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2083927 - Changes to Live Worksheets and template data - Compensation & Variable Pay


  • There are a few options available to a Compensation administrator when it it comes to worksheet modifications
  • This KB article explains how to change live Compensation or Variable Pay program data


  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation
  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay



  • Testing thoroughly before launching to end users is the best way to prevent issues in the first place
  • Do not launch any live worksheets until you are 100% sure of their integrity so that updates to live forms are not required
  • If you have not yet launched worksheets, and are looking for information on updating your program see KB article 2084014

Data Changes for Reloadable Fields

  • Compensation and Variable Pay programs are heavily data driven processes
  • When worksheets are setup correctly, fields that can be updated will be set as reloadable
  • For information on reimporting new values to live worksheets please see KB article 2084190

Note: If a field was not set as reloadable prior to launching it will not be possible to change on live worksheets

Changes to Live Forms and Programs via Admin Tools

  • Some options via admin tools apply to live worksheets
  • These are the ONLY supported options available and include:


  • Add or delete people from worksheets > Admin Tools > Plan > Manage Worksheet > Add Employee/Delete Employee
  • Correcting a person who is on the wrong worksheet > Admin Tools > Plan > Manage Worksheets > Move Employee
  • Change the eligibility rules > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Eligibility Rules > Apply
  • Change the currency conversion rates > Admin > Compensation > Manage Currency Conversion Rate Tables
    Note: This Immediately applies to all worksheets, including completed worksheets. Use a new table for each new program to avoid accidental changes to other programs. Changes apply as soon as worksheets are opened. Executive Review may not immediately reflect any changes, especially under the Budget tab. 
  • Allow edit of completed worksheets > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Allow edit of completed Compensation forms
  • Prevent people from editing completed worksheets > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Allow edit of completed Compensation forms
  • Values on completed forms via Executive Review import. It is possible to correct some data even on completed forms via Executive Review > Export > Update > Import


  • Hide Statements from users > Go to Admin Tools > Configure Employee Files, make sure the status of Comp or Variable Pay Statement is unchecked
  • You can launch new/updated statements to individuals if their information has changed
  • It is not possible to change live statement design. You will need to update statement template via Admin Tools > recall old statements > create new statements

Executive Review

  • Improve Executive Review performance by not loading live data on every interaction > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Executive Review: do not automatically retrieve compensation data
  • Enable in-line editing via Executive Reviews: Ask support to enable > Provisioning > Company Settings > Use edit-in-place for executive review edit
  • Enable or disable the ability for executives to download and mass update Executive Review via Excel upload: Ask support to enable > Provisioning > Company Settings > Enable Compensation Excel Offline Edit


  • Enable or disable the rollup report > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Enable Roll-up Report
  • Enable or disable budget holdbacks > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Include holdback amount in planner budget
  • Enable or disable Team Budget View > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Executive review: enable team budget view

Other Options

  • Field-Based Permissions: Under Compensation Home, setting a field's FBP settings to View, Edit, or Disabled under Plan Setup > Design Worksheet will not require a relaunch
  • Enable or disable hierarchy based approvals (HBA) > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Enable Compensation Hierarchy Based Approvals
  • Customize Profile Layout: Compa Ratio text, Range Penetration text, and section name may be customized using the text replacement admin tool. > Admin Tools > Text Replacement
  • Customize Profile: Compensation Period History View > Admin Tools > Compensation > Actions for All Plans > Compensation Profile page and select the plan to edit > Define Compensation Period History View
  • Change the currency/number format > From any page > Options Menu > Compensation Number Format
  • Change the number of displayed records per page > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Maximum Page Size
  • Adjust the youCalc size (report widgets) Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Maximum YouCalc Entry Size

Using Update Compensation Form and Update Compensation Form for Template

  • For information on how to pull new data into worksheets see KB article 2084675
  • This functionality enables you to update the forms attached to a comp or VP program template
  • Typically, this needs to be run after you have imported new data

Changes NOT Supported in Live Programs:

  • Changing the order of columns once worksheets are live.
  • Add, Delete, or Hide a Field Column.
  • Changing the PM form its connected to.
  • Changing the fields currently set as reportable.
  • Proration Variables.
  • Changing Rating Source.
  • Worksheet Tab names.
  • Plan Setup Settings.
  • Add, update or remove Youcalc widget.
  • Changing field or program calculations.
  • Program guidelines.
  • Changing Currency views: Functional Currency, Planner Currency, Local Currency
  • Variabe Pay Program Properties Screen.
  • Most budget data through Plan Setup> Plan Details> Budget (only changing components updates live worksheets)
  • EC Integration Points.
  • Variable Pay Goal Sections.
  • Change Alerts/Messages and warnings.
  • Start-End date of period.
  • Message Keys. The form localization attribute msgKey is not supported.
  • Disable quick cards in the worksheet.
  • Changing the reportable flag.
  • Updating CalcTotal xml flag.
  • any other fields that will result in mapping to the custom fields in comp_entry.
  • rating-source elements or p4p data change.
  • In case of embedded comp forms, changing comp template id in the pm template xml is disallowed.
  • comp-manager-hierarchy and rollup-users attribute values calculated-rating-labelunrated-rating.

Note: This is NOT a definitive list

Custom XML Configuration Changes to Live Worksheets

XML changes for live Compensation or VarPay programs are not supported

See Also

  • KB article 2084190 - Reloadable fields and Import Keys - Compensation
  • KB article 2084014 - Online Change Consultant - Creating and Updating Compensation Programs - Compensation
  • KB article 2084675 - Update Compensation Forms and Update Compensation Forms for Template - Compensation
  • KB article 2195717 - XML Software Change Requests for Compensation and Variable Pay Programs - Compensation


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