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2080965 - Candidate Anonymization - Recruiting Management


How can I control what data is anonymized when a candidate record is purged?

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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


  • Change Type: Opt-In; Requires engaging a Partner consultant. This feature is used in conjunction with the Data Privacy Consent 2.0 tool: 2341240
  • Previous Behaviour: Information from purged profiles is deleted from system.
  • New Behaviour: Information from purged profiles can be anonymized based on business rules, allowing statistical reporting to remains intact while honouring the candidate’s privacy.

What system actions cause a candidate to be anonymized?

  • Declining DPCS


  • Requesting to be deleted (“Deleted On Demand By Candidate” or "Deleted On Demand By Admin").
  • Scheduled data purge (DRM 2.0) - for more information, please refer to the following Knowledge Base Article: 2088065.

What happens in the system after a candidate is flagged for anonymization?

  • The candidate will not return in search results.
  • The candidate / applications can no longer be actioned (statuses).


  • Outstanding Interview and Offer To-dos are marked completed.
  • Agencies will not see the candidate available for submission.
  • If the candidate returns, they are treated as a brand-new candidate and must recreate their account.
  • In Ad-hoc reporting, you can elect to include or exclude anonymized data.

    NOTE - Users cannot unmark a candidate/application for anonymization


Use cases:

  1. Clients who change their DPCS can now enforce their candidates to accept the newest version when they return to the site.
  2. Candidates who decline the DPCS will have their profile information purged.
  3. Candidates can self-purge their profiles on demand.
  4. To maintain statistical reporting, profiles are anonymized (not deleted) based on client specified business rules.
  5. Routine data purging will now honour the anonymization business rules.

When you create an ad-hoc report and filter by the candidate ID, you can select the Anonymized flag as a column in order to understand the status of that particular candidate. Please see the 5 potential results below;

  1. Non-Anonymized (Meaning that the Candidate Profile is currently intact)
  2. Anonymized (Meaning that the PII information in the Candidate Profile is masked)
  3. Marked for anonymization by DPCS decline (DPCS is declined /Meaning that the Candidate Profile is no longer available in the system)
  4. Marked for anonymization by admin delete (Admin Deleted Candidate Profile /Meaning that the Candidate Profile is no longer in the system)
  5. Marked for anonymization by candidate delete (Candidate Deleted their Profile /Meaning that the Candidate Profile is no longer in the system)


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