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2083350 - SAP Jam: What are Public and Private Groups?


  • What are Public and Private Groups?


  • SAP Jam.


Public Groups:

  • Public Groups are open to anyone in the organization.  Content, comments and feed items posted to the group are searchable and become a permanent resource. The openness of a public group is often beneficial for the simple reason that ideas and effort can be contributed from anywhere in the organization. You never know where innovation will come from and a system like CubeTree helps unlock hidden resources.  (Example: a group of engineers, designers and project mangers who are working on the next release of a product.)


Private Groups:

  • Private groups require an invitation from the group administrator(s) or a group member in order to gain access to the content. Data in a private group is only available to members of that group and is a great place to work on sensitive projects or on early drafts of information that is not ready to be made public.
  • For example, preparing for and delivering financial data for board meetings; discussing performance plans with a manager; or creating engineering resource plans for an upcoming release.
  • Feed items posted to a private group that you are a member of will display the private group information as shown below.  Users who are not members of that private group will not be able to see the post, even if viewing your profile wall.

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