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2080902 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.7 SP131 - SAP ASE


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
744560 In rare circumstances, when the CREATE INDEX and REORG REBUILD commands are running in parallel, WORKER processes may hang/sleep infinitely.
747046 The odata metadata query shows precision=0 and scale=0 for money, smallmoney, datetime, bigdatetime, time data types. The values are now displayed correctly following the code change.
749795 The loginfo() built-in has been optimized to avoid blocking while database dump or dump transaction is executed concurrently. Similar optimization was made to lct_admin() built-in when used with "num_logpages" option.
750655 The message, "current process infected with signal 11", together with a stack trace involving the functions rtms_print_um_error() may be reported when a spid waiting for get a JMS message raises error.
751184 The Secondary Truncation Point may not be moving as expected by the SAP ASE RepAgent process in a Multiple Paths Replication environment.
753171 Error 1289 - "Internal Error in lock manager routine: Invalid lock mode ..." may be raised when SAP ASE executes a select-for-update (SFU) query and the following conditions apply: 1. The SFU query contains a TOP clause or a 'set rowcount' command was previously executed to limit the number of rows returned by the SFU query and 2. The number of rows that qualify for the SFU query exceeds the limit imposed by the TOP clause or 'set rowcount' command and 3. The optimizer chooses a parallel query plan to execute the SFU query.
753302 When we create a table with global variable as a default and then insert a row into this table in the same batch, it will stacktrace if the insert is not cached either due to switch off statement cache or using special traceflags.
754653 SAP ASE may fail to boot on AIX 7.1 machine with following error if it has missing /usr/vacpp/lib/libhC.a library, for example: % $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/dataserver -v "exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program < binary path > because of the following errors: 0509-150 Dependent module libhC.a(ansi_64.o) could not be loaded. 0509-022 Cannot load module libhC.a(ansi_64.o). 0509-026 System error: A file or directory in the path name does not exist."
760269 A 9254 error 'RepAgent( < dbid > ): Could not locate schema version for object id ' < value > ' in the transaction log." followed by a 9204 error 'RepAgent( < dbid > ): Could not locate schema for object with id = ( < value > ), current marker ( < page# > , < row# > ).' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log when SQL Statement Replication is active and a transaction involving SQL statement Replication is rolled back. This will result in the Rep Agent Thread terminating abnormally.
761333 In some workloads with lot of dynamic prepare statements executing on the system, we would see buffer cache of system table 'sysusers' and 'sysdatabases' to be hot.
762057 In rare circumstances if dbcc pss fails it may leave the pss in a kept state and cause subsequent commands to get fail with error 8601 "Process %d tried to keep the PSS for process %d when it already had the PSS for process %d kept."
762072 The messages 'ERROR: JNI_CreateJavaVM; failed attaching to the JVM for AttachCurrentThread() with -1', 'WARNING: FindClassWithLoaderID; is re-throwing Exception' or 'WARNING: FindPublicMethodFlags; is re-throwing Exception' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log, when the PCI memory pool is running out of memory.
764036 UPDATE with builtin in the SET clause executes ineffieciently as compared to ASE 12.5.
765074 A 2546 error: "Table Corrupt: Extent id < extid > on allocation pg# < pgnum > has objid < objid > , indid < indid > , and used bit on, but reference bit off." may sometimes be reported by DBCC CHECKALLOC following the rollback of a transaction that contains a CREATE INDEX command as well as DMLs to the table within the same transaction, in a database with DDL_IN_TRAN option turned on.
765348 New configuration option 'prevent automatic upgrade' will prevent newer SAP ASE versions from making changes that might prevent booting an older version on this installation. New command line argument --upgrade-ok grants permission for the upgrade.
765621 In rare circumstances, when "Update statistics" and BCP running in parallel, update Stats may fail with "Error 605: An attempt was made to fetch logical page %d from cache 'default data cache'. Page belongs to database 'brfdb' (32), object ' < Unknown > ' (0), index ' < Unknown > ' (0), partition ' < Unknown > ' (-1) and not to database 'brfdb' (32), object %s, index ' < Unknown > ' (0), partition %s.
766325 Under heavy systems with ‘enable functionality group’ is on, a cursor dynamic prepared statement executed by non DBO users under recompilation path may run into 225 or 208 error.
766387 Online parallel create index may fail if the SAP ASE configuration value 'max (utility) parallel degree' is not enough.
766751 When RepAgent is configured for Multiple Paths Replication and objects bound to different paths are modified within the same transaction, a redundant 'begin transaction' may be generated by RepAgent for some of the replication paths.
766882 When the database option 'ddl in tran' is set, RepAgent may get infected with a timeslice error in the module 'ra_invalidate_schema' while replicating DDL commands such as 'CREATE TABLE' and 'ALTER TABLE' in a transaction.
766956 The command LOAD DATABASE WITH LISTONLY [=FULL|=VOLUME] produces a misleading error message:"Backup Server: Option LISTONLY is not valid for device < device_name > ."
767021 In rare circumstances, a 3474 error, "During redo the page timestamp value is less than old timestamp from log. Page #= < pg > , page timestamp= < ts > . Log old timestamp= < ts2 > ." may be reported during recovery when an online utility like ONLINE REORG REBUILD / ONLINE CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX / ONLINE SPLIT PARTITION command was running at the time SAP ASE was shutdown with nowait or was abnormally stopped.
767295 When the built-in lct_admin('abort',0, < dbid > ) or lct_admin('abort', < spid > ) is issued on a task that is in the process of being killed and is in log-suspended state, the message "Unable to do cleanup for the killed process; received Msg 3617." may be reported in the SAP ASE error log, resulting in the killed task not freeing all of its resources.
767390 There may be a performance difference between pre SAP ASE 15.0 servers and post SAP ASE 15.0 servers due to the evaluation order of multiple subqueries on the same operator. Optcriteria cr767390 was introduced to order the subquery evaluation, when evaluated on the same operator, in the order that they were written in the query.
767605 UPDATE STATISTICS when run concurrently with REORG DEFRAG or TRUNCATE TABLE might end up in a state where no progress is made.
768028 When a database contains more than 2,147,483,648 logical pages, certain database diagnostic tools will print very large page numbers as negative numbers instead of their proper page ID.
768097 The loginfo() built-in when executed with option 'can_free_using_dump_tran' may occasionally return values other than between 0 and 100 %.
768198 In rare circumstances, when the number of OAM pages for a table exceeds the value of 32767, ASE may hit a stack overflow error with a stack trace which includes the modules 'pg_allocoam' and 'pg__cond_insertoam' reported in the error log.
768475 If a table created in an user database with cross database encryption and decrypt default on the column is dropped from master, the following error message "The decrypt_default for column id 2 was not found in the system catalogs." is raised to the end-user.
768497 The message "current process infected with 11 (SIGSEGV)" in the module 'ejrCacheClean' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'tdsrecv__process_batchparam' and 'sequencer' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log if a Jconnect application inserts values into a numeric column as a language batch in non-BCP mode.
768596 A 803 error "Unable to place buffer < > from cache < > holding logical page < > in sdes for object < > - either there is no room in sdes or buffer already in requested slot." may be reported, when online parallel create index with large partition table.
768780 REORG DEFRAG leaves the number of deleted rows in systabstats unmodified.
768853 The execution of sp_addthreshold immediately after having dropped a segment with sp_dropsegment, will result in the server shutting down if the debug version of SAP ASE is used together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'th__modify_thresh_idx' and 'dbrepair' reported in the error log.
768880 In rare circumstances a deadlock may be seen between DUMP DATABASE and DUMP TRANSACTION when these commands are executed on the same database concurrently and the configuration option "enable concurrent dump tran" is set.
768925 The upgrade of a database created on a version prior to SAP ASE 15.7 SP100 to a higher version can take a long time to create the system table SYSDAMS if the database is big and it's almost fully allocated.
768980 grant dbcc monitor to < user > fails with error 165 in SAP ASE 15.7 ESD2 and later versions with the error message 16 - 'Privilege DBCC monitor may not be GRANTed or REVOKEd.'
769075 Then update statistics command may take additional time when a cntrl-C interrupt or a KILL spid is used. With this change, Adaptive Server will check more frequently for the termination request and gracefully exit the command in a more timely manner.
769243 When the loginfo() built-in is executed with any of the following options, “oldest_active_transaction_pct”, “stp_span_pct” or “can_free_using_dump_tran”, it may return an incorrect value of 0.
769721 On the HPIA platform, online CREATE INDEX may fail with a 2601 "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'syspartitions' with unique index 'csyspartitions'" error.
769727 Error 706 (Process < n > tried to remove PROC_HDR < addr > that it does not hold in Pss.) and 913 (Could not find row in sysdatabases with database id < n > .) may be reported for the following scenarios 1) Predicated Privileges are not being automatically re-normalized after being loaded from a dump. 2) When a predicated privilege fails to re-compile, the exception handling incorrectly cleans up leading to 706 errors.
769868 SAP ASE might report an infected with 11 (SIGSEGV) stacktrace in the function mda_flush_iostats() when the SAP ASE configuration option "enable monitoring" is set to 1.
769886 A 225 error, "Cannot run query--referenced object (name NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization" or a 208 error, " < object name > not found. Specify onwer.objectname or use sp_help..." may be reported when "streamlined dynamic SQL" configuration parameter is ON, a dynamic SQL prepared statement is re-executed and due to some changes in the underlying referenced objects the statement had to be recompiled.
770052 using the sp_chgattribute tab_name, "plldegree", degree_no function will set the parallel degree but subsequently when either update statistics is run, or if housekeeper flushes the table level stats, then the systabstats.plldegree for the respective table will be reset to 0. This will disable consideration of parallelism for that table until the sp_chgattribute is once again executed.
770255 In rare circumstances, a 605 error "An attempt was made to fetch logical page ' < pageno > ' from cache 'log cache'. Page belongs to database ' < dbname > ', object ' < Unknown > ' (0), index ' < Unknown > ' (0), partition ' < Unknown > ' (-1) and not to database ' < dbname > ' ( < dbid > ), object 'syslogs' (8), index 'syslogs' (0), partition 'syslogs_8' (8)" together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'getpage_with_validation', 'num_logpages' and 'loginfo3_xactspanbyspid' may be reported in the error log when the loginfo() built-in is executed with the 'xactspanbyspid' option.
770260 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'LeAlfaStatsCollector::LeWriteThStatsToCollector' may be reported in the error log when a query is executed inside a stored procedure (or the statement was cached) and the plan is executed in parallel while some monitoring options are altered.
770403 Dump database with verify=read_after_write and verify=crc but with no compression specified may produce an unexpected verification message such as "Backup Server: Database repro_db: Verification reported x errors.".
770418 Added a new rule to use serial optimizer when all main query blocks don't have partitioned table and all non-partitioned tables set their "plldegree" attribute to < =1. The rule condition includes the plldegree setting for the table's useful indexes (if any). "plldegree" can be set for a table using the following command: sp_chgattribute t1, "plldegree", 4 The rule is only active when the cmdline traceflag 16993 is on. Also under the same traceflag, optimizer will not use a table's plldegree setting as its useful index's plldegree when the index doesn't have the attribute set.
770422 The error "Page Verification Error: Page mismatch. Page < pageno > contains < swapped pageno > in page header." may be reported in the SAP backup server error log if the database contains untranslated pages that were originally loaded from a dump taken in an architecture with different endianness.
770468 A 12531 error "The table SYSDAMS could not be opened in database ..." will be unnecessarily reported when loading a database dump taken from a pre-15.7 version into an SAP ASE version equal or greater than 15.7, although this error will not cause the load of the database dump to fail.
770513 The error message 'The text column descriptor returned from the execution of rs_get_textptr function string output commands is NULL. The text descriptor must be valid. The DSI thread for database is shutdown.' will be reported in Repserver error log file, if Repserver configure 'dsi_compile_enabl' is off, when try to update a NULL LOB column which could be replicated.
770992 In rare circumstances, the error 692, " Uninitialized logical page ' < pageno > ' was read while accessing database ..." could be raised when creating a database with FOR LOAD option.
771006 A query that us using multiple DMLs may hit an infected with 11 (SIGSEGV) error with stacktrace including the function bt__getrestartpg() in the SAP ASE errorlog.
771039 In rare circumstances when the option 'enable incremental dump' is enabled in the database, the message 'closetable: table already closed for sdes ...' followed by a stack trace that includes the modules 'xact_end_session' and 'closetable' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log.
771055 On AIX, while generating stack trace, SIGSEGV (Signal 11) or timeslice error is observed in search_tbt() or strncpy().
771090 The message "Invalid DOL data row pointer: row < value > with status 0x80e must be normal row instead of compressed row." in the module 'collocate' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'writetext' and 's_execute' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log when a WRITETEXT command is run on a page compressed table in order to update a LOB column with a null value.
771170 A SAP ASE CE server or connection might hang when binding a Single Instance Database (SIDB) to a Single Instance Logical Cluter (SILC) after the SILC has been onlined
771198 The message "current process infected with 11 (SIGSEGV)" in the module 'dam_prepare_dump_end' together with a stack trace which includes the module 'dpdb_main' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log when a DUMP DATABASE is executed and while a concurrent DUMP TRANSACTION is aborted. This would require the configuration option 'enable concurrent dump' and the database option 'allow incremental dumps' being both enabled.
771230 Reorg defrag process, if killed in rare cases could leave the state of object specifying an utility is active.
771301 The error "Volume validation error: attempt to open ' < file name > ' returned Too many open files" can be raised by the backup server when trying to dump or load on SOLARIS, HP and AIX after running for some time because a socket is being left opened every time a connection is established.
771370 If a query contains a COUNT_BIG() aggregate and the optimizer generates a 2 phase PARALLEL aggregation strategy, then the value returned will be incorrect. The value will be equal to the number of producer threads under the 2 phase aggregate's supporting XCHG operator.
771433 Repeated reduction/increasing the number of running engines in threaded kernel mode (using alter thread pool) may eventually lead to a situation where a server login is not possible.
772670 When turning on the "utility statistics hashing" configuration parameter (or explicitly using the with statistics hashing phrase) and using parallel create index command then a 697 error can occur. This will not affect update statistics or the serial create index command.



  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 ; SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 Cluster Edition


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