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  • How to hide fields in the Add New Employee Wizard
  • There are certain fields, which do not get filled in during the New Hire process, and subsequently would be required to hide (or make read-only) them so Administrators and/or HR do not think they have to fill them in during the hire process. The aim is to streamline our New Hire process and remove unnessecary fields

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Role-Based Permissions (RBP) are not supported in the Hire/Rehire wizards. Therefore, RBP cannot be used to hide fields from users during this process.

To make fields hidden in Admin Center > Add New Employee wizard, you will need to create one or more Business Rules to set the visibility of the fields behaviour during the New Hire.

There are 2 options you can set the fields to (when they have been configured as "both")

    • "view" = The field will become Read-Only
    • "none" = The field will become Hidden


  • To create a Business Rule
  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Configure Business Rules > Create New Rule;
  2. Provide a Rule ID, a Rule Name and a Rule Type;
  3. Set the Base Object to "Employee Information Model" and set the "IF" condition to "Always";
  4. Then, select the portlet name > field name > visibility, and write in the text box to the right of this "none";
  5. Please note that as per below - You need to configure 1 rule per hris-element, and not 1 rule for all portlets > and ensure that the rule is only manipulating fields in that same portlet;
  6. Put the rule under the element it is hiding fields in and set the trigger to "onInit";


  • Example rule to hide several (but not all) fields in Compensation Information


  • Example rule for making fields Required

    Please consider the impact when changing the "Required" status of fields. The best practice in this scenario is that the field is configured in the Data Model as required="false" and then you can use a Business Rule to set the field to required="true".

    Please Note: You cannot make required fields hidden fields in the same Rule (and vice versa it is not best practice to combine Require and Visibility options in the same rule), so you need to create a separate rule to make required fields non-required!



  • Incorrect/Unsupported Rule Configurations

There are certain "Do's" and "Dont's" with using Business Rules to hide fields during Hire/Rehire - please make sure you read the list below of what not to do -:

  1. Do not create a rule which sets Visibility and Required values in the same rule;
  2. Do not create a single rule that hides fields in/across multipe elements/portlets;
  3. Do not create a rule that hides ALL fields in an element  > as this is not supported;
  4. Please create using Base Object "Employment Information Model" - do not create using other Base Objects;
  5. Please do not assign this type of rule with an onSave trigger, as it can manipulate your configuration. Only use onInit (or onChange/onView) triggers for this type of rule.


  • Examples of an unsupported rule and what the outcome looks like
  1. Hiding all the fields in an element/portlet is not supported

    The below example, in which we have configured 3 Business Rules to hide all of the fields in compInfo, payComponentRecurring and payComponentNonRecurring elements - is not supported.



    Result (what it looks like in the UI):

    Please also note that the below example is of an unsupported configuration - as currently this functionality is to be used to hide "some" fields in portlets, but not ALL fields. Hiding all fields in a portlet using a business rule is both not supported and will potentially cause unexpected bheaviour in the system (like the Trash Can displaying next to Spot Bonus).

  2. Hiding Fields in multiple elements/portlets using 1 single Business Rule is not supported

    You should never hide fields from multiple elements using 1 buisness rule. You should use 1 Business Rule per element/portet to hide fields.




  3. Making fields that are configured as visibility="none" in the Data Model

    You cannot use Business Rules to set fields visibility, that are configured in the Data Model as visibility="none". The field must be initially available to the UI for the Rule to manipulate it. Therefore this scenario is not supported

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