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2082053 - Standard Recruiting Management Reports


Recruiting reports contained in this article allow you to get key data about the most common aspects of recruiting. While these reports are intentionally simple, they take much of the guesswork out of building ad-hoc recruiting reports in SuccessFactors.  The reports may work fine as delivered for some people but they can be easily modified to best suit your needs.  What follows are detailed instructions for installing, using, and modifying the Recruiting Standard reports.


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Thefollowing linkwill provide you a compressed file with multiple recruiting Reports. Once you download and extract the file, you can simply import them into your Successfactors Reporting environment. The file includes some standard reports related to Recruiting Management date.

Note: If above URL does not work, use this link to downoad the reports.

Installation Steps:

  1. Save the report attachments on your computer somewhere;
  2. In your SuccessFactors instance go to Analytics or Reports. You may need to select Analytics and then Reporting from the sub-menu;
  3. Click on the Import button;
  4. Browse and select the file, Update the Report Name if desired, and click the Import button;
  5. Confirm your report has a status of Passed, then click the Close button;
  6. Verify that the new report is now listed in your list of My Reports;

Running the reports:

To run the report, clcik Take Action > Run.  When you run some of the reports a popup may prompt for some optional input.  You have the ability to modify any of the following:

  • Date filters: It is recommended that you filter the date range when running either the Applications or Hires reports.  To change the begin or end dates, click Take Action, Free-Text, select dates from the calendars, and OK.
  • Optional Filters: If you want to limit the report results to a particular segment such as a Recruiter, click Take Action and either Edit or Free-TextEdit will allow you to search and select values from your system and is most accurate.  You can use Free-Text to type values in if you’re sure what you’re looking for.  Multiple values can be selected in a filter.
  • Output Format:  By default, reports will run in your web browser.  If you wish to have the report generate to Excel or PDF, just select Export and the format.


Chances are you will want to make some changes to the Recruiting reports to get the most value from them.  Modifying the reports is not difficult.  If you’re intimidated keep in mind that you can always get the original report back by uploading it again.

Copying reports:

Before you modify a report, consider whether you want to modify the original or make a copy.  A situation where you might want to make a copy would be if you wanted to limit the results to those requisitions managed by a particular Recruiter and share that report with them.  Copying also makes it easy to experiment on a copy then delete it if the results aren’t what you desired.

  1. To create a copy, click Take Action > Duplicate
  2. The new report will be automatically created with the same name followed by "Copy". If you wish to rename the report, click Take Action > Rename
  3. At this point you can either proceed with adding or removing fields or changing filters by clicking Take Action > Edit
  4. To save the report, click the Save button 

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