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2084007 - Top 12 Reasons Why Worksheets Do Not Create and Troubleshooting Tips - Compensation


This document lists all common reasons why Compensatio Worksheets do not create.

**Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental**


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The following covers only the most common causes. Compensation templates are typically customized to your company's needs and may contain additional elements not referred to here.

  1. Admin Guide: Please refer to your admin guide provided at the time of implementation to confirm that you are following all the required steps in the required order for your forms and process.
  2. Permissions: Make sure you have granted yourself all required permissions to perform the create. This can differ per client depending on your configuration and process.
    1. Form Creation Permissions
      The administrator must enable form creation permissions for all those who are involved in creation compensation plans.
      To ensure the administrator has Compensation form permissions, go to Manage Security > Permission to Create forms.
    2. Planner Permissions: If a new plan and you are using compensation planners have you granted admin permissions to create forms based on this new plan? Go to admin tools > Compensation Administration >  Manage Compensation Planner Permission
  3. Route Map: Ensure the template has a route map, and the correct route map linked to it via admin tools.
    1. Make sure the steps in the routemap are valid. If the first step in the routemap is an "EX" step and there is not a matrix manager loaded, that would be the issue.
  4. Pay Matrix: The Minimum of a salary grade should not be zero. This issue can cause some forms to create, but other to fail
    1. Pay Matrix: The Minimum of a salary grade should not equal the max of the grade. This issue can cause some forms to create, but other to fail
    2. Naming: Make sure the Pay matrix you have assigned in the xml matches exactly to the one you have in the Admin Tools, Compensation Administration, Manage Salary Pay Matrices area of Admin Tools. If the pay matrix does not exist it can cause some strange issues to occur. In the past this would cause forms to not create, but this may no longer be the case.
  5. PM Form: The compensation form references a form-id that does not exist in the instance. If you will not be using a pm form within the compensation form, set it to -1 (most clients will refer to a new PM form)
    1. If you have created a new plan and new performance form have you adjusted the compensation plan to point to the new PM form?
    2. If you transferred your form templates from test to production have you updated the template ID's as the template ID between test and production are often not the same.
  6. Eligibility: Check to make sure that there are employees who are eligible for compensation. Check the COMPENSATION_ELIGIBLE, COMPENSATION_SALARY_ELIGIBLE, COMPENSATION_BONUS_ELIGIBLE and COMPENSATION_STOCK_ELIGIBLE fields
    If you are using the TARGET fields (BONUS_TARGET, LUMPSUM_TARGET, MERIT_TARGET), make sure there is no text in the field of the employee import file. Putting in a value like N/A for employees who were not eligible for a lumpsum increase will cause the forms not to create. Make sure to put a 0 or Null value in there.
  7. Data Format: Check to see if there are any commas in the fields of the import file. Do an export to see what has been loaded. If you see commas in the salary, target or other fields, this is likely the cause. Remove all comma's and reload. Even if you are trying to create a form for someone who does not have commas in their fields (but others do), it will cause this to occur:

            Form Template Name: Corp Compensation Form
            The creation of compensation plans has completed with ERRORS.
            There were 0 plan(s) created.
            There were errors while creating plans for the following:
            Adrian Adams - Other Error

  8. Coding issue in the XML. Some people have reported that their XML will compile (load into provisioning) fine, but there was something in the XML that caused the forms not to generate. They would receive the "Other Error" email as described above.
    1. The following tag <comp-plan-creation rollup-users="1"/> should only be used in a compensation form if you plan to use the Compensation Planner Flag functionality. If this in the xml, the form will look at the compensation planner flag on the employee import file while it creates the form. If the compensation planner data has not been loaded, it will only create a form for the person in the "Head of Hierarchy" of the manage compensation form.
    2. If you are not using the compensation planner flag functionality, remove the following tag from the xml:
      <comp-plan-creation rollup-users="1"/>
  9. Hierarchy: Check the tags in the xml that define the hierarchy to be used for the compensation plan.
    1. If you are using regular manager hierarchy it needs to be <comp-manager-hierarchy type="1"/>
    2.  If you are using SECOND_MANAGER functionality functionality it should be set to  <comp-manager-hierarchy type="2"/>
    3. Make sure you are importing the userdata in the correct columns based on the above hierarchy.
    4. Head of Hierarchy: For second manager populate the userid of the planner who will be doing planning for each employee in the SECOND_MANAGER field on the import file. The person at the top of the second_manager hierarchy needs to have a blank in their second_manager field. It cannot be NO_MANAGER
  10. Data Import: If you are using the Second Manager functionality you need to review the data file that has been loaded to make sure the second manager hierarchy does not have any breaks in it. Look at people reporting to non-active employees.
  11. Planner Mode: If using the compensation planner flag functionality, it uses the hierarchy defined in the MANAGER field along with the value in the COMPENSATION_PLANNER_xx field on the import file. If the forms are not being created, look at the manager hierarchy. Note: The ID _xx number refers to a specific compensation template, so you need to change this number each year to refer to the new comp plan template. Please contact Customer Support to get the template ID.
  12. Effective Dates: This is only applicable for EC Integrated Templates (Can be checked via Template Settings > Employee Central Settings > Effective date is defined). The effective date of the template should be after the effective date of Employee's Job Information effective date. If the effective date of the template is after the effective date of all of the employee under planner, worksheet will not be launched. If select users did not meet the effective date criteria, these select employees will not be included in the worksheet.

Troubleshooting Tips

There are many ways to troubleshoot these issues, but below is a list of things to help narrow down where the issue exists:

  1. Export the data out of the system and use that as the basis to troubleshoot the data. Do not use the file you loaded to troubleshoot. There are several reasons for this.
    1. There may have been a file loaded (without you knowing) that has different values than your file.
    2. The last time you loaded the data, it may not have loaded correctly. Even if the log file came back with no errors, there still could have been issues with the compensation data since not all compensation fields are validated
    3. This is the data that is actually being used to drive the process, not the data on your hard drive.
  2. Try creating the compensation forms using your test hierarchy. If it works for the test hierarchy, but not the client's data, the issue is most certainly a data not XML issue.
  3. Go back to the last version of the XML that worked. If this version does not work, then look at the data. If it does work, then most likely it is some change that was made in the XML. BTW, this is exactly why you should always have different versions of the xml as you progress through the project.
  4. Load the XML into the test instance and try and create the forms using the test hierarchy loaded in there. This can help you determine a few things:
    1. Is it a data issue?
    2. Is it something related to the salary matrix
    3. If it works then the XML is most likely correct - suspect the data
  5. Create a simple routemap with only an "E" step. This will help you isolate the routemap as being the issue.


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