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2080929 - Accessing the application - Recruiting


  • If you are experiencing issues with the SuccessFactors Recruiting application, please review the following tips, separated by common causes, and their associated troubleshooting tips.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


  • File Size or Type
    • File Type - In general, basic text documents have few problems.
      • Try uploading a small text document to confirm the system is working. Data within the file causing can sometimes cause an issue; things like photos or embedded content. 
    • Large Attachments - Maximum attachment size is 1024KB (1MB).
  • This is a browser-based software solution, so the specific version of the browser you are running may be contributing to your issue. While our solution is certified to run on most browser versions, a possible solution is to try doing the same action in another browser.
    • Supported Browsers - Supported browsers include:
      • Internet Explorer (Microsoft) - 
      • Firefox (Mozilla) – 
      • Chrome (Google) -
    • Outdated Browsers - Please make sure your browser is fully updated.
    • Browser or Add-On Restrictions - These include but are not limited to: Ad-Blockers, Pop-up Blockers and Toolbars. Try disabling add-ons or extensions and reattempting your action.
  •  Advanced Options
    • We do not wish to inconvenience you with technical details, but do want to provide the following options for those that may be comfortable in attempting more advanced options. We do caution against making changes to your software if you are not authorized to do so, or are not comfortable in making said changes.
    • ActiveX Disabled - If you’re using Internet Explorer, a common problem is that your browser is not loading the ActiveX upload component, either due to security restrictions or due to a conflict with other software you have installed. Please enable ActiveX.
    • Outdated Flash - Ensure that the latest version of Flash is installed and enabled. Older versions can potentially cause upload issues. Update your Flash player here:
    • Firewalls, VPN, Proxy Server - You may be trying to our Recruiting site from behind a firewall or via VPN. It is unlikely you will have access to disable the firewall, so a simple option may be to try from a different location or PC, such as a home computer that is not on the same network.
    • Anti-Virus Software - While we do not recommend disabling anti-virus software for an extended period of time, if you are an advanced user, have authorization and understand the risks, you may want to try disabling the software for the purposes of using the system.


  • Any SFSF datacenter product.


Handoff Document

  • If we expect you, our customers and clients, to handle this issue, we'd like to enable you to have a quick-reference guide to this issue. Please see the attached hi-res document for your utilization at your company's Human Resources or Talent Acquisition department.


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