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2084284 - Add, Delete or Move Employees from Worksheets - Compensation and Variable Pay


This KB article explains how to add or delete a member from Compensation & Variable Pay worksheet or move a member between plans.

  • We use the term Member to refer to a person who is on a worksheet.
  • This will be done by a "planner" or Compensation administrator.
  • A common scenario is the manager is the "planner" and his/her employees are the "members" on the worksheet.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation
  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay
  • Employee/Worksheet Membership


Employee's on Compensation or Variable Pay worksheets are typically moved for one of the following three reasons:

  1. If an employee changes planner, the Administrator will need to manually move the employee to the new planner's Compensation worksheet.
  2. When an employee joins the company (New Hire), the Administrator will need to manually enter him/her into the appropriate planner's worksheet.
    For example if the Compensation worksheets have already been created and the employee is eligible to participate in this cycle, you can add them.
  3. When an employee leaves the company, the Administrator will need to manually remove the employee from the appropriate planner worksheets.  

To access the Employee membership section of your plan please navigate to the following.

Admin Tools> Compensation> Compensation Home> Select Plan> Manage Worksheets> Employee Membership

employee membership screen.png

Moving Employees

  1. Set Source worksheet
    Select the Compensation/Variable Pay worksheet from which you would like to move the employee(s) from.
  2. Set Target worksheet
    Select the Compensation/Variable Pay worksheet where you would like to move employee's to.
  3. Choose member(s) to move
    Select from the list of employees which you would like to move (Note that the box that should act as 'select all' is not clickable/enabled. This is by design to avoid moving all employees by mistake.)
  4. Select Email Options:
    Send email notification to current reviewers of the affected compensation forms.
    Send email notification to Human Resources of the affected members.
    Send email notification to original planner/manager of the affected compensation forms.
  5. Click Move

move employee.png

Note: Always ensure you have the budget moved with the employee as this can cause inconsistent budgets.

Adding Employees

  1. Enter the Username (If you do not know the username, use the Find User feature)
    Search for the employee which you would like to add onto a worksheet.
  2. Select the worksheet
    Select which Compensation/Variable Pay worksheet the employee needs to be added to.
  3. Compensation component
    Select which section of the worksheets you would like the employee to be added into.
  4. Select email options as required
  5. Click Add

add employee.png

Deleting Employees

  1. Select worksheet
    Select the worksheet where you would like to remove an employee from. Worksheets marked with asterisk (*) means 'Completed' worksheets.
  2. Choose member(s) to delete
    From the list, select the employee you would like to remove. (Note that the box that should act as 'select all' is not clickable/enabled. This is by design to avoid deleting all employees by mistake.)
  3. Select email options as required
  4. Click Delete

 delete employee.png

Note: Always ensure to delete the budget with the employee should this be required. If this is not done there will be budget inconsistency’s.

Automatically Transfer Variable Pay Worksheets to Other Managers/Planners

  • You have the option to automatically manage employee changes during the Variable Pay process.
    You can specify the actions you want to take for each change scenario and those changes are automatically applied to all in-progress and completed (optional) worksheets.
  • Go to the Update Worksheets page to automatically move a Variable Pay entry when there has been a manager change, and to remove inactive employee or planner forms.
    Make your selections and click Update to save your changes.

Note: These updates happen one time only. You must return to this screen each time to process changes after each new employee import. Alternatively, you may automate these options if you import employee data via FTP.


You can have the same employee within the one plan on multiple worksheets when manually moving and adding them. For example

  • Employee A is on worksheet 1
  • Move Employee A onto worksheet 2 using the "Move Employees" option
  • Add Employee A onto worksheet 1 using the "Add Employees" option
  • Check both worksheets and you will see Employee on both.

Note: Selecting the "Do not duplicate employees on worksheets" from Plan Setup > Settings> Advanced Settings does NOT affect what is manually being done here.

This option ONLY kicks in during worksheet creation.

Behaviour Change

  • Following b1905 the behaviour when adding employees to a worksheet was altered.
  • The change is, while adding employees and using eligibility rules on base object employementInfo the start-date and end-dates will be ignored.
  • Following b1911 deletion of members from completed worksheets can now be performed.


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