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2082051 - Standardization Mapping in SuccessFactors Recruiting


What is the benefit of using Standardization Mapping and how is it used?


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting


  • Some functionality exists, like LinkedIn Integration and Resume Parsing, which require the third party to know exactly where data will be placed upon receipt
  • As client instances are highly configurable, these third-party sources are mapped to standardized fields. These standardized fields then need to be mapped to the client’s configuration
  • If LinkedIn Integration or Resume Parsing are not in use the standardization mapping does not need to be performed

Granting access to the feature:

  • Role-Based Permissions (RBP):
    Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles > select Role > Permission > Manage Recruiting > Configure Standardization Mapping
  • Non-RBP:
    Admin Center > Manage Recruiting Administration > Configure Standardization Mapping 

Configuration: Mapping Standard Fields

  1. Go to Admin Center > Configure Standardization Mapping
  2. Select an object. Only the Candidate Profile is supported for standardization mapping at present
  3. The standardized fields and background elements will display
  4. From each drop down, select a configured field. The fields you see in the drop down are values that come directly from the Candidate Profile configuration
  5. In some cases picklist value mapping is necessary as well. From each drop down, select a configured picklist value


  • It is not necessary to map all fields. There may be more standardized fields than fields the client has chosen to configure and in that case the fields can be left unmapped.
  • All configured fields are available to be mapped but the system does ensure that fields can only be mapped to their same type. That is, only date fields can be mapped to dates; it is not possible to map a text field to a date, etc.
  • It is not possible to map any field type to a picklist field, even if it displays as an option.
  • It is not possible to have more fields added to the standardization mapping page.
  • When the selected answer to "Is this present employer?" or "Is this current student?" is yes, the current employer end date field will be read only.

See Also

  • Information regarding LinkedIn Integration is in KBA 2080982
  • See KBA 2081576 for more about Resume Parsing


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