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2084235 - Manage Data - Proration - Merit guidelines and proration percentage shows as 0 - Compensation


  • The merit guidelines and proration percentage is coming 0 for employees. Merit guidelines are setup correctly under Guideline Matrix but not showing on forms.


  • Compensation


  • Each year or cycle you will need to manually adjust your proration Start Date and End Date values as these do not automatically adjust each year. These should be within the same fiscal year.
     Available from Admin Tools > Company Processes & Cycles > Compensation > Compensation Home >  Select a Plan > Plan Setup.



  • Fiscal Year End Date: Enter the End date, typically Dec 31st for many clients. Note: The system currently calculates proration based on 365 day period. 2016 is a leap year and will contain 366 days. At this time we recommend users will need to set the end date as 12/30/2016 otherwise calculations would only payout at 99.7% since our system is set at 365 days not 366.
  • Prorate Based On: Date or Percentage.
  • Proration Date: Set your date range (Typcially 1 year period). Note: if you fail to update your dates then your salary proration will be wrong and possbily result in negative or incorrect numbers.
  • Prorate Salaries based On: Hire Date or Enable prorating start and end date from user file.


  • If proration dates uploaded for users are not between the dates setup for template the value of proration percentage will be calculated as 0.
    e.g. you have copied last year’s template and the dates setup in template are of 2013 and you are uploading proration dates for current year i.e. 2014 for users then the calculated value of proration will be 0.


  •  Now if you have selected merit guidelines to be prorated,the merit guidelines will also show zero since proration value is zero.

      picture 1.png

  •  NOTE: If you are using date based proration and copying last year’s template, please make sure to change proration start date and end date to current year using new admin tools (not available in old admin tools).


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