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2082981 - Creating Groups on Jam


Jam administrators will want to add groups based on the changing requirements of a company

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SAP Jam Collaboration 


  1.     Click the Group tab and select 'Create a Group'.

     The Create Group page appears. This page has three categories of information to help you create and customize your group: General, Setup, and Participation.


  1.    Type a name for your group.

     Use a name that would help users distinguish your group from others. Click Check Group Name to see if there are other names that are similar to yours.

  1.     Type a description for your group.

     The description captures the group's objectives and helps to inform and attract other people who might be interested. If the group is public, the description is visible to others and they can search for the group's description. When the group is private, the description is visible when someone is invited or joins the group.

  1.    Select a Group Type for your group.

      There are three types of groups to select from:

  • Public Internal Group - A group that anyone in your company can join, view, and edit. 
  • Private Internal Group - A group where members must be explicitly invited to view or post group items. This group can only be edited by SAP Jam administrators and group administrators and the group name can only be seen by invited members. The group name, members, content, and description are not visible to anyone not invited to join the group.
  • Private External Group - A group that lets you communicate with members of different companies in a private, invitation only space. This group can only be edited by SAP Jam administrators and group administrators. (Please note that this feature is a part of the paid Jam product).

        Note: The group type cannot be changed afterwards.

  1.      Select the group status.

      You can select one of the following options:

  • Activate this Group now - The group is activated immediately with no content. You can start inviting group members.
  • Activate this Group later - Lets you populate the group with content before others can see it.

      You cannot invite group members until you set the status to live.

  1.      Select the group Invite Policy.

      You can select one of the following options:

  •  All group members - All group members are allowed to invite new members.
  • Only group admins - Only the group admins are allowed to invite new members.
  1.     [Optional] Click the Setup tab and add the following information for your group:
  • Announcement - Create a welcome message or user agreement that all group members will see on their first visit to the group.
  • Photo - Upload a group picture to be displayed on the group's main page. The maximum size for a group image is 110 x 110 px.
  • "About Page" as landing page - If you have created an "About" wiki page, you can choose to make it your group's landing page. When this option is selected, the "About" page will be the first thing users see each time they enter the group. This can be very helpful if your group has regularly updated goals, a running task list or any group-related information that gets updated frequently.

     If you don't select this option group members will see the "About" page on their first visit after the page has been created and the group's feed wall on subsequent visits.

     Auto-subscribe - Users will automatically receive e-mail notifications when new items are posted to the group. Note:Group members can override the default setting to stop receiving e-mail notifications.

  1.     [Optional] Click the Participation tab and select from the following options:


  • Info - Only group admins can create, edit, post, comment, and like feed items in the group. All users can view and download group content, but they are not allowed to comment, post or edit. Chats, discussions, polls, and tasks are not available with Info participation settings. This group type is not for collaboration, but only for broadcasting information.
  • Expert - Only admins can create and upload new content. All users can edit, post, comment, like, and view group content.
  • Upload a policy. If you choose the full participation setting, you can restrict the upload policy according to your needs:
  • All group members - all members of your group can upload new content items.
  • Only group admins - only group admins can upload new content items. All group members are allowed to comment or edit content.
  1.      Click Create a Group at the bottom of the page


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