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2083963 - Compensation & Variable Pay - Decentralised Administration


This article walks through the process of having decentralised administrative setup within Compensation and Variable Pay templates and how admins can restrict access to specific area's of templates.

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With decentralised administration provides customers the ability of managing and restricting certain aspects of Compensation and Variable Pay templates.

The decentralised feature provided in the Compensation/Variable Pay allows different administration groups, teams, regions etc to use a one shared template across the entire organisation to manage their Compensation processes and data. Local Human Resource teams may choose to locally manage elements of their Compensation and Variable Pay Plan template setup.

An administrator with Super Admin privileges can oversee setup activities for all local Compensation administrators. Each local administration team can manage guidelines for their region, but is restricted from viewing guidelines for other regions.

Large companies who administer Compensation locally might opt in to this feature. Many security features are in place to ensure that administrators can access data only for their assigned markets, regions, teams, and groups.

More information on this can also be found in both product guides:


Variable Pay

How to enable?

This feature can be enabled from Compensation Home> Action for all plans> Company Settings> Enable Decentralised Administration.

decentralised admin option.jpg

What's next?

Once this feature has been enabled dynamic groups need to be created via Action for all plans as well as assigning super admin permissions

For any super admin, assign the following permissions once this feature is enabled

decentralised admin permissions.jpg

Go to Compensation Home> Action for all plans> Group Assignment and select the "Manage Administrator Groups" option.

decentralised admin groups.jpg

Here, you can create groups which can later be used and selected from templates.


In Compensation, guidelines is currently the feature which can be managed with decentralised administration groups.

Once groups are created you may assign which groups can view and edit specific formulas.

decentralised admin compensation guidelines.jpg

The import function from the admin page

    Variable Pay

    In Variable Pay you many manage the following through decentralised administration:

    • Variable Pay Guidelines
    • Variable Pay Bonus Plans
    • Variable Pay Business Goals
    • Variable Pay Business Goal Weights

    Breakdown of these between a local and super admin is below:

    Role Guidelines Bonus Plans Weights Business Goals Validation Reports
    • Create, read, update, and delete all guidelines in a Variable Pay program.
    • Lock guideline rules using the lock icon. Once locked, rules can’t be modified.

    Note: To restrict formulas on guidelines, use the Administrator Group column to select a group

    • In the import file, the Administrator_Group column can be left blank.
    • View, edit export and import all bonus plans in the program.

    Note: Bonus plans that aren’t associated with any admin groups are accessible only to super admins

    • There are no admin group associated with a business goal weights.

    Note: To define the business goal weights for a bonus plan, the admin must have access to bonus plans and the business goals. There’s no change in the

    • Access all business goals defined in the organisation

    Note: When importing goals the Administrator_Group column can be left blank if required. If not, define a group

    • Access to all data
    • Export or import guidelines using a CSV file only for their region.
    • Create, view, and edit only the guidelines that belong to their admin group only.

    Note: In the import file, column Q must contain the admin group name that’s associated with them.

    • View, edit, import, and export the bonus plans that belong to their admin groups.
    • In the import file, the Administrator_Group column must be associated with a group where they are a member of it, and cannot be left blank.
      If incorrect admin groups are associated in the file, on completion of the job, local admins receive an email.

    Note: A bonus plan export populates only the administrator groups that are applicable for their groups.

    • There are no admin group associated with a business goal weights.
    • Access only the business goals that are associated within their admin groups.
    • Export the business goals that are associated with their admin groups
    • Access only to the data associated with their admin groups.


    Should you be within a permission group to see certain Bonus Plans as well as having permission to run bonus calculation, you will see all plans.

    Please ensure to restrict the calculation of bonus to admins per the below RBP permission.

    set bonus calculation rbp.jpg

    Good to know..

    Guidelines Lock Icon

    Any user having "Decentralised Admin" permission will be considered as a super admin.

    While logged in with this permission the guidelines page will populate a guidelines lock icon.jpg which can be used for locking/unlocking guidelines from any further modifications.

    Once the guideline is locked there will only be export option in the "Take Actions" drop-down menu. This will export all the formulas belonging to that guideline.

    This functionality will enable the central admin prevent changes by local admins once a cycle starts.


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