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2082409 - Exception After Migrating Inventory - Cross Check Balances Preview for Migration


You migrate Inventory. The migration finishes successfully. But you notice, for example via the Material Inventories - Balance History that the inventories are not updated.
You then check the Cross-Check Balances Preview and notice and entry without G/L account reference. When extending the node you notice the message 'An exception was raised'.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. In Business Configuration navigate to the Activity List of your current project and there go to the Integrate and Extend phase.
  2. Open the Migration of Accounting Transaction Data activity and choose  Migrate accounting transaction data using the migration tool.
  3. In the new screen, in the top table, select the respective migration unit. Its status is Finished. Also the status of the Inventory migration file in the table below is in status Finished.
  4. In the Inventory Valuation workcenter navigate to the Reports- List view and open the Material Inventories - Balance History report.
  5. Enter all the mandatory fields and press Go.
  6. You notice that the inventories are not updated according to the apparently finished migration.
  7. Go back to the migration and select your migration unit.
  8. Press the Cross-Check Balances Preview button.
  9. There are entries visible for which no G/L account or local currency (LC) amount is displayed. Open these entries by clicking on the small downwards pointing arrow.
  10. Now you can see several lines reporting an exception in the Messages column.
  11. In the Source column, choose the Inventory link to check the posting details.
  12. In the new screen, you can again see entries without G/L account and a 0,00 LC amount. 
  13. Press the downwards pointing arrow to check for which materials the inventory cost is missing. You find the material IDs in the Product ID column.
  14. Then open all the other G/L accounts.
  15. In the Messages tab there is an exception reported for each material: Exception occurred.



As the posting preview suggests you have tried to migrate inventory values of 0,00 LC. But the value updating of inventory is based on material valuation data, meaning, the account determination as well as the inventory cost data valid on the migration posting date.
As for some materials there was no inventory cost maintained an exception was raised for all materials.

However, the migration could be finished and a Goods and Service Confirmation was created. But, this document could not be posted to accounting and appears as unposted source document in the Closing Cockpit of the General Ledger workcenter.


  1. In the Inventory Valuation workcenter navigate to the Master Data - Materials view. 
  2. Find the materials for which a 0,00 LC amount is displayed in the posting preview of the Inventory migration.
  3. Select the material and press Maintain Valuation Data.
  4. Maintain an inventory cost for the materials and make sure that this entry is valid on the date of the inventory migration.

After all the affected materials got updated navigate to General Ledger and there to Closing Cockpit - Source Documents:

  1. Find the unposted Goods and Activity Confirmation with status In Process.
  2. In the Messages section the missing value is reported: No value of subtransaction company, setofbooks ABC, BO out FIA_MATERIAL_LEDGER_ACCT, BO in FIA_GL_ACCOUNT.
  3. Press Actions- Post Business Transaction.

Once the posting is completed validate the now fully completed migration, for example with the Material Inventories - Balance History report:

  1. In the Inventory Valuation workcenter navigate to the Reports- List view and open the Material Inventories - Balance History report.
  2. Enter all the mandatory fields and press Go.
  3. The inventory values are updated.


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