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2084804 - Error - The field (xxxx) is not included in the template. Trying to delete a field with force-comment - Compensation


  • This Article describes what to do when a customer reports he is unable to delete the Merit, Lump sum or extra column via the column designer.
  • A customer reports that he/she is unable to delete the Merit, Lump sum or extra column. Instead he receives an error similar to the one below. The error indicates that The field is not included in the template.  The customer indicated that he or she has already removed all items associated with that field in the budget, guidelines etc.

  • Error
    There was an error modifying the template. Please contact support.

    • Error: The field (xxxx) is not included in the template.


  • Compensation


  • This issue usually indicates that there is a line of code for comp-force-comment-config in your template that is still referencing the field. If the customer has removed all the possible culprits from the column designer, it is likely something not present in the column designer.
  • The comp-force-comment tag which is present to force a comment whenever the field is updated or goes over guideline limits.


  1. Download the template
  2. Check for all references for the field id in the template.  (For example if you are trying to remove the field "extra", look for any lines of code that have the field id = "extra"
  3. Check if you have a comp-force-comment tag associated with that field. Example is


<comp-force-comment-config useFor="salary" mode="no-raise" fieldId="extra"/> is causing the error. Removed code and now can successfully remove the extra field.


  1. Remove the Tag via provisioning and save the setting.
  2. Attempt to delete the field using column designer.


  • NOTE: Prior to making any XML changes, ensure that you have downloaded the compensation template first so that you have a backup that can be restored.


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