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2084589 - Error - 900-001-6 when trying to open a compensation form - Compensation


  • This articles explains why you may get the error 900-001-6 when trying to open a compensation form.
  • Why am I getting the error 900-001-6 when trying to open a compensation form?


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Error Code 900-001-6

  • Note: This is a general error code and could mean other errors than just those documented below. If you are unable to determine the issue based on the possible causes documented here, please open a case with Customer Success to research further.
  • When trying to open a compensation form you receive an error that is similar to the following:

Your request has not been processed successfully. Please try again.
If the problem persists, please contact client support and provide the event code and the server timestamp below.
900-001-6 Mon Aug 23 15:04:01 EDT 2010 Release 10 build (b1007p5erc2) - 35/dc4sfapp05cCluster06-405


The SuccessFactors Application does not support dividing a number by 0.
For example, the calculation

In your compensation user data for Sue Employee the values for these 2 columns is

Form is created for Joe Employee ("2010 Compensation Form Joe Employee (1114)")
A member of this form Sue Employee has 0 units.
All other members on the form have valid data.
The zero units for Sue cause a "Divide by Zero" error in the query when loading data for the form.

20.00/0 = err
The system will display the Error: 900-001-6

  • Check your compensation template fields to determine which ones are using calculations, and then for those calculations, which ones pull data from your imported compensation file.
  • Check your user compensation data [Admin Tools > Employee Export + Include Compensation Data for template] and make sure that no records used in calculations are zero. Correct any records that would cause a divide by zero conflict in your calculations.
  • Note: Keeping this in mind, although you might not see any zero values directly in the compensation data, ask yourself if it possible that any calculation values might be resulting in a divide by zero scenario. For example, maybe one of your calculations includes a factor to divide by a performance rating or some other value pulled in from a form, and for a person their rating was 0.



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