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2084258 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.5 ESD#3 -SAP ASE


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR Number



DUMP command may fail with a message that "The 'open' call failed for device '/work2/test.dmp' with error number 2 (No such file or directory)" giving the name of the dump device. The problem is actually with a database device having been DISK INITed with a trailing space in the name or space with-in the name.


Query with a builtin function in the WHERE clause using advanced aggregation may fail producing stack traces in the errorlog.


Currently if more than one cluster is configured on a machine, the port ranges will need to be manually edited in the Sybcluster XML file. So, enhance the function of creating cluster to allow user enter starting port.


Whenever SybMigrate experiences any problems making a connection to either the source or destination ASE it always prints the same error: ERROR|The URL 'bruno-xp:5000' has an incorrect format. The correct format is: < hostname > : < port number > . This is very misleading.


JS template "jst_get_datestr" has a problem when "time" component is part of filename.


Error 247 is raised incorrectly in some cases when performing calculations on literal numeric values involving different implicit precision and scale.


When uninstalling SDK, "Uninstalling jConnect..." is shown twice in the progress screen.


AT_ISSTRIPELDED returned -1 Error messages for backupserver should be improved


Parallel BCPs into a semantically partitioned DOL table can deadlock when two sessions perform allocation at the same time. The deadlock information will consistently show the deadlock ccurring on rowid 0 for both spids.


ASE reports "Protocol < XXXXX > not supported within soc_nopen()" error in errorlog. This may be followed by SIGSEGV, SIGBUS or timeslice error and lead to ASE hang. ASE reports incorrect name of the function from which it is raised.


A procedural cross-db statement may fail with errors 208 'Table not found' during the upgrade process.


Parallel queries with more than 6 tables may perform poorly if any of the tables are roundrobin partitioned. The initial plan generated by the alternative greedy algorithm may not be able to be applied due to incompatible parallel degrees between a join's input sets. This problem can be diagnosed with show_abstract_plan tracing where "fail" will appear prior to completing the alternative greedy algorithm phase.


Stored procedure sp_poolconfig may exhibit inconsistent behaviour and display incorrect error messages.


High contention on ASE rdesmgr_spin spinlock may be seen with certain workload. This fix reduces contention on rdesmgr_spin in some scenarios on linuxamd64 and sun sparc64 platforms. It does not yield any benefit if des_bind is already used for all tables involved.


If a cursor is used to update a table which contains a TIMESTAMP column and this TIMESTAMP column is not in the cursor's SELECT list, ASE raises error msg 594 when updating other columns in the SELECT list.


On a server with a large number of objects the sp_sysmon report may take a long time to complete and report error number 1508.


sp_helpdb will not display information on a database if the suid column value in sysdatabases for that database does not exist in syslogins.


Under rare circumstances, due to missing cleanup code that is normally performed when an ASE task disconnects from the COTS JavaVM, stale entries for UDF/ADT objects may be left behind and could be processed mistakenly when the COTS JavaVM migrates to another engine resulting in unpredictable JavaVM processing and sometimes in ASE shutting itself implicitly.


The message "closetable: table already closed for sdes < value > " together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'closetable' and 'pg__allocate' may be reported in the error log when a DML command has been previously run and hit error 1105.


Backup Server does not print Operating System error when a Network error (status 32) is encountered in srv__io_check.


Deadlock IDs not correctly inserted into monDeadLock, they are always zero.


When literal autoparam is enabled, sometimes query with builtin function hash() and hashbytes() could raise parser error 11793.


A 12319 error, "Fatal internal error encountered during deferred dml on table ' < value > ' in database ' < value > '. All rows that qualified during the first phase were not visited during second phase of dml." may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'dodeferred' and 'dol_def_update' if an UPDATE command has been previously run against a data-only-locked table.


QPTune encounters premature end of file error when there is a different version of xercesImpl.jar released under $SYBASE_ASE/lib directory which might cause compatibility problems with QPTune. So we updated the classpath for running QPTune command to search xercesImpl.jar only under QPTune's own lib directory.


ASE CE setup with multiple buffer pools and multiple cache configured may hit timeslice with lock_multiple_physical function in call stack.


Oam recount thread during failover recovery performance is very slow.


The rowcount reported in sp_spaceused does not match with the actual row count.


Cluster may hang if a complex failure occurs when a node is shutdown and then killed.


In a shared disk cluster system, poor performance of failover recovery can result from an unnecessarily large number of disk writes that are performed when recalaculating OAM counts at the end of the failover recovery redo pass.


Sometimes the PCM handler raises an error 941 complaining about illegal database context operation.


When running a large number of dynamic sql statements, it could raise 8210 error with stacktrace followed by 2012 or 1780 or both 2012 and 1780 errors.


In rare circumstances, the message "kernel timeslice -1001, current process infected at 0x < value > " together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'rep_agent_thread', 'ra_process_lr', 'ra_trace', 'scerrlog' maybe be reported in the errorlog when RepAgent thread tracing is active.


CIS optimizer ignores sending index hint to the remote server if the proxy table is in a subquery.


Semi join costing estimates are inaccurate (these are the flatten correlated EXISTS subqueries, or some multi-table delete queries, or some cases of DISTINCT queries). The semi join row estimate should not be greater than the outer subplan estimate. Also some cases of semi-join underestimates are corrected in cases where the inner join estimate is fairly selective already. Use optcriteria cr631416 to turn on this change, or trace flag 16918, or use optlevel ase_current


It is possible to define an in-memory or other low durability database as a scratch database for an archive database.


In some circumstances, query on MDA table monCachedObject may affect ASE system performance.


sp_spaceusage may fail with error 247 arithmetic overflow if systabstats contains inconsistent allocation values for the table.


Sybase Central display of indexes index_keys lacks delimiters between each column involved in the index keys. e.g. if you try to distinguish what columns are involved in the index keys from the index list in Sybase Central then when there are multiple columns involved in the index, they are all concatinated into one long meaningless name ... ??? ... for example there is the index ... nc2syspartitions on ... master.dbo.syspartions with index_keys of ... id, indid, name -- but in Sybase Central this information is displayed as idindidname ... ??? ...


ASE reports "Protocol < XXXXX > not supported within soc_nopen()" error in errorlog. This may be followed by SIGSEGV, SIGBUS or timeslice error and lead to ASE hang.


Using a resource file to run sybmigrate allows the user to specify queries to produce lists of objects to migrate. When this method is used and one of the queries that has been included in the resource file returns no rows, Migration tool will report an error and the migration process stops.


Trace flag 16919 was added to turn off the optcriteria conserve_tempdb_space for all sessions and not require a login trigger. This trace flag will turn off conserve_tempdb_space whether or not this optcriteria is set.


Extended column aggregate views (sybase extension which allows columns in the select list of a GROUP BY aggregate which are not in the GROUP BY list) which in turn reference union views can lead to a signal 11 in markColForStat or ind_get_ides.


Using DDLGen to create ddl for all the objects in the database such as: ddlgen -Usa -Sservername -Ppw -Ddbname -TDB DDLGen generates the following info for system view: sysquerymetrics "-- Cannot Generate DDL for system view(s)."


Using ASE 15.0.2 or 15.0.3, for all platform, when RepAgent connect to RepServer (the first time), following message occurs: 00:00000:00013:2010/06/25 16:31:42.39 server Started Rep Agent on database, 'prim' (dbid = 4). Unable to retrieve localized message for ID 1 This message is reported even nor SSL nor LDAP is used. Even this message is reported, RepAgent thread connection to RepServer succeed and replication works as expected. This message is raised by CSI layer. CSI layer is not able to find its localized file to report a warning. The message that should be report is the following: 00:00000:00011:2010/06/25 16:28:19.20 server Started Rep Agent on database, 'prim' (dbid = 4). Sybase CSI Error Message: OpenSSL provider instances cannot be loaded concurrently with multiple, distinct, system policies due to limitations within OpenSSL. CSI layer can't find its localized files because localized files are installed in directory "$SYBASE/locales/unicode/csi/en_us" instead of "$SYBASE/locales/unicode/csi/en_US" (note the "US" in upper case)


In shared disk cluster system, LOAD TRAN might report a 692 error and a stack trace due to improper sequencing of events between Adaptive Server and Backup Server while accessing database devices.


sp_options shows the incorrect default setting for "optimizer level", it should be ase_default instead of ase_current


On ASE CE for platform IBM AIX, resolved issue of multi-path access to SAN not working when devices were I/O fenced.


Feature request to add 4 new messages equivalent to the messages currently logged in the ASE errorlog for reorg rebuild < tablename > . These should cover:- reorg rebuild < table > < index > & reorg rebuild < table > < index > partition < index_partitionname > Which would generate:- Beginning REORG REBUILD of index '%.*s' on table '%.*s'. REORG REBUILD of index '%.*s' on table '%.*s' completed. & Beginning REORG REBUILD of partition '%.*s' of index '%.*s' on table '%.*s'. REORG REBUILD of partition '%.*s' of index '%.*s' on table '%.*s' completed.


The values of the monStatementCache table TotalSizeKB and UsedSizeKB columns are incorrect on servers using page size greater than 2K.


If more than one -T parameters are used in ddlgen, e.g, ddlgen -Usa -S... -P... -D... -TD -TI -TLK -TKC -TR -TRI -TSGM -TTR -TU -TV -N% , ddlgen does not print a syntax error.


In some circumstances the message "current process infected with 10" in the module 'rtrim_unichar' or 'lower_unichar' maybe be reported in the error log when it is executed a query joining two or more tables and using the functions RTRIM() or LOWER() on a column of datatype UNICHAR or UNIVARCHAR.


If an additional language has been installed to the ASE, sp_passwordpolicy "list" incorrectly shows 2 rows.


When using SQL statement replication, Replication Agent may shutdown reporting the error 9202, Severity 20, State 0, if the replicated table has a trigger and the SQL DML within the trigger attempts to use SQL Statement replication as well.


Under certain circumstances executing a procedure when using the ‘with recompile’ clause can cause a stack trace if that procedure references a view which in turn has an instead of trigger and the view and trigger have been dropped and recreated between invocations of the procedure.


Under some rare cases, if a query involving processing an IN list with an expression, it could stacktrace during query plan compile time.


Under certain circumstance, dropping a global database within a multi-node cluster may fail due to CIPC message contention.


For Internal Use Only : diagserver may hit ASSERTION failure in ubfree_list


Under some circumstances when the execution of a stored procedure is aborted due to a 1205 error, "Your server command (family id ..., process id ...) encountered a deadlock situation. Please re-run your command." and the procedure was executed by another stored procedure that had a cursor opened inside a user transaction and the option SET CLOSE ON END TRAN was ON then the next execution of the same stored procedure that reuses the plan which was aborted could behave ignoring the WHERE clause for the statement that was aborted by the 1205 error.


Login overrides specified through sp_addlogin, sp_modifylogin may fail with error 17932 if sp_setpsexe was invoked in the current session or adhoc rows were inserted in master.dbo.sysattributes with object_type = "PS".


Increase the default size of CIPC pools.


ASE on Windows can occasionally hang on call csimtx_lock()= > WaitForSingleObject(). This can occur at server startup or at user authentication when attempting to obtain the lock which is already held.


On IPv6 enabled machine, Job Scheduler task can not connect to jsagent if interfaces file entry for JSAGENT has IPv4 address.


On ASE SDC, Job Scheduler agent may fail to boot with following error message in the error log. " Job Scheduler Agent entry for host ' < host_name > ' not found. " when the machine name(host_name) for JSAGENT entry in the interface file is not same as name returned by `uname -a`.


The version string for Backup Server binaries is directed to STDERR instead of STDOUT.


On AIX, a warning message "iof_reserve_device: fence device %s is already reserved in type 5" is always displayed.


select DISTINCT queries (or queries referencing DISTINCT views or derived tables) may choose a suboptimial plan, when a D! (i.e. opportunistic partial distinctness) property is found at the top of the unenforced subplan below the EMIT. The fix can be enabled by optcriteria cr636592 or optlevel ase155esd3.


A SELECT query running at transaction isolation level 1 may sometimes not exhibit expected blocking behaviour on a row that is inserted by an uncommitted transaction if the inserted row is replacing a row deleted by the same transaction.


Using compatibility mode results in a marginal performance drop for queries involving worktables.


Adaptive Server Cluster Edition may rarely hit signal 11 error with stacktrace containing cmcc_bufsearch(), under high load of concurrent INSERT and SELECT statements issued on multiple instances of the cluster.


Queries with non-correlated subqueries that references a grouped aggregated view in multiple places in the query will lead to a parallel plan not created.


When running non-English regional settings it is possible for the CreationDate\LastExecution\NextExecution dates to display a 'null' when viewing 'Scheduled Jobs' (requires Job Scheduler) in Sybase Central 4.3 through to 6.0.


sp_plan_dbccdb has wildly LOW recommendations for the dbccdb databases may cause dbccdb log fills and when cancel out of dbcc checkstorage may cause sigsegv and stackoverflow.


sp_dboption with no parameter doesn't display full descriptions of the database options if the ASE's language is japanese.


On Windows systems when Adaptive Server is running with configuration options "enable literal autoparam" and "statement cache" active in some circumstances the execution of a query containing a big literal binary value may be aborted and the message "SQL Server system exception (0xc0000005) generated by a storage access violation" together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'memcpy' and 'mkconst_desc' may be reported in the error log.


On windows, Database Emulator doesn't receive QaTrflag_status bitmap.


A configuration option 'enable deferred parallel' has been added to enable/disable the deferred parallel optimization mechanism. The default value is 0 (disabled); a value of 1 enables this method. Deferred Parallel Optimization is an alternative method for costing and selecting parallel query plans. When enabled, the best serial plan is chosen using the serial optimizer; this plan is then converted to a parallel plan, normally maintaining the same join order and physical operators as the serial plan. This method provides a parallel plan using less optimization time, while reducing the risk that a parallel plan will be chosen which is inferior to the best serial plan. With the full (default) parallel optimization mechanism, an inferior plan may be chosen due to optimizer time out, or due to limitations of parallel costing.


In a multi-node cluster, a shutdown with a timeout smaller than one hour could be sleeping for exactly one hour if any process in a remote node was sleeping and did not wake up to check if it had received an attention.


A stack trace may occur for queries with long GROUP BY lists greater than 32 keys.


Parallel activity on tables related with RI constraints may lead to deadlocks


Job Scheduler installTemplateXml.bat contains some syntax errors.


Total Task Switches reported by Task management section in sysmon report is inconsistent with sum of individual contributions on each engine for both SMP and CE servers.


If one of the input row's length for a hash join exceeds the server's pagesize and the hash join resorts to a nested loops strategy, then wrong results could be returned. The input row's lengths can be determined by running with trace commandline flag 9529.


In SDC, when configuration option 'CIPC regular message pool size' is configured not enough, user may hit error 8211 when try to access the table from remote node.


For multiple node cluster, when there is only one instance left in the cluster, dropping a global database may fail due to corresponding locks are not able to be reclaimed.


During quorum creation time, any "additional run parameters" specified in the cluster portion of the input file will be incorrectly stored as the secondary interconnect protocol, preventing the Adaptive Server instance from booting.


The message "Received the following error message from the Replication Server: Msg 2056. Line 1, character 8290: Incorrect syntax with ' '" may be reported in the error log as a result of uninitialized database id.


In a multi-node cluster, a SIGSEGV can be seen in the function lock__wait during alter database operation. The stacktraces in the errorlog would have strings like lock__common(), lock_object() etc.


With I/O fencing enabled AIX may encounter a timeslice if a lot of devices are used.


If a high volume of connect/disconnects using client-side password encryption a SIGABRT may occur with a stack trace with the following message: "ks_falloc: Cannot allocate using ubfalloc"


Wrong parameters passed to error message 886 in the code, leading to garbage values in output.


Adaptive Server 15.5 ESD #3 Removing duplicate wait even IDs and descriptions to monSysWaits and monProcessWaits monitoring tables to improve their wait event reporting and eliminating situations in which the same wait event ID was used to report more than one wait event.


If the datachange builtin is used on there is a possibility of a 706 error.


Adaptive Server 15.0.3 Cluster Edition hits error 866, when a cache configured with 'Relaxed replacement scheme' is accessed heavily.


UNITEXT column values are not being translated correctly when loading a database dump that was taken on a Solaris system, into a database on a Linux system.


Under specific circumstances involving an outer join to a view\derived table containing an aggregate (or possible other virtual expression) and a further outer join may result in a sub-optimal query plan.


An unexpected colon may get appended to the dump file names when using a large number of stripes with Backup API library.


sp_displayaudit output does not include tables that have a negative sysobjects.audflags value (which indicates auditing of encryption_key operations).


When converting a very large unitext value into text where heap memory may run out,712 error will be raised with sig11 from s_result_const_memfree- > free__linkedcst- > memfreeheap.


In rare circumstances the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'ptn_pdes_install' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'dorecover' and 'db__create_sysaltusages_map' may be reported in the error log when an archive database is being recovered.


On windows only, although the t-sql builtin current_bigdatetime returns a bigdatetime, the microsecond portion is always zeros.


Objects opened by cursor would be missing in monProcessObject while the open is being processed.


On Windows, the installer must configures XP server along with ASE server. User should not have the option to unselect XP configuration.


New functionality has been added that allows a dump of a database (other than the master or sybsecurity databases), on a server running 15.5.x Cluster Edition, to be loaded into a database on a server running 15.5.x non-Cluster Edition. This can be disabled using trace flag 3411.


ErrorNumber value is not correct in monErrorLog for some special messages.


The message "infected with signal 11" together with modules like "AnyOverUnderCheck(), StMergeHistCatalog::StmhApplyBoundary()" may be encountered when using update statistics on a bigdatetime or bigtime column.


Cluster lock space rebuild takes lots of time and as CLM rebuild is blocking operation cluster is hung for several minutes.


All Japanese messages on the Configure Server Progress window are garbled on Windows platforms.


Installmaster 2901 error (Exception stack limit exceeded) and signal 11 stack trace against 15.5 ESD release on HP-UNIX Itanium and Windows x64 platform.


In the installer destination panel, the default directory may points to an invalid directory.


Transfer table command for import returns 'unknown error' while file is not found instead of ' error 2: No such file or directory'. There is no effect on the table.


Sometimes a task hits error 644 or raises exception from buffree complaining the buffer is destroyed.


For queries with large number of joins that time out in the optimizer before a good plan can be found, then the alternative greedy algorithm is useful to find a good starting point for optimization similar what the 12.5 optimizer would choose. The alternative greedy algorithm may not be used for a number of reasons, and this change will allow more cases to use this feature. This new feature adds support to allow the alternative greedy algorithm to be used when the index row for a 12.5 GROUP BY key is too wide for the query to be executed in 12.5. This new feature can be activated by trace flag 16929 or optcriteria allow_large_index_row. Also, when partitioned tables are involved in the query the alternative greedy algorithm will now provide an initial starting point using global statistics from the partitioned tables, but otherwise treating the partitioned tables as unpartitioned. This new feature can be activated by trace flag 15366 or optcriteria basic_optimization_partitions.


The "hints" option in Abstract Plan syntax is not backward compatible with 12.5 Abstract Plans.


If the log I/O size used by Adaptive Server when doing I/O for the transaction log of a given database is changed by sp_logiosize, then Adaptive Server may incorrectly ignore it during startup.


If user specified a destination directory with > 1TB of free space, the SySAM pre-install summary screen says there is not enough disk space.


Under some circumstances the message "WARNING: memory usage in procedure headers (x) does not match memory usage count in Pss (x) for server process id x" may be reported in the errorlog when a session is holding a high number of user temporary tables without dropping them and, for example, runs some stored procedures via Remote Procedure Call. Eventually, after multiple of those messages, a 701 error "There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch." maybe reported indicating that the free memory available in the Procedure Cache is low.


In rare circumstances unexpected results may be returned when executing a query on a view defined on other nested views which require a Worktable to materialize some intermediate results and involve a join with mixed datatypes.


Multiple IN lists under OR didn't use large IN list transformation even when the total number of IN values exceeds 128. Consequently, when the number of such IN values exceeds 32K, signal 11 and stacktrace could happen in GaGenericArray::_GaGetPtr() when optimizer is trying to create more than 32K (int16) internal predicate objects.


The message "Complete Uninstall" in Japanese in the Uninstall Option Window is not correct.


sqllocres set incorrect default sort order.


Under some conditions, creating trigger involving union could lead to SEGV in p__check_lob_insdel() function.


Change of behaviors in IBM AIX LPAR (logical partition) licensing. This affects AIX platform only in both ASE SMP and Cluster editions running in IBM AIX LPAR environment. The new behavior is that SySAM obtains the CPU core count from the Entitled Capacity in a Capped LPAR environment, and SySAM obtains the CPU core count from the Maximum Capacity in an Uncapped LPAR environment. Prior to ASE 15.5 ESD#3, SySAM obtains the CPU core count from the Maximum Virtual CPUs and Active Physical CPUs in Capped and Uncapped LPAR environments.


Stack trace in LeDataRow::readRow when fetching insensitive cursor on a union.


Correct installer exit codes.


sig-11 raised when upgrade step 245 is involved during upgrade to ase 15.5 smp.


Executing an insert-select from proxy table into local table when a LOB column is present is much slower than in ASE 12.5.


When deadlock information is required to be printed into error log, corresponding SQL texts are not printed out.


A 8201 error, "Keep count of descriptor (objid= < id > , dbid= < id > ) was expected to be 1. Instead 0 was found." together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'des_unkeep' and 'onl__chk_indexes' may be reported in the error log when a database dump is loaded that has been previously obtained on a different platform.


When downgrade 1503 esd#3 or esd#4 server back to 1502 server or older, 515 error was raised for null insert into non-nullable columns.


In rare circumstances, loading a compressed database dump into an archive database can fail with an error 692, 'Uninitialized logical page '0'..' when Adaptive Server incorrectly loads page 0 from an invalid offset.


When running certain stored procedures that use mixtures of local, temporary and tempdb tables, ASE may incorrectly throw error 208: < table_name > not found.



  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7


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