4.1 or 5.1 etc), then anything using the sp_versioncrack stored procedure (e.g. sp_spaceusage) may encounter a 249 error (conversion error).
693775 Job Scheduler is enhanced to execute job from startdate:starttime to enddate:endtime under new schedule property 'continuous_run'.
694912 Exception is raised from localize command in sybcluster if ASE-15_0/locales contains unnecessary files/dirs.
695557 Allow a nondefault sql.ini location to be specified in dbisql
696676 When a query with IN list chooses a special OR strategy, the query plan still shows a RESTRICT operator which is superfluous and can be quite expensive up to 35%
697125 When using sp_downgrade to downgrade from 15.7 ESD#2 or later version of SDC server to 15.x SDC server, prepare will fail and raise message "One or more databases still permit wide DOL rows." on local system and global temporary databases.
698089 A 3475 error: "There is no space available in SYSLOGS to log a record for which space has been reserved in database '%.*s' (id %d)" may be reported under some circumstances when Adaptive Server has been booted with trace flag 3608, shutdown after some operations and then restarted in normal mode.
698657 The error 'Invalid RPC sequence at RPC as_cmd' may be reported by the Backup Server when a dump is attempted using a remote backup server and the local interfaces name is different from the remote backup server start-up name.
700034 A parameterized varchar column in the SELECT lists combined by a UNION (ALL) clause in the derived table may return unexpected trailing spaces if statement cache is enabled.
700227 Reduce additional logging done on page compressed DMLs for replication support, trigger support, and online utilities support.
701299 Implement variable network packet size for better performance.
701705 New monitors have been added to collect each engine resource's Engine Local Caches (ELC) performance.
702339 After upgrading to release 15.7 ldap logins fail. Initial attempt fell back to ase login. Next attempt received 'Server is unwilling to perform'.
703123 Predicates that contain more than 128 or- terms in a disjunct may not be optimized using a general-or strategy. In cases where such a general-or strategy provides the only efficient search strategy, query performance could be poor.
704679 DISK REFIT fails to restore 'durability' and 'crdate' column information in sysdatabases system table.
704744 Log an informational message in the error log when memory allocation with Linux 'hugepages' succeeds. Add a configuration option 'enable HugePages' to control allocation as follows, with HugePages if available else regular pages, only with HugePages and fail if not available, only with Regular Pages.
704899 Add new configuration option 'enable HugePages' for Linux to control whether to boot ASE with HugePages and 'enable ISM' for Solaris to control whether to boot ASE with ISM
705093 Extensions to the Remote Backup Server name feature allowing to be specified as 'hostname:portnumber'.
706543 sybmigrate and DDLGen fail when there is "&" in the object name
706581 The message, "current process infected with signal 11", together with a stack trace involving the function prot_view_decdef_cols() may be reported with a complex query when access is made through a VIEW and the accessed columns are encrypted with decrypt_default.
706777 The message text for error 9262 has been changed to report the database name and ID values such as "A Rep Agent Thread for database ' < dbname > ' (dbid= < value > ) is already running".
707065 In rare situations, a 1514 error might occur while creating the index with a reserved page gap.
707411 In rare cases with tables having non- unique indexes with huge duplicates, the index might end up having lot of near empty pages.
707783 When using traceflag 7738 to enable statement cache user id sharing, sometimes an error 622 (Opentable was passed a varno of ...) may be raised if compatibility mode is also enabled.
708058 Extend sp_helpconfig to support a new "estimate" clause to estimate the size of 'compression info pool size' config option based on other config parameters, or user-overrides.
708071 In ASE Cluster Edition during instance failover recovery, the checkpoint process may be blocked by the threshold manager process that is doing free space accounting recovery for a large database that has the "trunc log on chkpt" database option turned on.
708240 For RTC (run to completion) threads such as syb_system_pool & syb_blocking_pool, values from monThread for BusyTicks shows it is alway busy. It is corrected to reflect work done.
708273 For an update query with instead of trigger, if it updates numeric column, it could return wrong result if literal autoparam configuration parameter is turned on.
708356 Invoking the reog rebuild command on a table with a bracketed identifiers will generate a warning claimin an Abstract Plan (AP) syntax error.
708798 In specific circumstances involving execution of a stored procedure under execute immediate in combination with additional statements it is possible for the following error.. CT-LIBRARY error: ct_send(): network packet layer: internal Client Library error: State error: trying to write when connection is expecting a read be observed when using isql or any other ct-lib client and the subsequent statement (after the execute immediate) to not be executed. The issue only arises under very specific circumstances when certain statements that are deferred for compilation at runtime have to be compiled when under an execute immediate.
708821 Checktable and Checkdb report an error that "An invalid 'data row id' value was found in first text page of a text/image/unitext column." for replicated DOL tables that have text columns with values on forwarded rows.
708876 When the user specifies for dump configurations a default directory for the dump stripes with SP_CONFIG_DUMP, the full path needs be saved in the dump history file for use when generating the list of commands that are needed to create a target database with the same layout as the source database.
708900 In rare circumstances, when a query involves join with many remote tables, a message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'sdes_hookup' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'omni_remote_name' may be reported in the error log. The problem occurs when 'showplan' is on or 'plan text pipe active' is configured to 1.
709060 When creating a cluster or adding an instance, sybcluster cannot detect invalid device name immediately after it is entered.
709184 Improve UTF-8 sort order 25 performance for well-formed UTF-8, under sp_configure parameter "enable permissive unicode".
709255 In some rare case, it could stacktrace when we print query execution info or final plan in XML.
709453 If an application passes an invalid TEXTPTR to different LOB-related T-SQL commands (e.g READTEXT, WRITETEXT, TEXTVALID, etc) for an IN-ROW LOB, sometimes the command may report fatal 605 or 625 errors.
709474 A new SpinlockSlotID column has been added to the monSpinlockActivity MDA table. This column provides a unique identifier for each spinlock in the current ASE server. This ID is not persistent across servers or restarts of the server.
709510 Enabling I/O fencing may result in "reservation conflict" messages in the system log.
709572 A 301402 error, "Backup Server: Logical page < page_number > is not in the given database map.", may be reported by the Backup Server during the execution of LOAD WITH VERIFYONLY on a database whose size is bigger than 2147483647 pages in an ASE installation that uses page size greater than 2K page.
709651 A number of different errors and stack traces might be seen in the error log in an ASE CE system after executing ONLINE DATABASE on one instance, having loaded one or more dump that were taken on an earlier version of Adaptive Server compared to that into which they are loaded, on another instance.
709721 When an in-row LOB column which has both data compression and LOB compression properties defined has its schema changed by setting the LOB compression property to not compressed, ASE following a SELECT query execution may return incorrect results for this column for data that was inserted into this column before the column schema change occured.
709805 In some case, downgrade could cause memory corruption issues and stacktrace.
709963 If a union view creator does not specify the owner of base views, it could get error msg 225 if the same base view name is created by an sa and the union view creator.
710240 Sybmon would report a signal 11 error when the quite command is executed on 32bit or 64bit windows platform.
710300 Deploy plugin raises an error but reports that it succeed
710430 A histogram with a range cell at the very end of the histogram may have the weight of the lower bound of the cell incorrectly added to the last cell. Range cells by convention are exclusive of the lower bound of the cell. This may result in mis-estimates and poor query plans when predicates in queries reference the lower bound value. This is especially true if the lower bound has a high row count associated with it.
710495 On Linux platforms, monThreads.OSThreadID is sometimes reported as a negative number that does not match the OS reported thread ID.
710496 When Replication Agent is enabled to use the multipath distribution per connection model, and if the option "ddl path for unbound objects" is set to "default", it is possible that DDL commands are replicated to the incorrect path.
710536 Data may be corrupted during page compression if there is a compressed in-row LOB column in the table.
710589 Column statistics histogram may be skewed in the last histogram step if the total sampling row count is greater than 2,147,483,647 when updating statistics.
710594 DBT_SPIN is hot when there are lot of queries or stored procedures that work across multiple databases.
710693 For the jobs having repeat interval of one minute, if job creation time is less than starttime of job, second execution of the job is missed. In addition, for the jobs having repeat interval of one minute, if starttime is greater than or equal to endtime, alternate executions of the job are missed after midnight till endtime. Finally, for the jobs having the same startime and endtime with any repeat interval, the job starts executing before starttime if startdate is same as job creation date.
710754 When sort_resources is on, negative row count maybe be reported when executing CREATE INDEX, UPDATE INDEX STATISTICS or UPDATE ALL STATISTICS on table with more than 2147483647 rows.
710843 While running a batch of ADD or DROP constraints out of which a few fail due to valid reasons, the subsequent ADD/DROP constraints may fail with the error 4956.
710847 The error messge, "Page Verification Error: Virtual page < page_num > in device < dev_num > is out of database range." may be reported in the Backup Server error log as a result of a LOAD DATABASE command.
711008 ASE becomes unresponsive, ASE's network controller thread loops consuming 100% of one cpu
711106 OPTDIAG and sp_showoptstats has been enhanced to support Precomputed Resultsets.
711168 In rare circumstances, when the ASE configuration parameter "disable varbinary truncation" is set to 1, a delete from a DOL table which has a unique index which has varbinary columns may hit a 644 error, "Index row entry for data row id (Pageid, Rowid) is missing from index page < page id > of index id < index id > of table < table name > in database < db name > . Xactid is ( < Transaction Id > ). Drop and re-create the index."
711170 When enabling the RepAgent configuration parameter 'activate monitoring', after stopping and restarting the RepAgent, the setting automatically reverts back to 'disabled' mistakenly.
711220 DBISQL stacktrace when loading an xml plan generated by sp_showoptstats
711245 The stored procedure sp_replication_path 'list' output is enhanced to include information about the default path for a more complete picture of the replication topology.
711299 ASE running in threaded kernel mode allows user to decrease the value of 'max online engine' less than the total number of engine threads leading to a boot failure while rebooting the server. A message saying "The total number of mux threads X is exceeding cmaxonline Y." may be reported.
711328 Using sybcluster to add an instance in interactive mode failed.
711332 ASE may not be able to start a large number of engines with the ASE kernel configured for Process mode as a Spinlock allocation error can be encountered.
711412 When the user is running a batch query with a temp table creation outside a stored procedure, and execute the stored procedure referencing this temp table, the procedure will be renormalized each time. When there're many processes calling this batch query at the same time, random signal 11 stack traces will be observed.
711453 Permissions through roles granted to non- default login profiles can be lost or reduced if there exists a default login profile that has not been granted all the roles that the non-default login profile has and a permission changing event (such as a grant or revoke) occurs in the server.
711494 Server hang when executing ALTER TABLE spt_TableTransfer SET TRANSFER TABLE OFF.
711654 The ASE errorlog may contain many instances of the kernel message "Expected object passed to blkioDescriptor is not of type BLKIO,..."
711713 In rare circumstance, when replicating an off-row compressed LOB column, the replicate ASE may raise the 7153 error, "Premature end-of-message received while reading text data from network. Host program may have stopped responding or may be sending text data containing a partial character at the end." and Replication Server will abort the connection.
711819 Replicating a SELECT-INTO statement fails when the source table contains quoted column names.
711928 sp_sysmon would report a 265 error, "Insufficient result space for explicit conversion of SMALLINT value '100' to a VARCHAR field" if ASE is configured with more than 100 engines.
711953 When attempting to execute a stored procedure in a database that the user is not a user in two error messages will be displayed stating that the user is not a user in the database.
711978 A segmentation violation can occur when configuration parameter "suspend audit when device full" is set to 0 after the audit segment becomes full.
712125 If there are more than 32 columns used in an UPDATE STATISTICS command, either explicitly or implicitly through the auto_temptable_stats feature, then there is a possibility of a stacktrace.
712258 TOP N syntax is not shipped to the IQ server.
712461 If multi-column syntax is used with update statistics tabname (colname1, colname2,...) using out_of_range {on | off | default }, then the assignment of out_of_range behavior may not be associated with the correct columns.
712480 The LAVA based index creation is enhanced to support the case where the index leading columns are duplicated.
712531 In rare circumstances the query on FDP table might get some uninitialized data after the FDP table is re-sized.
712541 sp_displayrole does not report expired password. User get error 11176.
712554 The message "infected with 11" together with modules like "tdsrecv__dynexec" and "sequencer" if using jconn3.jar with text/image datatypes and an ASE157 releases. Often, message 3805 will be reported too.
712636 Too many steps may be created for a histogram when parallelism is used during create index or update statistics.
712783 When multiple queries are executed on one of the MDA FDP Tables with Adaptive Server Enterprise Cluster Edition the same row may appear in the results of multiple queries. This is not expected since the FDP tables should not present the same row in multiple queries.
712808 In some cases, DBCC CHECKTABLE may report error message 7948 after a clustered index is created on a compressed APL table which contains only 1 row.
712855 Invoking the soundex() or difference() built-ins on unichar/univarchar strings larger than 127 characters (254 bytes) may cause the process to be terminated.
712897 sp_bindcache information is missing from DDLGen output.
712903 Idle connections may fail to migrate during instance shutdown.
712940 Complex queries (often with a large number of group-by columns and a large number of joins where generally each grouping column belongs to a different "joined" table) may SEGV after generating a 331 error terminating the session. The 331 error is raised because the query has exhausted the sort id namespace.
712949 When dbcc page() for text page with print option 3 or 4, the output may be out of the range of the page size or hit infinite loop, also, if dbcc page() for text page with print option 1, 3 or 4, it may report a corrupt row message.
712957 sybcluster will fail to connect to the cluster if duplicated agents are specified.
712970 Enhancement is made to sp_placeobject system procedure to support partitions.
712996 sp_showoptstats output has been changed for the < statsOutRan > tag to have a value of "on" if the "using out_of_range on" phrase was used in update statistics, and "off" if the "using out_of_range off" phrase was used, and will not be printed if "default" is in effect. Previously "true" was printed when "on" or "off" was used.
713074 Monitor server has been retired since 15.7 GA but sybcluster still contained the operations for configuring monitor server. These operation options have now been removed.
713189 If the Cluster Editions is configured with both backup or xp servers, then adding an instance with an xml input file may fail.
713291 In rare circumstance, error 1204, "ASE has run out of LOCKS. Re-run your command when there are fewer active users, or contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role to reconfigure ASE with more LOCKS.", and error 5619, "Adaptive Server internal error. Could not obtain count of in-doubt transactions for space reservation.", may be reoported when running BCP IN/INSERT/UPDATE on table with TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT columns marked replicated.
713411 When replicating the value from an LOB column which have both in-row and LOB compression property, if the defined in-row length of LOB column at replicate side is so long that is close to @@maxpagesize, replicate ASE may raise error 7153 'Premature end-of-message received while reading text data from network. Host program may have stopped responding or may be sending text data containing a partial character at the end.' and Rep Server abort the connection.
713464 Error 1503 may occur when index is created with LAVA based index creation if the number of distict index value is not greater than CONSUMERS number.
713481 Negative row count may be shown in the output of DBCC CHECKTABLE and CHECKINDEX commands if there are more than 2,147,483,647 rows in the table.
713540 When the user specifies for dump configurations a default directory for the dump stripes with SP_CONFIG_DUMP, the full path needs be saved in the dump history file for use when generating the list of load database and load transaction commands that are needed to repopulate the database to a specified point in time.
713547 A wrong number of rows may be updated with INSTEAD OF TRIGGER when the base table of the view has predicates defined on it.
713572 A 12319 error followed by a stack trace that includes the modules LeMergeStmtOp::_LeOpClose() and dol_def_update() may be reported when a MERGE statement is using cloned plans.
713631 Error 832 may be reported when creating an index whose depth is greater than 6 if 'number of sort buffers' is configured as smaller value.
713707 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11", together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'bi__xml_query' and 'bi_xmlextract' may be reported in the error log when an external KILL signal is issued to a regular XML query session.
713728 After upgrade from 12.5 to 15.7 ESD#1 or later version, if the 15.7 server is SMP server, "allow wide DOL rows" option is missing on tempdb; if is SDC server, this option is missing on the local temporary databases.
713800 With plan sharing enabled, and under heavy workloads consisting of concurrent queries that qualify for query plan sharing, some shared plans may be prematurely terminated.
713840 'dbcc markproc' was failing with error 12309 : Expanding update on object was failing on page due to insufficient free bytes.
713848 On the Solaris platform, when ASE is running on a cluster in threaded kernel mode, if the XP server of an instance is shutdown from an isql session on another instance, the isql session will hang.
713855 When migrating from Adaptive Server versions 12.5.4 or 15.0 to version 15.7 ESD #2 using sybmigrate, the execption, "Failed to add the role 'sa_serverprivs_role' into the current database catalogs", may be raised.
713881 A 9830 error may be reported when inserting a row into a table with compressed data.
713945 In some circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'LeScanOp::_LeOpRelease' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'LeUnionOp::_LeOpRelease' and 'LeEmittOp::_LeOpRelease' may be reported in the error log after an error message 716 if the query involves a UNION ALL clause.
713950 A stacktrace may occur when using UPDATE STATISTICS with HASHING on character string datatypes which have a non-binary sort order, and there are more than 65535 unique values.
714034 DBCC CHECKTABLE or CHECKINDEX may report error 803 if the index is very deep.
714061 Forwarded row count in the SYSTABSTATS for a table that underwent 'REORG REBUILD < tabname > WITH ONLINE' may be incorrect.
714086 In some cases, if a union query involves concate varchar type of variable, it could return wrong result due to unexpected truncation.
714131 In some customer scenarios with stored procedures or sql accessing multiple databases, rdbtmgr_spin would show high contention.
714153 Parallel index creation may fail because of error 832 if 'number of sort buffers' is configured as very small and the index depth is very large.
714217 Supplying an overflow or underflow search constant to a query on a proxy table may return incorrect result.
714306 When 'literal autoparam' is enabled, it could raise an error if a query has a literal in order by clause such as ' ', 'a' and the query was cached in statement cache and it needs to be recompiled.
714330 Add functionality to the LOAD ... WITH LISTONLY=CREATE_SQL command to include the various database options (applied with sp_dboption) and attributes (applied with CREATE and ALTER DATABASE) of the source database, in the generated SQL.
714355 It is difficult to understand just what 'dbcc markprocs' in sp_downgrade is doing, so replace the statement in sp_downgrade with a more understandable SQL update.
714478 In some rare case, if a plan has a Hash operator in it, it could cause stacktrace in LeHashInputSet::releaseExtents(), LeHashOP::LeOpSaveIOStates() when a stored procedure or a cached statement is executed multiple times and its plan has LeHash operator.
714612 A 2846 error, "SQL function 'dbo.sp_ < function name > ' not found. Specify owner.objectname or use sp_help to ..." may be incorrectly reported when a SQL user defined function created in sybsystemprocs database with a name prefixed by "sp_" is invoked from a database while a open transaction in the same database is creating a stored procedure, view, trigger, rule or default.
714638 monEngine connections column is wrong for kernel mode threaded.
714670 sp_downgrade_esd does not report tables which are configured for in-row LOB compression.
714773 In a multi-engine ASE running on the Unix platform, the tracefile for the spid (created using 'set tracefile < path > for < spid > ') is truncated in pre 15.7, while the tracefile is not populated post 15.7 in process kernel mode, when the spid being traced is affiniated to an engine other than the one which created the tracefile initially (This can happen if the engine that created the tracefile is offline).
714798 On AIX platform, ASE Cluster Edition may fail to start if logical volumes are used and I/O fencing is enabled.
714806 When ASE is shut down using the 'nowait' option and while data is loaded using fast bulk-copy into a table that is created with the 'fot load' attribute, on ASE restart some data my be lost.
715086 When shutdown cluster is issued from one instance, busy user tasks running on other instances may be immediately terminated.
715094 A 716 error, "Unable to allocate memory of size %d bytes from the '%S_MSG' pool" may be reported when querying a partitioned view including compressed tables many times.
715183 The replication of a stored procedure for which a 'request function replication definition' has been created fails with Replication Server error 5157 indicating that the transaction owner's password is missing.
715228 Wrong result could happen when referencing a non-correlated scalar aggregate view at the inner side of an OUTER JOIN.
715234 On AIX, the monThread MDA table incorrectly indicates that the Listener thread is consuming 100% CPU.
715240 ASE Cluster Edition allows user to create thread pool when "max online engines" is not sufficient.
715670 has view name instead of table name for LOB column.
715785 Signal 11 in set_password or sync_password
715835 Modify auditinit utility to create log file with 600 permission, instead of user's umask.
715967 auditinit utility requires user to enter non-null sa password for existing ASE.
716166 A 12324 error, "In database 'dbname' the server failed to open required table 'syspartitions'. Please contact Sybase Technical Support." may be reported during the execution of either LOAD DATABASE or USE < database > commands when ASE is requested to calculate threshold information by performing OAM scans.
716262 On HPIA64 platforms, ASE may report error 16747, "The 'enable hp posix async i/o' configuration option is only available on the HPUX platform. This option is not valid on the current platform." if 'number of disk tasks' is set as larger than 1 when 'enable hp posix async i/o' is enabled.
716284 asecfg core dumps when started on Solaris x64.
716349 In some cases, ONLINE DATABASE or DBCC CHECKDB executed on a database with large number of compressed objects might fail with error 716 (Unable to allocate memory from the compression info memory pool), when the 'compression info pool size' configuration option is set too low (e.g. the default value of 4096).
716457 The ASE Backup Server process has a memory leak when dumping and loading databases, which causes it to grow until it exceeds the memory limit.
716567 A query having MDA table monProcessObject caused signal 11 in routine mda__process_sdes() with an invalid SDES in a cursor. This CR seems a concurrency issue since another session was doing 'OPEN CURSOR' and the related internal cursor structures might be changing. May need to add more validation code in the related routine. A possible workaround is not to query monProcessObject.
716618 When use TF7751 and TF7752, sometimes it could cause stacktrace during plan printing.
716645 During an UPDATE command on a table that has in-row LOB columns defined, ASE may move some of these columns from in-row to off-row or vice-versa if the size of a datarow exceeds configured limits. When such a table has a datarow with an off-row LOB column that is not explicitly updated, ASE may not log this column data correctly. This will result in replication failing if this column is marked as always_replicate.
716679 When network password encryption is used and sp_passwordpolicy option 'unique keypair per session' is set to 0, client connections will fail with error message: Sybase CSI Error Message: Error generating asymmetric key. Root error: error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line CT-LIBRARY error: ct_connect(): protocol specific layer: internal Client Library error: There is a tds login error. The installed encryption handler returned a status that was not CS_SUCCEED.
716720 Remove error # 12061 when a query is executed on an MDA Table that contains localized message text when the client is configured to use a language into which the MDA Table messages have not been translated. Specifically, if the client language is set to 'german' error 12061 will no longer occur when a query is executed on the monWaitEventInfo table.
716798 select involving aggregates and having predicated privileges defined at column level on the table could result in wrong results.
716870 Adaptive Server may not kill a task that is marked for termination, which is reporting shortage of buffers in buffer pool like "cache is configured too small for current demands".
716960 ASE fails to boot on Windows Server 2012 with a stacktrace containing kiprint_os_version() on the stack.
716981 When the configuration option 'number of network tasks' is set to greater than 1, ASE running on HP-UX may hit infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV) in module kstcpnetctlrCancelRequests.
717026 Improve spinlock efficiency on Solaris SPARC platform.
717050 A 3502 error, "DUMP TRANSACTION requires a dump configuration name because the configuration option 'enforce dump configuration' is enabled." may be reported during the installation of an ASE ESD release on top of 15.7 ESD #1 version while 'instmsgs.ebf' is installed and ASE uses a dump configuration. Alternatively when ASE uses a dump configuration the execution of "DUMP TRANSACTION < database > WITH NO_LOG" will fail.
717079 The ASE COTS JavaVM version is updated to version JRE 6 update 33 for each supported platform in the sybpcidb database.
717212 An infected with 11 (SIGSEGV) stacktrace in statinit soblddolpages occurs when trying to ALTER TABLE to add a column to a table with indexes.
717224 Execution of sp_sysmon by a user other then "sa" can result in error 4066 when "sa" login is locked.
717232 When using update statistics with hashing there may be a stacktrace when the number of unique values in the column is greater than 65535.
717481 If with hashing is used, and the column has more then 65535 unique values then there is a possibility that the sarg density and unique count for the column are under-estimated.
717491 Importing data in DBISQL by selecting Data - > Import from a database menu option, fails with password length issue JZ002
717496 ASE returns error message (Msg 16341, Level 19, State 1) when split a range partitioned table when partititoning filed is a VARCHAR, DATETIME fields.
717574 Event ID 178's description is updated, it is wait time for client connections.
717610 when using hash-based statistic gathering, the default column width should be used for fixed length columns instead of being computed.
717627 sp_showoptstats would always display 4.00 as the default average width for any fixed length column
717662 When using fast logged bcp to insert data into a table that is marked for replication and has TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT columns, some TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT data may not be successfully replicated.
717740 Bcp-in was failing for a table with columns more than 128 column and having one of them as text column.
717828 A 9254 error, "Could not locate schema version for object id '0' in the transaction log." followed by a 9204 error, "Could not locate schema for object with id = (0), current marker (0, 0)." may be reported in the error log when inserting or updating an in-row LOB datum and the ‘multipath distribution model’ is enabled. This will result in the Rep Agent Thread shutting down itself.
717879 When a set role command is executed within a procedure or SQLUDF, it takes effect during the context of the procedure or UDF only.
717910 When the built-in function GETREPDEFMODE() is called in a query involving a table, an error 622 may be reported together with a stack trace in the error log which includes the modules 'get_repdef_mode', 'open_user_table' and 'sdes_hookup'.
718133 If more than one process tries to materialize a deferred table, they all will be stuck in a deadlock and only one process would succeed causing all others to rollback.
718191 Error 2812 or 11214 is raised when accessing an MDA table specifically mapped as a proxy table.
718206 If the master database has a secondary truncation point set during an upgrade from 15.0.1 to 15.7, an error 950(Database 'master' is currently offline. Please wait and try your command again later) will be raised during the upgrade.
718261 Running sp_monitor will lead to an error 2812 raised via sp_monitor_server.
718284 An 823 error, "I/O error detected during wait for BUF= < value > ... cid=0 ('default data cache') ... " may be reported when an ASE 12.5.4 database dump is loaded into an in-memory database and while ONLINE DATABASE is run. This will result in a database upgrade failure.
718440 When executing sp_dboption without any parameters to list database options, the output is hard to read due to a lot of empty spaces.
718466 A 1508 error, "Create index aborted on duplicate rows. Primary key is 'spinlock_p, -32768'" may be reported when running sp_sysmon and sp_sysmon runs very slowly.
718587 A task deleting rows from a DOL table in an in-memory database might wait indefinitely for an EX_LATCH by holding the SH_LATCH on the data page.
718628 Signal 8 can occur when the "update statistics hashing" configuration parameter is used
718637 Parallel queries with the following query plan scenario MIGHT fail with a "Command has been aborted" message and no other warnings/errors reported in the error log: (1) There is a merge-join op where one of its child trees contains a replication exchange operator. (2) There is no "draining" operator (e.g. sort operator) between the merge-join and the exchange operator. (3) The merge-join's other child drains its input stream before the child with the replication exchange does.
718658 A signal 11 (SIGSEGV) error occured in kmuxtskGetThreadpool() while running sp_sysmon. This is a timing-related issue that is not easy to reproduce. It occurs only on a server that is running in threaded kernel mode.
718696 When an AP plan clause is specified as part of a dynamic SQL prepare statement, the plan clause is not saved in the statement cache when such statement is cached under ‘enable functionality group’ or ‘streamlined dynamic SQL’.
718710 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 's_begupdate' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 's_execute' and 'execproc' may be reported in the error log when a stored procedure executes a DML statement which was compiled at runtime.
718741 Signal 11 in bufdlink() *also reporting ups_nosort_init_prestat() & us_allocate_stat_proc_hdr() * may appear in the error log along with the server shutting down. This can happen when there is a worktable used by an update statistics command that resides on an in-memory tempdb (IMDB)
718778 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'ra__process_xchange' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'decompress_row' and 'decompress__crow_to_apl' may be reported in the error log, after an alter table with no datacopy command is run on a table that has compressed data, and while the replication agent task is attempting to decompress data to be sent to the Rep Server.
718876 sybdiag fails with an unhelpful error on Solaris when the SYBASE_JRE6 environment variable is not set
719019 An argument to error message 103 (The < msg > that starts with ' < string > ' is too long. Maximum length is < n > .) is too long. The argument needs to be truncated.
719023 The error message "A00: SYBMULTBUF ERROR: Internal error: The number of archive strings in the database info file exceeds the maximum number of allowed stripes." may be reported by the backupserver when an attempt to execute a DUMP TRANSACTION command with many STRIPE ON clauses is made.
719124 ALTER TABLE SPLIT raises errror 16341 for range partitioning when it is based on DATETIME values.
719138 The ASE server fails to boot on the HP-UX IA64 platform in Process mode if Kerberos is enabled.
719162 When using fast logged bcp to insert data into a table that is marked for replication and has compressed TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT columns, the compressed TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT data may not be inserted successfully and the bcp command fails.
719212 Applications running against ASE on Solaris platform (SPARC and x64) in threaded mode may experience poor performance (response time and throughput). Analysis of sp_sysmon outputs and MDA tables may show high I/O Busy% and high wait times on disk-related events. Solution requires installation of OS patch for Oracle Bug 16054425 and setting ASE configuration parameter "solaris async i/o mode" to 1.
719290 When DUMP DATABASE or DUMP TRANSACTION is run to a tape device, if the tape device configuration file ‘backup_tape.cfg’ exists, ASE will not be able to read it and the dump will fail. The Backup Server will report an error: "The format of the device configuration file < $SYBASE > /backup_tape.cfg is invalid. Remove the configuration file and reconfigure the device by issuing a DUMP with the INIT qualifier. Return code = 0".
719361 The reported database name is truncated to 20 characters when executing sp_dbrecovery_order for a database with database name longer than 20 characters.
719374 When changing the character set to a multibyte character set and running DBCC FIX_TEXT for the table with TEXT columns, the DBCC CHECKTABLE will fail with error 7951, "Data size mismatch while checking a text value".
719389 In sybmon, shared memory dump will not be compressed if "memory dump compression level" is set as 0 although the "memdump compress" command is executed explicitly.
719399 When the followng three conditions are met: - the SQL statement has enough predicates to generat at least 400 SARGs and - the SQL statement is executing at isloation level 0 (dirty reads) and - a unique index with at least 10 columns is chosen by the optimizer to use for repositioning the scan, A 702 error can be raised with the function, setupSargArray in the call stack.
719449 Adaptive Server may encounter a storage access violation error when query execution is interrupted or some special query is executed on 64bit diagsrvr.exe or 32bit sqlsrvr.exe on windows platform.
719532 When GP (Granular Permissions) is enabled, booting ASE could result in a 10331 (Permission denied..) error.
719560 On ASE Cluster Edition Solaris platform, when a user with sa_role executes 'set role sa_role on' followed by 'alter thread pool' command, the login connection hangs with following message in the error log: "There is no thread pool named '' defined in the system."
719597 Report the compressed shared memory dump file size and configuration setting in the sp_shmdumpconfig stored procedure.
719616 When ASE Cluster Edition is configured error message 969 "You can access database ' < db > ' only from its owner instance.." is not being raised when the sp_ddlgen_permissions stored procedure accesses a tembdb on another instance. Errors such as 567 "You must have the following role(s) to execute this command/procedure.." or 17230 "You must be the System Administrator (SA) or the Database Owner (dbo) to execute this procedure" were reported instead.
719639 The message "Missing datarow in TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT insert log record. Transaction log may be corrupt." may be reported when attempting to replicate data after an alter table drop column with no datacopy command is run on a table with LOB data.
719643 If hash based statistics collection is used with a large number of steps, then a stack trace in the function ups_stat_memalloc() may be encountered.
719673 A 14108 error, "Could not find partition descriptor for objid %d, indid %d, ptnid %d in dbid %d" may be reported when running DBCC DBREBOOT if traceflag 12315 is off.
719678 Under some circumstances, in a Shared Disk Cluster environment, sessions may hang because space usage on the segment has been put incorrectly in a freeze state, owing to threshold manager limits being mistakenly hit when they should not have been.
719683 A 3223 error, "Attempt to read a dump header failed; returned error code is 12." followed by a 3208 error, "Unexpected end of file while reading beginning of dump. Please confirm that dump media contains a valid ASE dump. The ASE error log may contain more information on the problem." may be reported due to a corrupted dump header while loading a database dump that was taken on ASE 15.7 ESD#2 and the database was created with a template.
719722 The values for the IOTime column in the monIOQueue table are incorrect.
719752 When GP (Granular Permissions) is enabled, booting ASE could result in 16802 (You must have the following permission to execute this command/procedure..) error.
719838 Executing the incorrect syntax 'grant execute on set_appcontext to < user > ' causes a system exception (signal 11) referencing 'grrev_nullflush'. The command should be 'grant SELECT ...'
719859 If data row decompression is used, then update index statistics may be slower since an unnecessary data row decompression is performed.
719911 DDLGen is not backward compatible for archive databases in ASE 15.7 ESD#2
719915 DDLGEN fails to include the LOB_COMPRESSION attribute when run on a database that was upgraded from ASE 15.0.3.
719961 Under some rare cases, a signal 11 (SIGSEGV) could occur in open_byname() when executing nested stored procedures.
720139 When doing upgrade using upgrade utilities or downgrade for such databases which name contains blank or tab character, upgrade utilities or sp_downgrade/sp_downgrade_esd will report syntax error on the database name.
720162 When the system stored procedure sp_help_rep_agent is executed with no parameter or a null value for @dbname, error message 18374 may be unexpectedly printed with an empty database name.
720224 Errors 7961 and 2759 are raised when a variable is used in a GRANT ROLE predicate definition. The errors are raised correctly but the wording is cryptic.
720313 ASE 15.7 fails to start during upgrade from ASE 12.5 due to the lack of enough ASE kernel resource memory being reserved.
720417 If the user does not have sso_role when running installmaster, the message "You must possess System Security Officer (SSO) role to run the installmaster script" will be displayed when on a Cluster Edition server instead of "You must possess System Administrator (SA) role, System Security Officer (SSO) role, Sybase Technical Suport role and Monitor and Diagnosis role to run the installmaster script."
720655 If running:- sp_restore_system_role 'sa_serverprivs_role' after having re-created 'sa_serverprivs_role' and the role id for 'sa_serverprivs_role' is greater than 99, you will receive error 265 Msg 265, Level 16, State 1: Server 'UBUSAP', Procedure 'sp_restore_system_role', Line 202: Insufficient result space for explicit conversion of INT value '100' to a VARCHAR field. (return status = -6)
720659 There may be very slow optimisation of queries with large IN clauses or excessive stack usage with aggregate queries with large IN clauses.
720703 The first row insertion into DOL table might lead to in-correct emptypgcnt value in SYSTABSTATS due to '0' emptypgcnt set by the task creating the index on empty DOL table.
720971 On ASE Cluster Edition, a user connection may not execute the global login trigger.
720980 In rare circumstances, ASE might report a signal 11 (SIGSEGV) in collectMonCSInfo() when querying the monCachedStatement MDA table.
721003 When downgrade from 157ESD#3 or later version to pre-155, downgrade prepare step will fail with error message "ERROR: Cannot downgrade to '' server, which does not support bigdatetime and bigtime datatypes."
721093 The informational error 16833 was added to extend parallel diagnostics. This error provides a CSMD point to dump the system state at the point that parallel primary error processing begins. At this point, all of the parallel family's state is available for diganostic analysis.
721144 If Java in the database is being used, then if the "same" shared configuration file is used by more than one instance or Server, then there is a race condition during JVM initialization where it is possible that the message “current process infected with signal 11” in the function ‘jvminit’ may be reported in the error log, followed by the message “Failed to initialize Java services". This may result in ASE shutting itself down.
721270 Immediate PRS creation with a LIKE clause throws a misleading error message that involves a builtin clause, because LIKE is internally converted to a BUILTIN operator.
721278 A 691 error "Encountered invalid logical page '0' while accessing database ... This is an internal system error ..." may be reported in the error log followed by a stack trace which includes the functions 'set_repdb_status', 'txtimg_upd_table' and 'pg_oamscan_startscan' if a database that has the option "deferred table allocation" set is being marked for replication with SP_REPTOSTANDBY and the 'all' option.
721403 The status field in sp_helpdb output does not give any indication for temporary databases created with durability of "no_recovery" and normal temporary databases.
721482 sp_configure "o/s file descriptors" may show a larger value than the actual number of file descriptors as indicated in the error log.
721500 ASE is not able to boot with more than 50 thread pools
721543 When using a resource file with sybmigrate, despite having plenty of room on the repository device specified, sybmigrate does not create the work database at the size specified in the resource file.
721559 On AIX, if ASE threaded kernel mode is being used, then ASE may report a SIGSEGV in mda_nap_start along with a "Scheduler infected: exiting" message in the ASE errorlog.
721594 If plan sharing is enabled, an error 8210 "Duplicate of work table descriptor found in the id hash table for temporary object < n > ." with stacktraces including des_wkinstall() and crt_work() may be reported in the ASE errorlog.
721620 Msg 2601 duplicate key on 'sysindexes' with unique index 'csysindexes' when dropping and recreating constraint on a partitioned APL table changed to DOL locking scheme.
721731 ASE Alarm Subsystem may stop working which can result in "wait for delay hh:mm:ss" to exceed specified time or even hang. This can also cause log records to have stale time values that can prevent "point in time restore of a database" from working.
721735 After ASE upgrade, Job Scheduler may fail to boot with error "Execution of rule check_jsc_state failed because of errors parsing the source text in syscomments during upgrade. Please drop and recreate dbo.check_jsc_state." Running "dbcc upgrade_object" on sybmgmtdb resolve the problem.
721737 When updating a column to have NULL value and an immediate refresh pre-computed result set (materialized view) exists which selects that column, the session will be disconnected unexpectedly and a stack trace that includes the module memmove() will be reported in the error log.
721781 The value of the 'status' column of most rows of system group in 'sysconfigures' table will be changed from 2 to 386 when upgrading to 15.7 ESD#2 or later version.
721799 The user usedb_user should not be allowed to create any objects.
721809 ASE at times sends extra TDS DONE packet for ct_cancel CT-Lib call.
721824 When the following is true: (1) the statement cache is on and (2) a dynamic prepared SQL statement containing a abstract plan clause is executed and (3) the same statement is prepared and executed by another ASE session, then the entry in the statement cache that was created by the first execution is not found when the dynamic prepare command is executed in the second session. As a result, a new LWP is created by the second session.
721887 With partitioned tables, some query plans may choose the MERGE UNION ALL operator, rather than Dynamic Partition Elimination.
721889 When either 'streamlined dynamic SQL' or 'enable functionality group' is configured and a client cursor containing host variables is declared through embedded SQL, and the cursor statement references the same host variable more than once, an error like: -201 : Prodecure < procedure_name > expects parameter < parameter_name > where < parameter_name > is the name of the host variable that appears more than once in the cursor- declare statement, will be generated.
721959 Literal auto parameterization of large IN lists may cause performance issues. Trace flag 7786 was introduced to turn off literal auto parameterization of queries with large IN lists ( > 128 constants) as well as avoiding caching of the respective statement. Trace flag 7786 only has an effect if literal auto parameterization is turned on i.e. if literal auto parameterization is turned off, then the statement will still be cached.
722058 sybmigrate fails with the error, "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'sysattributes' with unique index 'csysattributes'" at set up stage (sybmigrate -m setup).
722240 ASE Agent Plugin does not automatically detect the ASE error log file location changes.
722535 On Windows 2012, using syconfig, the backup server does not start when using the default backup server name.
722539 DDLGen does not support object dependency export.
722547 On Unix systems the execution of DBCC DBTABLE may report descriptions of DBT3 bits when printing DBT2 bits mistakenly. On Windows systems a stack trace in the module 'prSTAT_str' may be reported in the error log due to a storage access violation.
722591 Execution of a stored procedure sometimes raises message 10334, "Permission related internal error was encountered". The statement being executed involves many UNIONs selecting from derived tables based on a temp table and the server is configured for multiple tempdbs.
722659 ASE reports a timeslice error with ksnetctlrPostWrite and ksmaskspost on the stack. Shared memory dump for the error shows a circular "Cancel Queue" leading to the timeslice error.
722673 The execution of the command "DROP PRECOMPUTED RESULT SET < prs_name > " on the primary database cannot be replicated into the standby database successfully.
722709 The values of the SharedLockWaitTime, UpdateLockWaitTime and ExclusiveLockWaitTime columns in the monOpenObjectActivity table are incorrect when the DBID, ObjectID and IndexID parameters are fully specified in a query on the monOpenObjectActivity table.
722767 The remote backup server name length for DUMP/LOAD commands has been expanded to support more than 30 characters.
722777 ASE does not respond and appears to hang when certain invalid packets are sent to it.
722823 Different behaviour for ISNULL on a MAX() or MIN() aggregate of a character column may be observed when statement cache is used with esql.
722856 In an HA environment when a role that contains a role activation predicate is dropped on the primary server the secondary server does not remove the predicate metadata.
722867 On Windows machines having multiple network interfaces i.e. both IPv4 and IPv6, ASE may fail to boot Job Scheduler with error, "JS: Failed to connect on socket" whereas JS Agent log indicates that JA Agent is listening with message, "SYB_JSAGENT waiting for connection".
722898 Under some circumstances, a 4720 error "Cannot truncate table '%.*s' because there are one or more isolation level 0 scans, or REORG command, active on the table." may be reported while a temporray is being dropped. Such temporary table is found to have a dlevel0cnt = 12.
722902 DDLGen generates data partition names instead of index partition names in the index partition clause for a clustered index on an all pages locked table . Also the semantic order of partitions in the index partition clause for both clustered and non clustered indexes is not correct. Also if index partition names are system generated, then they are not generated in the partition spec , when -XPN option is specified
723015 The backupserver error message " Invalid RPC sequence at RPC as_cmd." followed by " RPC ('as_cmd') execution failed." may be reported when a LOAD DATABASE is executed and the backupserver name "hostname:portnumber" cannot be resolved correctly.
723026 In rare circumstances, a stack overflow resulting in stack corruption may occur with a stack trace involving the modules 'XmlMallocFragment' and 'xml_malloc_fragment' when an XML query is executed with insufficent heap memory.
723116 sp_sysmon spinlock contention values are incorrectly reported as zero.
723226 After changing the owner of a replicated user table while DDL is not setup for replication, RepAgent may replicate DML commands on that table using the wrong owner name.
723250 Granting an invalid permission to a user will cause the dataserver to print a stack trace and terminate the process.
723259 In rare circumstances, a task may hang when LIKE clause or patindex builtin operator is used on columns which contain LOB data marked as compressed.
723268 When granular permissions is not enabled and a user has sso_role if the user tries to online a database error message 2736 will be raised. When granular permissions is enabled a user with online any database privilege can not online a database.
723356 A segmentation fault in tally_fetch() after a 249 error may occur during BCP IN due to invalid column default. Previous CR number is 552227 and the fix is under trace flag -T2781. Please turn on the trace flag to check column default data type during table creation time.
723437 A new database option "deallocate first text page", and a new configuration value 2 of table attribute "dealloc_first_txtpg", are provided for tables having TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT off-row storage columns, to control whether to deallocate the first text page after updating off-row LOB value from non-NULL to NULL, or whether to allocate a first text page when updating LOB value from NULL to NULL.
723500 When using Replication Server with HVAR turned on and an update statement against a table on the primary causes non-updated in-row LOB datums to be moved off-row so the new data could fit in the target row, then the LTL generated by Rep Agent may be wrong, and replication may result in those datums being set to NULL on the replicate.
723588 Under certain circumstances, sp_monitorconfig 'number of locks' reports Max_Used as the total number of locks configured in SDC.
723602 A 156 error, "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'default'" may be reported when executing ALTER TABLE MOVE PARTITION to 'default' segment.
723672 An 806 error, "Could not find virtual page for logical page < pagenum > in database < dbname > " may be reported when executing DBCC CHECKTABLE.
723756 When hash based statistics gathering is used, the histogram tuning factor is not correctly reported by optdiag
723847 SELECT INTO and INSERT SELECTs that use UNION statements terminated by a UNION ALL statement may fail with a signal 11 and stack trace that includes the module tree*GcElement::GcGetVar(). This tends to happen if the table being inserted into contains any identity columns that is not explicitly generated in the UNION ALL query.
723861 During ASE boot in "process" kernel mode, when configured with a high value for configuration parameter 'number of engines at startup', an engine fails to come online with 'ulinitspinlock' error.
723880 Column information is unnecessarily displayed when executing sp_help for an object that is not a view, system table or user table.
723882 When granular permissions is enabled a user can not online a database that needs an upgrade. The error message 969 will be displayed.
723984 Additional diagnostics have been added for hash based histogram gathering under trace flag 2740.
723986 After 'reorg rebuild' or 'change lock' an empty table, the emptypgcnt of systabstats becomes 0, which, however, should be 1.
724023 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'bufreserve' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'drop_al_dbid' and 'alterdb' may be reported in the error log when an ALTER DATABASE LOG OFF command is executed to shrink this database log space.
724074 If SET PROXY is used in a stored procedure, then an 4058 error "Login currently under set session authorization. It is required to go back to the original identity before performing another set session authorization." may be reported.
724175 The Remote Backup Server name is extended to allow the use of IPV6 hostnames with domain name.
724343 When configuring RepAgent to use a security mechanism, the RepAgent Thread may fail to start and report a 9210 error. Moreover, RepAgent is using the ASE server name instead of the ASE principal name.
724444 Some web methods added with OVERRIDE clause need to be re-added when ASE WS is restarted.
724472 In rare circumstances, recreation of in- memory databases during start up of Adaptive Server may hang when there are more than one in-memory databases with the same template database. ASE can be used, but an attempt to use the in-memory databases that are not recreated will result in error 962, "Database with ID ' < value > ' is not available. Please try again later."
724593 In some rare cases, a UNION query could return wrong result resulting in truncation.
724603 When executing a JOIN involving a proxy table, and the optimizer chooses GROUPINSERTING for the NESTED LOOP JOIN plan, the ordering information in the query is lost and the result is not ordered as expected.
724815 sp_config_dump stored procedure will now display usage information if invoked as sp_config_dump help or sp_config_dump 'help'.
724959 When a database is loaded, the dump history file does not show any record for it and hence it is not possible to generate the dump sequence for this database.
724987 A 3475 error: "There is no space available in SYSLOGS to log a record for which space has been reserved in database < dbname > " may happen under rare circumstances along with the below message in the errorlog:"ERROR: Can't get a new log page in db < dbid > . num_left= < numlogrecords1 > num_in_plc= < numlogrecords2 > ".
724990 In 15.x, under the default isolation level (Level 1), DELETEs/UPDATEs involving JOINs and/or correlated SUBQUERY could cause more number of exclusive locks to be acquired even when the qualifying number of rows are much less.
725065 DBCC SERVERLIMITS displays a wrong value for the limit 'Max database device size'.
725195 The monThread MDA table should list all ASE threads, however, on Windows platforms, the ASE clock thread is not listed in this table.
725209 ASE on Windows may report "LAST CHANCE EXCEPTION HANDLER on OS thread id < threadID > ...A SERIOUS UNHANDLED EXCEPTION HAS OCCURRED SERVER MAY NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE" with kcierrfmt() on the stack during shutdown when the server is forcefully shutdown, for example through CTRL-BREAK.
725211 ASE engines may start consuming 100% CPU which can result in ASE being unresponsive. New client connections may not also be possible.
725318 The dataserver gets a segmentation violation when dropping a login while the dataserver configuration for 'number of open databases' is less than the actual number of databases defined in sysdatabases. The segmentation violation is followed by a 905 error, “Unable to allocate a DBTABLE descriptor to open database 'dbname'. Close or drop another database before opening this one, or ask your System Administrator to raise the configuration parameter 'number of open databases'”
725376 Hit error 806 when running shrink database and reorg defrag concurrently.
725608 When resource limits is activated and a maximum transaction elapsed time is set, in CHAINED mode, a transaction is not rolled back after the specified elapsed time limit is exceeded.
725661 The performance of the rollback of a skewed transaction, that is, a transaction that has bursts of activity separated by periods of inactivity, is unnecessarily slow.
725667 Miscellaneous enhancements to the performance of boot time, LOAD DATABASE and LOAD TRAN recovery including better performance in undoing long- running (incomplete) transactions i.e. those that have bursts of activity separated by periods of inactivity.
725708 The KILL WITH STATUSONLY command has been enhanced and now provides information on the amount of log space scanned and to be scanned for a full transaction rollback. It differentiates different types of rollbacks, and reports a subset of information in cases where the rollback is not a full transaction rollback.
725767 On big-endian platforms, queries involving BIGINT columns in MDA tables may return wrong results.
725810 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'th_curunreservedpgs' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'LeRun' and 'exec_lava' may be reported in the error log when a session executes a SELECT statement that uses the T-SQL function "curunreservedpgs" while another session is in the process of extending the size of the current database with ALTER DATABASE command.
725858 A 15095 error, "An invalid 'data row id' value was found in first text page of a text/image/unitext column." may be reported when running DBCC CHECKTABLE or DBCC CHECKDB on replicated Data Only Locked tables that have TEXT columns with values on forwarded rows.
725885 srvbuildres cannot configure ASE when the available free space on the disk is very large.
725956 If a previous Job Scheduler configuration failed, syconfig.exe and sybatch.exe do not re-install the ASE-15_0/scripts/installjsdb script in a rerun.
725998 Running ins_syn_sql on a 2K page ASE may lead to the log segment being full.
726003 In the cases of extreme heavy loading, it is possible that CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX in parallel on a big table causes a small volume of data to be lost.
726004 On Solaris SPARC, HP-UX and AIX systems an incorrect result may be reported when executing sp_tran_dumpable_status < dbname > .
726158 Under some rare conditions, a query using a NESTED LOOP JOIN in an OUTER JOIN may encounter a signal 11 followed by a stack trace that contains the module LeSarg::mapSarg().
726234 A timeslice error followed by a stack trace that includes the module rvm_dispatch() may be reported when show switch or any server-wide statement is executed in stored procedures.
726379 A 11051 error, "ALTER TABLE ' < table_name > ' failed. Table is currently being used by one or more other tasks." may be reported when a REORG REBUILD command is run while another process concurrently runs a SELECT query on the same table at isolation level read uncommitted. Following this error and while the SELECT query continues to execute, any process that attempts to reference this table will fail mistakenly with an error such as 17461 "Object does not exist in this database.".
726439 Under some rare conditions, if there is a HASH AGGREGATE operator above a JOIN operator, wrong query results may occur.
726551 DDLGen does not extract DDLs correctly when stored procedures are grouped.
726760 sp_helpsegment reports wrong used_cnt after shrink database.
726763 The command ALTER DATABASE LOG OFF can result in the error 5057 ("The free space counts for the log are incorrect ...") being raised if the database has been loaded from a database dump where the command ALTER DATABASE LOG ON was run initially to extend the log.
726770 In rare cases of extreme heavy loading, it is possible that BCP/SELECT INTO a big table might lose allocation page entries from the OAM.
726776 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11" followed by a stack trace that includes the module altdb__clear_chunk() may be reported when executing SHRINKDB concurrently with sp_placeobject.
726957 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'ksct_startio' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'ra_init_rs' and 'ra__connect_server' may be reported in the error log when the Rep Agent Thread attempts to open a new connection to the Replication Server and a previous connection attempt has failed.
727073 DDLGen does not generate DDLs of a logical key on VIEWs when using -TLK or -TV.
727123 Display Stat Wizard may fail with the error message, "Client password encryption fails".
727134 Enhancement is made to reduce the use of MASTER..SYSDATABASES scan in order to avoid high SPINLOCK contention on "DEFAULT DATA CACHE" in some cases.
727186 ASE may report errors like "JS: failed to receive jsagent response" and "Job Scheduler Task lost its Agent connection". JS Agent terminates without any errors in the JA Agent log. If core dumps are enabled on the platform, a core file is generated from JS Agent that contains the function sybcsi_mem_free() on the stack.
727259 A 9284 error, "RepAgent( < dbid > ). Cannot allocate < value > bytes of memory. You may need to reconfigure the parameter 'replication agent memory size' with more memory.", followed by a 9219 error, "RepAgent( < dbid > ): Internal coding error. Rep Agent Thread for database ' < name > ' (dbid = < value > ) terminated abnormally with error. (major 92, minor 19)" maybe be reported in the error log if the Rep Agent Thread is recycled many times and compressed data is replicated.
727277 Auditinit may fail to add devices on space larger than 1 TB.
727310 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'th_curunreservedpgs' may be reported when a session executes a SELECT statement that uses the T-SQL function "curunreservedpgs" while another session is in the process of extending the size of the current database with ALTER DATABASE command.
727475 If the user is granted system roles indirectly through a user defined role, execution of sp_addthreshold fails with error message 10353 "You must have any of the following role(s) to execute this command/procedure: ' < names > ' . Please contact a user with the appropriate role for help."
727484 A 17260 error, "Can't run sp_dbextend from within a transaction" may be reported when sp_dbextend is invoked in CHAINED mode.
727762 Query with long IN list might cause stack corruption.
727786 After preparing an object or a database for a shrink operation, setting up replication with 'use_index' option at database, object or column level, internal indexes for replication are not created, replication of off-row columns will still proceed as before.
727816 sp_downgrade 'downgrade' will fail at step 990 with a 137 error, "Must declare variable '@show_'".
727846 The APFPercentage value in the monCachePool MDA table may report incorrect value.
727884 Downgrade to versions lower than 15.7 ESD#2 will not remove the predid column from sysprotects.csysprotects. sp_fixindex or dbcc reindex will not change the index to the pre 15.7 ESD#2 definition.
728027 In rare cases, the TRANSFER TABLE command may skip exporting an updated row if a target table is a Datapage or Datarow Locked table and it has forwarded rows or may hang up if a target table is a Datapage or Datarow Locked table and it has forwarded rows and large I/O buffer pools are configured.
728157 Auditinit may a core dump if the "LANG" environment variable is not set correctly.
728173 When inserting data into a table containing LOB columns and ASE happens to run out of log space, the message "Space available in the log segment has fallen critically low in database < dbname > . All future modifications to this database will be aborted until the log is successfully dumped and space becomes available" followed by a stack trace that includes the module logmodify() may be reported in the error log.
728364 An 806 error, "Could not find virtual page for logical page < pagenum > in database < dbname > " may be reported when executing a stored procedure whose query plan is cached.
728419 DDLGen does not generate the partition name and segment information for a hash partitioned All Pages Locked table with a clustered index. Only the number of partitions are generated in the DDLGen output.
728430 Running UPDATE STATISTICS on an index containing non-materializing column may hit an error with a stack trace containing the modules stat_bld_row() and collocate().
728444 A 2601 error, "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'sysattributes' with unique index 'csysattributes'", followed by an 11068 error, "Transaction was found in the incorrect state of 'Command-attached'. The expected state was 'Done command-attached'.", may be reported in the error log during ASE startup in a Windows environment, if the configuration file has a 'Dump Configuration' section where the 'stripe directory' option is set to a value where backslash characters are specified.
728497 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11" followed by a stack trace that includes the module init__data_vs_strategy() may be reported when running REORG REBUILD following which a DROP TABLE is executed.
728528 Upgrade from 12.5.4 may fail at step 1564 with message 3606, "Arithmetic overflow occurred."
728563 In ASE 15.7 ESD#2 and above, under some circumstances, ASE may encounter signal 11 or timeslice error with a stack trace involving the module idt_remove_all_reservations() while cleaning up identity reservations assigned for specific object.
728634 A 17879 error, "Only users that have System Administrator (SA) authorization granted directly may add, or modify thresholds in that database" may be reported if a user that has been granted sa_role indirectly through a user defined role executes sp_addthreshold in a database where the user is not the actual owner.
728667 A stack trace may be encountered with sybcluster if other plugins are installed incorrectly in the same directory.
728759 When the number of statements in the Adaptive Server statement cache is large (approximately 13,000 or more) a query on monCachedStatement may terminate with error 3621, "Command has been aborted".
728804 A procedure having SELECT INTO a temp table having UNION ALL and encrypted columns could result in wrong data in the target table and a subsequent SELECT from the table will result in a 15417 error.
728845 When attempting to migrate objects that may have storable comments such as PROCEDUREs, VIEWs, UDFs, PRE-COMPUTED RESULTSETs etc, if there are braces (curly brackets) within the comment section migration will fail with with a java.sql.SQLException. The same error will be observed if a curly brace appears anywhere in the proc DDL (search argument for example).
728894 ASE fails to install with Job Scheduler on roman8 charset.
728903 Under some rare conditions, if there is a HASH AGGREGATE operator above a JOIN operator, wrong query results may occur.
728961 Error 207 may occur while running the sp_dboption stored procedure if quoted_identifier is turned on. This may also affect the Sybase Control Center Database Properties dialog by preventing the database options from being viewed or modified within Sybase Control Center.
728963 Fixed spelling abbraviation error, mesc (millisecond) to proper abbreviation: sec.
729192 Deadlock may occur when SHRINKDB runs concurrently with REORG DEFRAG.
729204 Data Only Locked tables with placement index undergoing ALTER TABLE MERGE PARTITION may lead to index corruption with 696 errors.
729335 ALTER TABLE MERGE PARTITION may fail with error 14108 on a empty range partitioned All Page Locked table with a clustered index.
729373 During the execution of DUMP DATABASE if the "compress::" option is used and only one stripe is specified, ASE 15.7 ESD#3, 15.7 ESD#3.1 and 15.7 ESD#4 will ignore the compression option prefix, resulting in an uncompressed dump. Additionally loading a valid pre- 15.7 ESD#3 compressed single stripe dump will fail.
729461 Columns with more than 65535 unique values, which also have some skewed values (i.e. represented as frequency cells in the histogram) could result in inconsistent histograms in which weights are outside the range of 0.0 to 1.0
729509 An 8201 error, "Keep count of descriptor was expected to be 1. Instead 0 was found" may be reported by the upgrade utility when upgrading from 12.5.4
729603 In rare cases, after the last chance threshold is crossed and the user executes DUMP TRANSACTION to free up log space, the last chance bit DBTH_LASTCHANCE will remain set in memory in DBTABLE, which will continue to cause processes to be suspended by the last chance threshold mistakenly.
729624 Cluster deadlock occurs when process allocating a new page holding LLOL waits on WAIT_FOR_BASTPENDING.
729766 A new configuration value of '2' is added to configuration option 'enable xml' for external entity reference in XML documents, ie, set "sp_configure 'enable xml', 2" for external entity reference in XML documents.
729919 In very rare situations where incorrect port number is specified for sp_listener, subsequent calls to sp_listener might fail.
729937 Enhancement is made to reduce the use of MASTER..SYSDATABASES scan for better performance when accessing tables in other databases.
729957 A 2626 error, "Illegal attempt to insert duplicate key row in the clustered index partition database < dbname > , object < objname > , index < idxname > , partition < ptnname > " followed by a stack trace involving the module indinsert() may be reported when inserting and deleting duplicate key rows in the clustered index partition for All Pages Locked table numerous times.
729984 getpass.exe which is utilized in Web Services on Windows only, is currently not compatible with x64 platforms.
730082 DBCC REINDEX has been enhanced to provide a new option (option value: 32) to drop suspect replication indexes only. The syntax is DBCC REINDEX (tab_name | tabid , 32)
730183 Extended stored procedures added using sp_addextendedproc are malformed leading to failure of the extended stored procedure. sp_helpextendedproc shows an extraneous '[' character in the DLL name.
730215 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11" followed by a stack trace that includes the modules d_deleteplan() and proc_plan_get() may be reported when executing DBCC DELETEPLAN.
730276 The Backup Server error message indicates that there is RPC parameter count mismatch between ASE 15.5 and Backup Server 15.0.3. The message needs enhancement to prompt user to verify Backup Server version compatibility with ASE.
730281 The sense of Trace Flag 7773 has been inverted. Use of Trace Flag 7773 now disables the fix for CR 653511, which is on by default, ie, if a stored procedure undergoes recompilation, and the procedure makes assumptions regarding the session's state (ie session environment settings), the resulting recompiled plan can be significantly different than the original. This fix is now disabled when Trace Flag 7773 is on.
730354 sp_sysmon can return incorrect CPU metrics.
730787 CREATE LOGIN does not check if the login name already exists before calling sp_extrapwdchecks. This can cause sp_extrapwdchecks to update information stored for the existing login.
730807 While using the partition_name builtin on multiple objects, the active objects could be recycled resulting in an information message, "Increase the config parameter 'number of open partitions' to avoid descriptor reuse. Reuse may result in performance degradation" being printed in the ASE errorlog.
730953 The global variable @@tranchained shows inconsistent value when "SET CHAINED ON" is executed in the login trigger.
730982 When downgrading from 15.7 SP100 to a lower version, a 943 error will be raised when booting the server with the lower version and a stack trace will be encountered when running installmaster.
731026 Certain stored procedures created with "execute as caller" may encounter errors at execution time.
731065 DUMP DATABASE is getting a inappropriate warning message about DUMP TRAN with truncate_only
731079 The number of unreserved pages may be incorrect after LOAD DATABASE has been executed if the database dump is from an older ASE version and it contains a large number of tables, each having multiple partitions.
731171 An arithmetic overflow error may be reported by the function sp_f_getval when sp_spaceused is executed against large tables.
731179 The recovery redo pass unnecessarily attempts to fix problems with deallocations and reservations for some committed transactions in cases where there was a long-running transaction at the time of the last checkpoint.
731354 A signal 11 occurs in the function collectMonCSInfo when a query is executed on the monCachedStatement MDA table and the statement cache contains a statement that was created with a user-defined optimization goal.
731372 On tables with indexes, heavy insert activities can lead to 1295 errors, "Unconditional lock request for table or page was made while holding a latch".
731437 DUMP DATABASE with verify[=header | full] options and LOAD DATABASE with verify[only][=header | full] options commands have been enhanced to detect a mismatch between the page header and tail timestamps for Data Only Locked tables.
731531 Enhancement is made to use less SYSTYPES scans when creating table.
731617 When DUMP DATABASE or DUMP TRANSACTION is run to a tape device, if the tape device configuration file ‘backup_tape.cfg’ exists, ASE will not be able to read it and the dump will fail. The Backup Server will report the error, "The format of the device configuration file < $SYBASE > /backup_tape.cfg is invalid. Remove the configuration file and reconfigure the device by issuing a DUMP with the INIT qualifier. Return code = 0".
731718 When a character set conversion is required for very long string input ( > 255 character), for example converting client Windows code page 1252 to a server using code page 850, if the input string had a character unconvertible to the server character set, the connection would be inappropriately killed (with a stack trace), in addition to the issuance of the server conversion error message.
731758 When executing UPDATE STATISTICS with an object name that contains unusual characters, the command may fail with an internal error.
731783 The message, "An internal memory management error has occured. Error code: Invalid slot id.", followed by a stack trace involving the modules mda_exec() and mda_populate_monTask() may be reported when querying table monTask with clause KTID=0.
731808 If a LIKE predicate is used, then optimizer estimates for keys for a limiting index scan may be incorrect if a VARCHAR variable is used for the pattern match. This is especially true when there are no pattern matching characters used e.g. r.a LIKE "ABC". optcriteria CR731808 can be used to correct the optimizer estimate issue. Command line trace flag 16965 will also enable the fix.
731818 The Backup Server is enhanced to perform consistency checks on All Pages Locked (APL) and Data Only Locked (DOL) data pages during DUMP DATABASE execution. If an error is detected on a page, the page is reread for validation. These checks will be performed if DUMP DATABASE is executed using WITH VERIFY option. Alternatively, start up the backup server with boot time trace flag -D64, or use the run time trace flag SYB_BACKUP...qatraceon 8, to enable these checks by default.
731874 A 15432 error, "A validation check failed when Adaptive Server decrypted an encryption key. This error may indicate an incorrect password" is raised when a user with login association of a key executes a stored procedure that accesses a column that is encrypted with the key.
732064 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11", followed by a stack trace that includes the module ptn_get_aphintpage() may be reported when executing a CREATE INDEX or REORG REBUILD command.
732185 An ALTER TABLE command issued on a partitioned table where the partition degree is greater than the user's parallel degree may result in various failures.
732329 Under some rare conditions, a 4720 error "Cannot truncate table '%.*s' because there are one or more isolation level 0 scans, or REORG command, active on the table" may be reported if auto_temptable_stats is turned on.
732385 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11" followed by a stack trace that includes the module VTABRemoteAccess() may be raised when accessing a proxy table materialized at procedure whose name starts with a '$'.
732393 An 804 error, "Unable to find buffer < buffer address > from cache < cache name > holding logical page < page number > in sdes < sdes address > kept buffer pool for object < table name > ", may be reported when inserting data into TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT columns.
732406 sybmigrate does not preserve indexes in the indexid order.
732588 Under certain circumstances when a threshold action is defined, and user is dropping a procedure, and the procedure happens to be the last row of the sysprocedures page, an 873 error may be reported when log space is low, and the threshold proc gets spawned.
732604 The summary stats for histogram (i.e. unique count, density) generated by hash based statistics gathering may be inaccurate. This could occur when OPTDIAG labels a histogram as "high domain".
732728 The unreserved space stored in the table sysusages can become a huge number bigger than the fragment itself if the number of allocated pages indicated in the OAM pages for some objects becomes corrupted and show pages allocated that are not.
732777 Under some circumstances, a 4720 error "Cannot truncate table '%.*s' because there are one or more isolation level 0 scans, or REORG command, active on the table." may be reported while a temporray is being dropped. Such temporary table is found to have a dlevel0cnt = 12.
732921 A 8201 error, "Keep count of descriptor (objid=14, dbid= < value > ) was expected to be 1. Instead 0 was found" followed by a stack trace that includes the module 'des__unkeep' may be raised if ASE fails to allocate space for either SYSGAMS or SYSDAMS.
732995 Sometimes Procedure Cache ELC (Engine Local Cache) for some of the engines does not get configured during engine boot, which leads to Procedure cache ELC not getting used on the engine and thus leads to contention on the rproccache_spin spinlock. This condition can be detected using the ASE errorlog. If an engine is brought online but does not have the message "Proc header memory allocated < nn > pages for engine < engine_id > local cache" for that engine then the Procedure Cache ELC is not properly configured for that engine.
733051 If the number of system roles of target server is more than source server's, after running symigrate -m migrate, sybmigrate will drop from sysusers those roles that are 'new' in the target server. This issue can specially be seen when users are migrating from ASE 12.5.4 to ASE 15.7.x
733146 In rare cases, the message "Invalid column length" may be reported in the ASE errorlog to indicate there are issues in the index creation when creating an index on a Page Compressed table.
733194 Incorrect disk activity may be reported by sp_sysmon_diskio when there is no disk I/O in given sample period on this device.
733215 After upgrading, the value of systabstats.rowcnt for the syspartitions and sysobjects tables will be 1 less than the actual number of rows in these two system tables.
733305 An ASE spid with remote I/O may hang when killed. Even reissuing the kill does not help.
733346 The stored procedure sp_dropexternlogin will fail when executed by a user that has SSO_ROLE and not SA_ROLE when granular permissions is not enabled.
733446 In DDLGen 15.7 ESD#3 and later, 'set quoted_identifier on' is reported in the DDL output even when it is not specified in the actual create table SQL.
733462 A timeslice error may occur followed by a stack trace involving the module itl_au_update_xfer_mark() with executing BCP-IN or update DMLs, if 'transfer table' is set on a large table with data more than 47GB on 2KB page size (95GB on 4KB pagesize, 190GB on 8KB pagesize, 380GB on 16KB pagesize).
733604 Add the ability to suppress warning message regarding the ignoring of hints under the presence of abstract plans. This is enabled under Trace Flag 15381.
733623 ASE allows configuration parameter 'max online engines' to be set to a value lower than 'number of engines at startup' leading to an incorrect value for the parameter 'max online Q engines'. This can result in incorrect calculations for the 'maximum number of engines' resulting in ASE hitting a SIGSEGV followed by a stack trace involving the module ueisonline().
733750 Timeslices may occur with statistics gathering using hashing.
733752 The estimate for NULLs in the optimizer may be incorrect if hash based statistics gathering is used, when the number of unique values in the column is greater than 65535.
733766 The severity of error message 5805 and 5806 is now changed from EX_USER to EX_INFO since they are just warnings.
733838 ASE no longer rejects requests to add remote logins with same server name as local server.
733893 Device Props does not display databases that are using a device on little-endian machines. On big-endian machines, unintended databases may get displayed.
733904 Active roles being reset leading to permission errors.
733907 The error 822 "Could not start I/O for request.." followed by a stack trace that includes the module altdb_shrinklog() could be raised in a Cluster Edition server if a fragment of the database log is shurnk using the command ALTER DATABASE LOG OFF and the device where this fragment was is dropped.
733937 When using hash based statistics gathering on columns with more than 65535 unique values there is a possibility of inaccurate summary statistics of the range density and range unique counts as displayed in optdiag. This may lead to suboptimal query plan selection.
734125 The 695 error, "An attempt was made to read logical page ' < n > ' for database ' < dbname > '..." could be raised in an archive database when the database dump contains more than 256 contiguous log pages.
734211 DDLGen can generate an incorrect header message while generating ddl for a load profile. Instead of saying 'DDL for LoadProfile', it can say 'DDL for :user'.
734212 ASE hits SIGNAL 11 (SIGSEGV) when it runs out of Spinlocks under heavy CT-Lib calls
734214 Command line trace flag 16964 is added to turn off the row constructor optimization for range predicates. This optimization may cause an underestimate of the limiting selectivity of an index scan when a range predicate exists on an indexed column followed by limiting predicates on subsequent columns. For example, if an index I(a,b,c) has predicates a > 5 and b=10 and c > 20 then the range predicate on “a” is followed by minor attributes “b” and “c” which also have limiting predicates... then the scan selectivity on the index "I" may be underestimated.
734394 When ASE Server is not in single user mode during sp_downgrade 'prepare', report a warning message to indicate it instead of stopping the validation.
734395 When dropping an encryption key, the 15401 message is reported with malformed values in the message.
734500 The index page scanning selectivity estimate may be too optimistic for an index, in which a prefix of 0 or more positioning equality predicates (such as r.a = 1 and r.b = 2) is followed by a positioning range predicate such as (r.c > 5) is following by subsequent trailing positioning predicates (such as r.d = 10 and r.e > = 20). The change enabled by the new optcriteria limit_row_constructor will limit the index page scan reduction by at most 50% (in our example it will limit reductions contributed by r.d, r.e).
734660 The error "Page Verification Error: Page mismatch. Page < page # > contains 0 in page header." could be incorrectly printed in the Backup Server errorlog when executing DUMP DATABASE WITH VERIFY. This error is spurious and can be ignored.
734702 For objects with no storage, error 691 may be reported while running a CREATE INDEX command if either a dump is in progress or an incremental dump is in progress.
734705 After running sp_reptostandby/sp_setreptable/sp_setrepcol with "use_index" option on compressed in-row LOB columns, dbcc checktable() may report various kinds of index errors.
734716 At times the systabstats empty page count column may get values near to 2^32 (~4294967295) if inserts into a table are rolled back.
734866 The builtin asehostname() is now made a grantable builtin.
734897 On a High Availability (HA) System, sp_companion may hang if sp_sysmon is running at the same time.
734968 Sometimes queries that involve multiple DERIVED TABLEs or VIEWs may return wrong results. The kind of queries that could be affected by this needs the following elements: (1) A DERIVED TABLE with a correlated expression SUBQUERY as one of the DERIVED TABLE’s SELECT list items. (2) Another correlated SUBQUERY in the parent query block which is referencing the expression SUBQUERY result from 1) as the correlated column. (3) Both 1) and 2) are under an IN SUBQUERY of the top query block. 1) and 2) lead ASE query tree to use a worktable for the DERIVED TABLE and 3) puts an EXISTS requirement over a table used by the DERIVED TABLE. The combination causes ASE to miss the EXISTS requirement on the table when generating a plan and leads to duplicate rows.
735029 When the source server is 15.7 ESD#2 or later, sybmigrate -m migrate session may fail with the error, "The catalog 'sysusers' in the target database appears to contain rows which were either installed by the user or were previously migrated. Cannot proceed with migration of 'Users'".
735036 isql client may hang, or wrong TDS token error may be reorted by isql client, when running concurrent SELECT cmd and DELETE/UPDATE cmd on TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT columns
735163 Adaptive Server Enterprise may crash and generate a core dump without any stack trace or messsage while multiple sessions run sp_companion simultaneously in threaded kernel mode.
735292 An ASE task making a remote procedure call to a server with server option 'net password encryption' set to true and 'cis_rpc_handling' disabled can go to sleep indefinitely and the client appears to be hung.
735311 syconfig.exe fails to optimize the server.
735327 A 692 error, "Uninitialized logical page '24' was read while accessing object '2' in database ' < dbid > '. Please contact Sybase Technical Support." may be reported when a 12.5.4 ASE database dump that was made with a 15.7 ESD#4.2 Backup Server is loaded back in a 12.5.4 ASE.
735431 The error, "Table Corrupt: The row number and offset of each row in the page should have a matching entry in row number table ..." will be incorrectly reported in the Backup Server error log on pages with deleted rows that belong to an All Pages Locked table when executing DUMP/LOAD WITH VERIFY.
735567 The Backup Server is enhanced to perform consistency checks on Data Only Locked (DOL) index pages besides data pages during DUMP DATABASE execution.
735727 When updating an in-row LOB datum to NULL, the LTL generated for the update of the datum wrongly includes the LTL qualifier 'tpinit' instead of the qualifier 'zerolen'. This does not cause data corruption, or interruption of replication. Nevertheless, according to the LTL specification, the qualifier 'zerolen' must be used.
735812 The unreserved space reported by either the stored procedure sp_helpdb or the builtin curunreservedpgs() could be wrong after executing any of the stored procedures sp_addsegment, sp_extendsegment or sp_dropsegment.
735868 In rare case, SELECT on a DOL table with index may cause ASE to shut down with a timeslice error and followed by a stack trace that includes the modules bt__handle_LAdone(), bt__qualpage(), bt__scan_massoffset () and bufoffset().
735879 The backupserver sample resource file is missing ASE login and password attributes for sybatch.exe
736017 A 7949 error, "The number of pages used and unused for object < objid > index 255 partition < ptnid > on allocation page < alloc_page_no > do not match the counts in the OAM entry." followed by error 7940, "The counts in the OAM are incorrect. This implies that there are entries missing. Run tablealloc utility with the FIX option on the table with the inaccurate OAM counts." may be reported by DBCC TEXTALLOC and FULL option after inserting data with BCP into a table that has LOB columns and the option 'lob_compression' is enabled in the target database.
736019 When using hash based statistics collection and over 65535 unique values exist in the column then it is possible that the summary statistics (such as density) may be slightly inaccurate. If one looks at the optdiag output for the column and determines that a range cell is used for the first cell even though only one domain value can fit into the cell, then it is possible for summary statistics inaccuracies. It is possible, but unlikely, that query plans could be adversely affected.
736093 In rare cases in a cluster environment with more than one node, ONLINE DATABASE may hang if the log segment free space falls below a threshold.
736626 When ASE is configured with the 'process' kernel mode and with several engines, the RepAgent Thread may be infected with signal 11 in the module 'uctSetIssuedCnt' with a stack trace reported in the error log which includes the modules 'usctclose' and 'ra_drop_csconn'.
736645 After downgrading from ASE 15.7 to ASE 15.5GA, when booting the ASE 15.5GA server, a segmentation fault may be encountered during startup while attempting to reconcile the downgraded configuration options.
736699 If there are significant concurrent activities which pin buffer cache pages in the named tempdb cache (or default data cache) then it is possible that the server could appear to hang due to lack of buffer cache. The kind of activity that could lead to this state is "hash based statistics gathering", "sorts", "query plans using hash operators".
736754 The error 2550, "Missing segment in sysusages segmap", will be unnecessarily reported by DBCC CHECKCATALOG if a database has a fragment with a segmap equal to 0.
736888 In rare circumstances, a 3474 error, "During redo the page timestamp value is less than old timestamp from log" may happen while loading a transaction log dump containing a rollback of a CREATE INDEX operation in database that has ddl_in_tran option on.
737338 When the stored procedure sp_renamedb is executed from a read-only database, a wrong error message, "You cannot run stored procedure 'sp_renamedb' from a low durability database" is reported. The message should be "You cannot run stored procedure 'sp_renamedb' from a read-only database".
737481 In rare cases, when updating CHAR, VARCHAR or IN-ROW-LOB columns on a PAGE compressed table and there are many non-printable characters in the the existing column value, the update may fail.
737577 The 3702 error,"Cannot drop the procedure 'sp_aux_getsize' because it is currently in use." will be raised if a user tries to drop the stored procedure sp_aux_getsize before the server has finished the recovery of every database.
737697 Lots of 1105 errors, "Can't allocate space for object 'temp worktable' in database 'tempdb' because 'system' segment is full/has no free extents. If you ran out of space in syslogs, dump the transaction log. Otherwise, use ALTER DATABASE to increase the size of the segment" and 1764 errors, "Failed to insert row into worktable, when projecting base table on to work table for collecting statistics" may be reported in the errorlog when running UPDATE INDEX STATISTICS with SAMPLING command.
737733 The 12320 message, "Fatal internal error encountered when forwarding row < rowid > in table < tablename > , database < dbname > during update. Aborting the transaction" may be reported when updating a DOL row on a table defined as Page Compressed.
737824 The 18124 message, "No matching configuration options" may be reported when executing sp_configure "solaris async i/o mode"
737907 If the server crashes in the middle of SHRINKDB, the segmap number on sysusages table may not be updated to 0.
738309 In rare circumstances, the task will hang when LIKE clause or patindex(builtin) operator on the columns which contain the LOB data defined as compressed.
738538 "shutdown with nowait" may fail to shutdown the server followed by SIGSEGV stacktrace with modules ktMuxThreadGetSchedQ(), ktMuxThreadTick(), utpApplyAll(), utpmApplyAll(), kaclkintr_thread() on the stack.
738652 The error 3105, "Data on dump will not fit into current database. Need # Mbyte database." could be incorrectly reported by LOAD TRANSACTION, if the database has more than 2147483648 pages and the size of the dump is smaller than that.



  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 ; SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 Cluster Edition


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