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2084157 - Budget - Compensation Management


  • This article outlines how to manage compensation budget calculations.
  • Where can this be done within compensation?

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SAP SuccessFactors Compensation



  • Admin Tools > Compensation Home > Select Plan Template > Plan Setup > Plan Details > Budget
  • If you can't see this option please open a support ticket to enable this feature via Provisioning> Compensation Management> Manage Compensation Plan Template.
  • The Budgets link allows you to add/edit/delete budgets for different components of your compensation form. Administrators can make simple changes to some types of budget calculations.
  • If your budget calculation uses a custom field, it is not recommended to change the budget calculation without guidance from SuccessFactors or your implementation partner.
  • Use this page to define Compensation Budget.

    NOTE: The Admin Tools Budget interface is intended for making common updates to the current configuration, and does not include ALL configuration options.
    There are some configurable elements under “Advanced Options” which may be configurable by you and/or the customer but reflect complex changes to process.
    Use caution when making changes to Advanced Options and contact Customer Success if you have questions.

      compensation budget.png


You can define the following attributes

This is what you can do from Take Action:

  • Add budget and define how it is calculated (Add Budget Calculation)
  • Delete budgets (Take Action> Delete)
  • Edit budgets (Take Action> Edit)

budget attributes.png

While creating or editing a budget there will be a pop-up screen. Within this screen you are able to set values for the following.


  • PercentOfCurSal (see example below)
  • PercentOfMeritTarget (see example below)
  • PercentOfLumpsumTarget
  • PercentOfLumpsum2Target
  • DeltaOfCurSal
  • DirectAmountGuideline
  • PercentOfBonusTarget
  • PercentOfTotalGoalBasis
  • PercentOfCalculatedForecastBasis
  • PercentOfCalculatedForecast2Basis
  • PercentOfCalculatedResultsBasis
  • PercentOfCustomField
  • BudgetByIndividualGuideline
  • BudgetByTeamGuideline

Used for

  • Salary
  • Bonus
  • Stock
  • Option


These are fields within design worksheet which will affect your overall budget. For example, should you use Merit, any values entered here will be taken away from the overall budget.

Budget Value

This is the percentage of budget you would like to use. For example, if this is 50 and you are using percentOfCurSal the value entered will be 50% of the current salaries.

Based on

  • User
  • Group
  • Template
  • Planner

Advanced options

  • Include Ineligible Yes/No
  • Family Name
  • Prorating Yes/No
  • Hide Percentage Yes/No
  • Import Key
  • Base Custom Field
  • Allocation Columns
  • Use Final Payout For VP Budget Yes No
  • Language 

In the pop-up screen, change the budget value to change the percent of the budget. Below we use percent of the salary at 50% and what affects buget is the Merit field.

exmaple budget.png

Common budget change scenarios

As shown above you can edit the budgets from Plan Setup> Plan Details> Budget> Select the Budget> Take Action> Edit. The following is additional information on the most commonly used budget modes.

Is budget configured as a Percent of Salary?

Customer needs to update the percent approved by the Board of Directors for the new plan year. Update the “Budget Value” to the approved percent.


Budget will take a percentage of the individual’s current salary. When the Based On is also set to “template” every individual that receives the template will be assigned the same budget value (indicated in the Budget Value section).

PercentOfMeritTarget (or PercentOfLumpsumTarget)

When the budget is based on a target, the administrator loads a target amount for each user in the employee import file.

The budget will be based on that target amount. The most common budget value is 100, for 100%.

This means that the budget will be based on 100% of the targets. See screenshot below.



Budget will take a percentage of the defined custom field.

Note: If the budget is using a custom field (in advanced options), the custom field MUST be set as a reportable field.

This will also apply if the budget allocation (Allocation Columns) are using custom fields. These MUST be a reportable.

Budget Custom.JPG


Without 'Reportable' selected on the field in design worksheet the total will = 0

With 'Reportable' selected, the total = Sum (value for allocation column) for the filter criteria selected.


  • There are many ways to configure budget calculations.
    If your budget does not use one of the above methods and you are unsure how to make a change, please get guidance from SuccessFactors or your partner before making changes.
    Make sure you always TEST your changes prior to making any changes in production instances.
  • This and other updates within the “Manage Compensation Plan template” must be updated prior to launching forms.
  • Any changes made to budgets do not affect live forms.

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