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2084790 - Reports - Ad Hoc or Employee List Report Not Showing Correct Compensation Data - Compensation


  • Employee List report is showing compensation data for some people correctly but not for others. Or you can see that compensation data exists for a person but it is not showing up in the Employee List report even though the field is there.


  • Compensation


  • This report does NOT report on the data from your actual worksheet, rather it pulls it from the Employee Profile. You can configure the Succession Management Data Model to store compensation fields in the live profile so that your compensation information from completed plans appears in the employee's live profile template and displays in Employee List report.
     To do this, you must: 
  • Log in to the SuccessFactors Application with administrative privileges.
  • Ensure that you have at least one completed compensation plan.
  • Use the Store Compensation Data in Live Profile feature to insert compensation data into all employees who are using a particular comp plan template.
  • Admin Tools > Compensation Administration > Store Compensation Data in Live Profile

    Note: To use this command in Admin tools, you must ensure that at least one compensation plan has been completed. You select a template on which the completed plans have been created, and then submit. This will add compensation data to all employee's profiles who are included in the completed compensation plan(s).
  • Select Admin Tools > Store Compensation Data in Live Profiles.
  • Choose a compensation template.
  • You can select compensation form status to see which plans have been completed.
  • Select submit.
  • Check the live profile of one of the employees in the hierarchy to see if the compensation section was created. The resulting section looks like the following.


To report on this data in Employee List report

  • First make sure you have completed the steps above and you have transfered the data so that is available to be reported on from admin tools > Store Compensation Data in Live Profiles.
  • Activate the compensation fields in Employee List report:
    Go to admin tools > Dashboards/Reports > List Views;
    Click the Edit/Action icon for Employee List;
    Under Compensation Column select the fields you want to make available to all users in the report;
Pay Grade
Range Penetration
Current Salary
Lump Sum
Total Raise
Final Salary


Configuration Requirements

  • Please note that the above considerations assume that your instance has been setup in your datamodel to support storing compensation data in Live Profile. Please contact SuccessFactors Customer Success if the above steps do not resolve your reporting issue to make sure that your SM data model is configured to contain compensation fields. You will need to submit a new change request if this is not currently part of your data model.


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