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Admin Guides for compensation and variable pay cycle


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  • This series will present you with all the main areas you need to consider in creating a new program as well as common errors and issues we have seen clients struggle with in the past when full testing is not performed.
  • (Note: if you have a Variable Pay Program as opposed to standard compensation, please use our Online Change Consultant - Creating and Updating Variable Pay Programs instead.


Compensation: Admin Guide to Starting a New Process - Official Compensation Administrator Guide

We pubish all admin guides here. Please download the current compensation admin guide. An essential tool for all compensation administrators.


Admin Cheat Sheet:

For those administrators that are well trained and are very familiar with their programs who only need a high level reminder we provide this cheat sheet for you. This cheat sheet condenses all of the following guides (over 100 pages of content) into a single page document to aid you in quickly completing your year-over-year changes.


Admin Guide to Starting a New Process - Admin Tasks Timeline 

The success of any program relies of proper planning. This guide outlines the many tasks that need to be completed and how far in advance you need to plan to complete each task.


Admin Guide to Relaunching an Existing Program - Checklists, Tips and Gothchas,

Many admins fail to relize the many tasks and updates that need to be made even when you are copying an existing program. This guide contains downloadable documents that explain step-by-step the common elements you will need to update before launching worksheets.



Changes to Live Worksheets, Data and Compensation Programs:
There are two levels of changes that might be needed.

  1. Changes to data, people, settings, reports:
  2. Changes to core xml template:
    1. It is important to know that for the most part we do not support any XML level changes for live Compensation or VarPay programs. To see the very limited xml changes your Cloud Product Support team can complete for free please see: Supported XML Configuration Changes via Cloud Product Support Change Request (SCR)


Compensation: Admin Guide to Starting a New Process - Testing & Troubleshooting

This guide provides important reminders that need to be considered before launching any worksheets to end users. It also references common problems you may encounter when launching worksheets.


When using "Self-Service" it is important to understand what is and is not supported via Support. This article sheds light on the common misundertanding of what Customer Support can and cannot do for administrators that are managing their own programs using self-service to avoid costs typically associated with managing a compensation program via PS or Partner Services.


Training & TutorialsCloud Learning Center

Success Academy's Cloud Learning Center enables you to easily learn about SuccessFactors products! By putting world class training sessions at your fingertips, you can learn how to administer your investiment in SuccessFactors like never before!


Please visit the Cloud Learning Center today to view the many courses available.




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