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  • Is it possible to add/remove header or footer to a job requisition description?
  • Once removed the header or the footer, can we make the button show up as 'Add Footer' or 'Add Header'?
  • Are headers and footers localized?
  • How to get "Update Header and Footer content" button on the job requisition?
  • Is it possible to update the Job Posting Header and Footer template's name after created?
  • What happens when we are using multiple posting languages? Do we need to use a header/footer for every language?
  • How to set up the rules to show the recommended header and footer?

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The description of a job requisition is limited to 4000 characters. For this reason, and because often a job requisition has some extra information on the company, it is possible to configure headers and/or a footer of the description.

Below, check the general notes about this feature:

  • It is possible to remove the header or the footer. You just need to remove one of them of the XML. However, that will make the button 'Add Header and Footer' in the job requisition be replaced by only 'Update'. When clicking Update, you will be able to add the header/footer.
  • As mentioned, the button 'Add Header and Footer' will be replaced by 'Update', that also appears once you already have saved a header and a footer once in the job req. This button can be replaced by some other information via Manage Languages. However, it's possible that this button is used somewhere else in the system. Then, when edited in Manage Languages, it will be replaced in all places the button is being used by the information you chose.
  • It is possible to use configure different headers and footers for internal and external job requisitions. Also it is possible to configure only headers or only footers.
  • Also it is possible to create specific headers/footers for specific languages and specific filters. This will apply only to job requisitions fulfilling the saved filters.
  • You can define headers and footers templates in Admin Center > Manage Job Posting Header and Footer:


  • You can also create headers and footers ad hoc on the job requisition.
  • HTML tags are supported in headers and footers.
  • Job Posting Headers and Footers are sorted in descending order with the last updated at the bottom of the list.
  • As described in the Implementation Guide, the templates' name cannot be changed once created.
  • Use cases:
    • A customer wants to have the same information repeated on top or on bottom of the job requisition description, including email references, addresses, phone numbers.
    • Allow the user to accept the use of cookies which will remove the banner.
    • Provide a page that explains what cookies are and how they are used on the site.
    • Provide a way for the RMK web operations team to customize the banner and content page for cookie explanation.
  • To set up this solution, please contact the Implementation Partner.
  • If you are posting a job requisition in several languages, you will need to set up a header/footer for each language on the requisition also. If this is not done, the job posting for the language in which you have not set a header/footer will automatically use the header/footer of the default posting language. This may lead to two different languages within the same posting.
  • At the moment, multiple values are no selectable in subsections within Rules. It is only possible to choose one option from the drop-down to set for each field.
  • The fields in Rules are defined based on the Internal and External Career Search Settings.

For Partners:

  • In Provisioning > Company Settings enable the option: “Enable Job Description Header and Footer”
  • Add the fields for internal/external header/footer (intJobDescHeader, intJobDescFooter, extJobDescHeader, extJobDescFooter) in the specific job requisition template
  • ALL 4 field definitions for headers and footers have to be defined and permissions in the job requisition template in order to activate the "Update Header and Footer content" button!
  • The customer can now define the Headers and Footers content in Admin Center → Manage Job Posting Header and Footer


Please note that it's not possible to hard code/autopopulate header/footers to appear automatically when creating job requisitions or show only available header and footer based on values selected in the requisition that matches the rules in the header and footer. Currently, will show all available header and footer and the recruiter needs to select them manually. There is an existing enhancement request open regarding this desired functionality, please see Request 238855 for more details.


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