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How do I set my email preferences?

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SAP Jam Collaboration


Email Preferences Page

Jam can send you email notifications for just about everything.  This can be a great way to acclimate yourself when you first start using Jam, but once you're used to checking it, you may wish to eliminate some of that inbox clutter. You can easily change which email notifications you will receive by going to Account settings > Email.

This is a preview on how the Email Preferences looks like:


As you can see, the page is divided in three tabs:

  • Notifications
  • Group Notifications
  • Collaboration


The Notifications tab is designed to bring all the notifications settings in general. It is divided in two sections: Activity that involves you and Daily Summary Emails. As examples, we can mention: Forums, Videos and Images you are tagged in, @@notify, etc.

To confirm if you want receive that type of notification, you just need to mark the checkbox in the right side of the page, in the column "Receive Emails". You can use also the general button in the top of each section, it will mark all the options above that section.

Note: If you see a yellow background in some options, it means that due to infrequent activity, that notification will no longer be sent in an upcoming product release (there is also a hint on the warning icon that tells the same).


Group Notifications

The Group Notifications page brings listed all the groups you are part of. For each one you can set the frequency you want to receive the notifications. You can also use the major dropdown in the top-right side of the page and set the same frequency for all the groups at the same time.

To edit the frequency individually, you just need to click in the dropdown and select any of the options: None, Immediate, Daily or Weekly.



In this tab, you will see an option of e-mail that you can use to update content in SAP Jam. When viewing your e-mail notifications, you can respond directly from the e-mail, which will display in SAP Jam. On the Collaboration tab, you can accept the default e-mail address that's used for posting updates to SAP Jam, or you can click Reset Email Address to provide another e-mail address.


Additional Notes:

  • You can post a comment within Jam by responding to emails for applicable feed events (those that support the Comment action including Comments and Direct Messages you receive from the objects and people you are following). To do so, reply in email to any of these notifications and whatever you put in the Body of the email will show up in the feed as a comment you've added to the feed item.

  • You can turn off an email notification by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link provided at the bottom of any email you receive. When you click on "Unsubscribe" you will have the option of unsubscribing from the specific notification type ("Just this one") or to stop all email notifications sent by CubeTree ("Stop all emails"). You can always return to your Account settings > Email Settings to re-enable email notifications.

  • Set your personal profile status by emailing an update to your Jam account. Every user on Jam has a specific email address to use to post a status update. You can find it by going to your "Account" page and looking for it at the top of the page. Jam uses the text from the Body of the email as the Status Update. This text will be visible to all members in your company.

  • More details about these and about the remaining Email settings you can see in the SAP Help Portal page: SAP Help Portal - Email Settings

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