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2084621 - Currency - Manage Currency Conversion Rate Tables - Compensation/Variable Pay


  • Where is the currency conversion table of Compensation and Variable Pay?
  • How to import the currency conversion table?

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  • SAP Successfactors Compensation Management
  • SAP Successfactors Variable Pay


Create a new Currency Conversion Rate Table

  • It is a best practice NOT to update the table referenced in previously launched forms.  You can import last year’s table and then update the rates in Admin tools when you are ready prior to your launch.
  • Note: This only applies to customers using forms configured to use multiple currencies
  • Updates to a currency conversion table after forms are launched are dynamic. Any changes in the table will impact completed forms. For this reason you should always create and link new tables to every new compensation program you create.
  • Currency conversion rate tables are uploaded to the system via a CSV file. The currency conversion rate table for Variable Pay is different than the one used for the Compensation module. Multi-currency views – Functional Currency (USD), Employee Local Currency, and Other – depend on this information.


  • The currency conversion rate table must remain unchanged during the entire bonus planning/calculation process. Conversion rates must be identical at both the beginning and end of the process.
  • The field must have Column type money for the system to follow currency views.


  • Admin Center > Compensation Home > Actions for all plans > Import/Export Data tab > All Plans dropdown > Currency Conversion Table
  • Export the table used for prior cycle
    • Click on Name to view conversion rates
    • Scroll to the bottom, Click Export to export and save the table
  • Click Up To All Conversion Tables to return to the list
  • Type the name and description of your new table. Click Create
  • Click on the new table name
  • Browse to the file that you just saved, or to your new currency rates and click Import


Currency Conversion.jpg

Notes about Currency Table Import format:

  • File should be csv format, with no header row
  • Conversion rates should be numeric, no currency symbol or comma separators and no only zero (0) value.
  • Import should always be a full file, and will replace the current version
  • Currency codes supported by SuccessFactors is attached
  • When using the “Planner” currency option, exchange rates must be included for all possible currency combinations – e.g., if there is a compensation planner in EUR who has employees in GBP, a conversion rate for EUR to GBP must be included so the currency conversion can operate properly.
  • Currency conversion rates can have a precision of up to 15 decimal places, and should have a precision of no less than 5 decimal places.
  • Only one currency rate may be defined per currency pair – e.g., if there is a EUR to USD rate, there should not be a USD to EUR rate.


Variable Pay

  • Admin Center > Compensation Home > Actions for all plans > Import/Export Data tab > All Plans dropdown > Currency Conversion Table
  • It is now mandatory to have a Currency Conversion Rate Table in Variable Pay module.
  • The table need not to contain any data but there should be a table in the system.
  • The default table name is COMP_CURRENCY_CONVERSION
  • If in the past you never used Currency Conversion Rate tables then you should create a table named COMP_CURRENCY_CONVERSION in the system.


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