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All About Candidates in the Recruiting Module.


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     Merge Candidate Information:

  • As of B1107 You now have the option to search for and merge duplicate candidate profiles, histories, or applications into one primary profile so centralized information is available to all recruiters. To use this feature, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success to have your account updated. (RCM-5898)
  • Before admins cannot merge duplicate candidate profiles whereas this enhancement allows admin to replace a secondary candidate profile with a master candidate profile. Customer Success will enable this via In Provisioning Company Setting page > check the Enable Merge Duplicate Candidate Profiles checkbox.

Offer Letters

  • As of B1105 Recruiters now have the option to create an offer letter and select the people who will review or approve the letter. The letter will be automatically routed to the specified people and all activity is captured in the audit trail. For more information about using this feature, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success. (RCM-4852)

E-mail Features

  • As of B1105 You can now e-mail links about candidates to internal colleagues while viewing a job requisition or a candidate search. Colleagues can click the link to view information about the candidate, but only if the colleague also has access to candidate search results. You might want to use this feature if you come across a candidate that would be perfect for another team or colleague when an opening in their team comes up in the future. (RCM-2451)
  • As of B1105 You can now send an automated e-mail message to candidates to let them know that their profiles will be deleted from the system in 7 days unless they log in and renew their profile. To set up the e-mail notification, go to Admin > System Properties > E-mail Notification Templates Settings and select the Recruiting Imminent Candidate Purge Notification checkbox. (RCM-4542)


  • As of B1105 Created more granular search permissions so you can determine what level of candidate searching you’d like to grant a user. You can now grant access to: Candidate search through the Candidates page; Candidate search only when in a job requisition; Ability to tag candidates. (RCM-5123)

Edit Permissions

  • As of B1107 You now have the option to authorize recruiting operators to edit a candidate’s profile and application on the candidate’s behalf. All changes are tracked. To use this option, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success to have your account updated. (RCM-8547)

Use Case:

1) Candidate sends an email to the Recruiter, notifying that she/he has a new employer and phone number.
2) Recruiter enters the Candidate's Profile in edit mode, and updates the background element of work experience and the phone number.
3) System tracks the following for auditing and reporting purposes:
   - Who made the change (e.g. Lorna Okamoto).
   - What the original and new values of the field(s) changes (e.g. 925.555.1010 changed to 510.887.9876).
   - Date/Time of the change (December 20, 2012 09:12 AM PST).

Audit Trail

  • As of B1107 You now have the option to display an audit trail for job applications to make it easier to track changes. To do so, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success to have your account updated. (RCM-10006) Customer Support will enable audit application, via > Company Settings > Recruiting v2 > "Enable Job Application Auditing" switch in provisioning.


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