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2083927 - Changes to Live Worksheets and template data - Compensation & Variable Pay


  • There are a few options available to a Compensation administrator when it it comes to worksheet modifications
  • This KB article explains how to change live Compensation or Variable Pay program data


  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation
  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay



  • Testing thoroughly before launching to end users is the best way to prevent issues in the first place
  • Do not launch any live worksheets until you are 100% sure of their integrity so that updates to live forms are not required
  • If you have not yet launched worksheets, and are looking for information on updating your program see KB article 2084014

Data Changes for Reloadable Fields

  • Compensation and Variable Pay programs are heavily data driven processes
  • When worksheets are setup correctly, fields that can be updated will be set as reloadable
  • For information on reimporting new values to live worksheets please see KB article 2084190

Note: If a field was not set as reloadable prior to launching it will not be possible to change on live worksheets

Changes to Live Forms and Programs via Admin Tools

  • Some options via admin tools apply to live worksheets
  • These are the ONLY supported options available and include:


  • Add or delete people from worksheets > Admin Tools > Plan > Manage Worksheet > Add Employee/Delete Employee
  • Correcting a person who is on the wrong worksheet > Admin Tools > Plan > Manage Worksheets > Move Employee
  • Change the eligibility rules > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Eligibility Rules > Apply
  • Change the currency conversion rates > Admin > Compensation > Manage Currency Conversion Rate Tables
    Note: This Immediately applies to all worksheets, including completed worksheets. Use a new table for each new program to avoid accidental changes to other programs
  • Allow edit of completed worksheets > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Allow edit of completed Compensation forms
  • Prevent people from editing completed worksheets > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Allow edit of completed Compensation forms
  • Values on completed forms via Executive Review import. It is possible to correct some data even on completed forms via Executive Review > Export > Update > Import


  • Hide Statements from users > Go to Admin Tools > Configure Employee Files, make sure the status of Comp or Variable Pay Statement is unchecked
  • You can launch new/updated statements to individuals if their information has changed
  • It is not possible to change live statement design. You will need to update statement template via Admin Tools > recall old statements > create new statements

Executive Review

  • Improve Executive Review performance by not loading live data on every interaction > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Executive Review: do not automatically retrieve compensation data
  • Enable in-line editing via Executive Reviews: Ask support to enable > Provisioning > Company Settings > Use edit-in-place for executive review edit
  • Enable or disable the ability for executives to download and mass update Executive Review via Excel upload: Ask support to enable > Provisioning > Company Settings > Enable Compensation Excel Offline Edit


  • Enable or disable the rollup report > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Enable Roll-up Report
  • Enable or disable budget holdbacks > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Include holdback amount in planner budget
  • Enable or disable Team Budget View > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Executive review: enable team budget view

Other Options

  • Enable or disable hierarchy based approvals (HBA) > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Enable Compensation Hierarchy Based Approvals
  • Customize Profile Layout: Compa Ratio text, Range Penetration text, and section name may be customized using the text replacement admin tool. > Admin Tools > Text Replacement
  • Customize Profile: Compensation Period History View > Admin Tools > Compensation > Actions for All Plans > Compensation Profile page and select the plan to edit > Define Compensation Period History View
  • Change the currency/number format > From any page > Options Menu > Compensation Number Format
  • Change the number of displayed records per page > Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Maximum Page Size
  • Adjust the youCalc size (report widgets) Admin Tools > Compensation > Template Advanced Settings > Maximum YouCalc Entry Size

Using Update Compensation Form and Update Compensation Form for Template

  • For information on how to pull new data into worksheets see KB article 2084675
  • This functionality enables you to update the forms attached to a comp or VP program template
  • Typically, this needs to be run after you have imported new data

Changes NOT Supported in Live Programs:

  • Changing the order of columns once worksheets are live.
  • Add, Delete, or Hide a Field Column.
  • Changing the PM form its connected to.
  • Changing the fields currently set as reportable.
  • Proration Variables.
  • Changing Rating Source.
  • Worksheet Tab names.
  • Plan Setup Settings.
  • Add, update or remove Youcalc widget.
  • Changing field or program calculations.
  • Program guidelines.
  • Changing Currency views: Functional Currency, Planner Currency, Local Currency
  • Variabe Pay Program Properties Screen.
  • Most budget data through Plan Setup> Plan Details> Budget (only changing components updates live worksheets)
  • EC Integration Points.
  • Variable Pay Goal Sections.
  • Change Alerts/Messages and warnings.
  • Start-End date of period.
  • Message Keys. The form localization attribute msgKey is not supported.
  • Disable quick cards in the worksheet.
  • Changing the reportable flag.
  • Updating CalcTotal xml flag.
  • any other fields that will result in mapping to the custom fields in comp_entry.
  • rating-source elements or p4p data change.
  • In case of embedded comp forms, changing comp template id in the pm template xml is disallowed.
  • comp-manager-hierarchy and rollup-users attribute values calculated-rating-labelunrated-rating.

Note: This is NOT a definitive list

Custom XML Configuration Changes to Live Worksheets

XML changes for live Compensation or VarPay programs are not supported

See Also

  • KB article 2084190 - Reloadable fields and Import Keys - Compensation
  • KB article 2084014 - Online Change Consultant - Creating and Updating Compensation Programs - Compensation
  • KB article 2084675 - Update Compensation Forms and Update Compensation Forms for Template - Compensation
  • KB article 2195717 - XML Software Change Requests for Compensation and Variable Pay Programs - Compensation


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SAP SuccessFactors Compensation all versions ; SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite all versions


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