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  • This article covers the use of the EC related Batch Size setting in Company System and Logo Settings.
  • There is a setting in Admin Tools > Company System and Logo Settings which concerns the batch size for EC related imports. What is this setting and how is it used?

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What is batching?

  • The system divides and groups the records in your import file into smaller units called 'batches'. The batch size is the number of records that the system processes in each batch.
  • The processing of one batch file does not affect the processing of another batch file.
    So for example if we have data issue with one record, only the batch containing that record fails and rest of the batches go on fine. Finally the import process amalgamate together the response from individual batch files to create a single response for complete import file.

Important Notes:

  • Configuration of Batch size does not require limiting the number of rows in an import file (even small batch sizes such as 1).
  • The number entered does not directly relate to row count in the import file

This setting can have an affect on import performance. 50 is the optimal number we recommend following different performance testing, and it is also the default. 

  • SuccessFactors​ have made 50 as the default value with Admin having privilege to increase/decrease it. Normally the Customer Admin would only change this following advice from SuccessFactors. A batch size can help SF Customer Success and Engineering when debugging the errors in the case of generic error message like ‘Internal System Error Occurred’.
  • The Customer Admin can review or if needed change the batch size in Administration Tools by doing the following:
    1. Go to Company Processes & Cycles portlet, and select Company Settings Company System and Logo Settings. 
    2. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page, to the Employee Central and Foundation data imports, this will normally be 50.
    3. If a change is needed, edit the number present and then save the changes.

NOTE: A batch size value greater than 100 is not considered, and is automatically truncated to the maximum limit of 100.
For some elements (such as Phone Info, as Business Rules are not triggered, value associations are not checked, etc, setting this up to 100 might result in some very minor improvement, but likely not). Ideally the most optimal number is 50. If setting this value to 100, and performing Job Info imports, which also trigger Business Rules, Country Specific fields, Parent&Child Picklists and object associations, this can cause the job to run much slower than when setting the value to 50.

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