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2083181 - Error In GR/IR Run : Fiscal year YYYY And Period MMM+1 Not Open For Company ABC And Set Of Books XYZ


When you execute the GR/IR run for Period MMM / Year YYYY, you get the error for the Later period(s).

Error : Fiscal year YYYY and period MMM+1 not open for company ABC and set of books XYZ.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Inventory Valuation work center
  2. Select GR/IR Clearing Run view
  3. Search for the Run ID
  4. Click on View
  5. Go to Data Selection Tab
  6. Here note the Period/year for which GR/IR run was executed. For example Period 007/2014.
  7. Go to Messages Tab

Here you will see the error message : "Fiscal year YYYY and period MMM+1 not open for company ABC and set of books XYZ." This error message will be displayed for later period (For example : period 009/2014)

There are no subsequent document(s) posted in the later period (i.e after period 007/2014 till current period) for the documents processed in the GR/IR clearing run.


In the Processed with errors tab of the GR/IR run, you can find the purchase order for which error is raised. Material used in the purchase order is using the cost method as Moving Average. There are postings in the later periods for this material and there are revaluation to be posted due to GR/IR clearing run. System tries to adjust the values of all later periods. If system does not recalculates the price for the later periods, and only calculates for the period for which run is executed, price of material in later period will be inconsistent. 

In order to calculate and post the revaluation, periods should be open However the these period(s) are closed for the operational posting and hence GR/IR Clearing run throws the error.


You can use the report : Material inventories - line item to see all the posting for the Material.

In order to execute the GR/IR clearing run, You need to open all the future periods where there are postings.

Step A : Opening the period

  1. Navigate to General Ledger work center
  2. Choose Set of books and assigned companies sub view
  3. Select the company and click on open and close period
  4. Select the respective period
  5. Open the period for operational postings

Also check the process control maintained for the period and if required create a process control entry by following below steps.

Step B : Adjusting the process control if required

  1. Navigate to General Ledger work center
  2. Choose Companies sub view
  3. Choose the Company ID with Set of Books ID
  4. Click on Set Process Control button
  5. Click on Add row
  6. Enter the values as below
    1. Process Control Status : 1 - Not Blocked
    2. Business Process Group : 01 - All
    3. From Posting Date : DD.MM.YYYY (for example : 01.09.2014)
    4. To Posting Date : DD.MM.YYYY (for example : 30.09.2014)
    5. Entry Possible Until : DD.MM+1.YYYY (For example : 15.10.2014)

The period of the From Posting Date / To Posting Date always refers to the posting date in the source document. Posting date the document should be in between From posting date and to posting date.

Entry Possible Until : The date in this field refers to the entry date in the source document. You can allow, for example, that a source document can still be entered for a period after the accounting period has been closed as long as the document has a posting date within the accounting period.

After Opening the period and maintaining the Process control Settings, execute the GR/IR run again.

See Also

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